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Trump in Name and Deed. A history of trompe since the 1100's.

A history of Trompe. `Who are YOU?' said the Caterpillar. Alice, in Wonderland, was soon stumped. Now. Alice (so say all of us)  asks the same question of Trump, literally pictured here, with Ivana and the help) from the 2003-ish coffee table book, "The Republicans." Except, at that time, Trump was a registered Democrat, see A.  below.  Who are you?  Follow the naming.

 A modern history of this Trump first; at A.  Then, at B, flashback to the name Trump from 1100 +/-.  


1987 -- The Literateur.  Donald Trump releases his The Art of the Deal book.  See review

1987 -- Trump registers as a Republican, New York.  See Politifact, Florida, and Watch for changes in party thereafter.

1989-2009 -- Trump donates more cash to Democrats than Republicans in this time frame. See NPR,  Most of Donald Trump's Political Money Went To Democrats — Until 5 Years Ago
1989 -- Trump registers as "Independent."

1998 --   Trump "floats" idea of candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. See  Newsweek characterizes the emerging pattern as "political promiscuity."  Q: If Trump is politically promiscuous, what does that make __________________?  A: _________

1999 -- Trump dumps the Republicans and becomes an Independent. See

Trunk.  Perhaps from confusion, trump and trumpet,

2000 -- Trump becomes a candidate for the Reform Party. See overview  Trump then won the Reform Party primary in California -- was this before or after he withdrew from the race?

2001 - Trump registers Democrat.

Then, how's come he's included in the coffee table photographic extravaganza, The Republican Party, with Ivana siting well angled as the era required, and framed by the servants. 

2004 -  Trump explains:

In his view, the economy thrives better under Democrats than Republicans.  See  "Trump in '03. 'I probably identify more as Democrat.'  See  And, in an interview with CNN 2004. “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats.... But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disasters under the Republicans.”""

The judges have stopped judging.

B.  Early history of the Trump name, idea, usage.

Who decides who we are? Parties are easy. We do. We can change. How or does it matter if and why someone changes a name. Does a name itself bring some (aura?) or baggage that shapes us as we use the name, invoke The Name, Some sources:; and the pop,

Follow America's name-caller in chief. With his own. How does it brand him?

The Trump Name

1100's -- Blow. Trump derives from wind instrument, long  and tube-like, that stems from the French-Provencal and Italian  'tromba', perhaps from old High German trumpa, and Old Norse trumba (an imitative sound). See 1300's below.

1300's -- Blow through tube. Trump derives from the name of an old instrument, the trompe, long, tube,  Middle English "trumpen" and from the Old French. See  Old French "trompette",  a diminutive of trompe,  See

Pillarguri, Pillar-Guri sounds the trumba, the alarm horn 1612, Battle of Kringen, The Swedes are coming.  Sel, Norway. Girl sounds the horn (trumba) alarm,

Or, many sides. A tripartite Trump: Cards. Tri-umph -- to ruff, ruffle, raffle, card game: The Italian ronfa,or  French romfle, is in there, perhaps from the French 'triumph" game popular, say, 1590-1630, see

1510's -- Deceiver. Unfavorable.  Trump is a verb, to deceive, to cheat (from Middle English trumpen, and that from the French tromper, word origin unclear. Perhaps from "se tromper de"  meaning to mock. Back centuries: Deriving from playing a trumpet or a horn, as did the era's 'mountebanks' and 'quacks' to draw people's attention to their sale of wares.  Ta-da. Fanfare. And then came the cheat-and-sell began. 

Hindley Old French Dictionary is cited: "bailler le trompe" or blow the trumpet as meaning "to act the fool."

Waterspout.  Spouter.  Try "trombe" meaning waterspout, see cite to Donkin as source, with suggestion of 'turning someone around.' What else? What evolved?  See the google book Donkin Etymological Dictionary of the Romance Languages 1864 at pages 442-443. Whirlwind, 'whipping top,' to deceive, to err, to lead in a circle, lead astray, etc.

1520's -- The winning card. Favorable.  Trump is alteration of triumph, and playing card as trump, a card of a suit that surpassed the others, that also was the name of a card game of the day. See

1560's -- Or Elephant's snout.

See trunk, the shape derivation like a horn.

1580's --  Trump was a noun, then a verb:  to surpass, or beat, as in trumped, trumping.  To trumpet:  extol, to make known abroad, see

1600 -- Trumpery,  gaudy but worthless finery, see

1690's -- Trump changed in meaning to become fabricate, devise.

1724 -- Expansion beyond belief.  Trombone enters, the incredible movable expandable tube. See

1885 -- Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf of Germany changes name to Trump upon emigrating to the US.   Check the post-WWI name changes of other celebrities, such as Limbachs becoming Limbaughs.  Anglicizing the name eases acceptance, is that so? Looking up the research.

1889 -- More fooling.   Trompe l'oeil  Fool the eye.  French, Tromper, to deceive. See'oeil.   Trump: origins are multiple.  See

Ancient Etruscan.  Were there Trumps?  Who is to say. A two-headed beast, on one set of wheels, two faces,
what is its purpose.  Aha! Donald as the fearful god JEFEIDABEO.  JINGOIST EXTRACTING FROM EVERYONE, IS DONALD: A BALLOONING EXCRUCIATING OFFENDER.  History is fact. Run, deer with the bird's tail. Find your own feet.

Conclusion: How we name ourselves, and our children, can affect how we and they are treated, the self-image.  Tradition, etymology. Meaning through cognates.  Changes. See the Archives,

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Four words that shall not be spoken: Returns to feudalism, American style

 Time for America to fill in the gaps in its history: go back and live through the middle ages.

We never had the benefit of that, and how the caste structure was finally overthrown, the peasants allowed a foothold, until other factors imposed by the same powers with different names, put them back under. Walls are familiar to Europe's children, who see them country after country.  The walls lasted until gunpowder; other walls rose with impossible rents, taxes, fealty rules, the hierarchy perpetuating itself.  Walls fall, is the rule, not the exception. But other walls rise.

Education, literature, teach our children and ourselves.  "Something there is that doesn't love a wall, that wants it down." Robert Frost, Mending Wall. Educate our children about the concept, let them apply it over time.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Donald Trump has security clearance lite. The candidate loophole. .

How did Donald Trump
Pass.  What process vetted him.
When. Deathly silence.

Candidate loophole.
No full clearance? Relevant
To thinking voters.

By what law are candidates excused from scrutiny. See  February 17, 2017, Opinions, "Citizen Trump likely wouldn’t get a security clearance. Here’s why."

Friday, December 15, 2017

An Elephant and a Donkey Went Into a Bar. Internet partiality.

Who does God love best?
Merry What?
First, see Republican National Party Platform 1860 (return until memorized); Apply to Internet Partiality now in effect.
I.  Background. 

God likes me best, said the donkey, because Mary rode one to Bethlehem for the birth, and Jesus rode one in Jerusalem, or if it was a colt,  it might have been.

Wrong there, said the elephant.  Matthew has no donkey at all for the birth, and neither does Luke.  Mark has nothing at all about the birth, although there had to have been one. At least, for Mark, there was obviously nothing remarkable about it, or anything that happened before. Not even an annunciation. Or a flight.  Bam. Jesus just appears from Nazareth to get baptized. Even Catholics agree:  There are very few similarities, if any, in the stories. See John? No donkey, no birth either, just a sudden naming of Jesus at 1:17, baptism thing. And look ahead: not even a last supper in John, or a temptation, see

The donkey was confused.  You mean all those pictures of the patient donkey thing are trumped up (PUN!)? Matthew's idea?  How about the donkey and Palm Sunday.

Elephant.  Colt. Matthew says so. Look it up.

Donkey. This one's a draw, then.

Matthew says there were two animals, a colt and an ass. Is an ass a mule or a donkey?  It says the colt is the foal of the ass.  Mark just says colt. So does Luke. John  So we can pick.

What else can we pick?  Party identities?  How to get it to get going?

1.  Republican platform: No room for speed partiality there. Rich and poor, same train, same speed.

Go back to before the Civil War, fair use here of a portion at the site Find public works, support of the general government, exchanges to provide liberal wages, remunerating prices, adequate reward. Use land, not already settled by a landowner, for the public use. No abridging rights of immigrants. Provide for transportation, mail.
"12. That while providing revenue for the support of the general government by duties upon imports, sound policy requires such an adjustment of these imposts as to encourage the development of the industrial interests of the whole country, and we commend that policy of national exchanges which secures to the workingmen liberal wages, to agriculture remunerating prices, to mechanics and manufacturers an adequate reward for their skill, labor and enterprise, and to the nation commercial prosperity and independence.

"13. That we protest against any sale or alienation to others of the public lands held by actual settlers, and against any view of the free homestead policy which regards the settlers as paupers or suppliants for public bounty, and we demand the passage by congress of the complete and satisfactory homestead measure which has already passed the house.

'14. That the Republican Party is opposed to any change in our naturalization laws, or any state legislation by which the rights of citizenship hitherto accorded by emigrants from foreign lands shall be abridged or impaired; and in favor of giving a full and efficient protection to the rights of all classes of citizens, whether native or naturalized, both at home and abroad.

'15. That appropriation by Congress for river and Harbor improvements of a National character, required for the accommodation and security of an existing commerce, are authorized by the constitution and justified by the obligation of Government to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

'16. That a railroad to the Pacific ocean is imperatively demanded by the interests of the whole country; that the Federal Government ought to render immediate and efficient aid in its construction; and that, as preliminary thereto, a daily overland mail should be promptly established."
2. The Elephant and Ganesha.  In favor of multi-ethnicities enjoying same speeds.

How does this match with Internet Partitality?  A lesser Hindu god. Elephant-shape deity, the remover of obstacles, the god of creative works. Friendly, welcoming. Look at an old article in the NYT - In India, the Deity to Know, by David Colman, Sunday 6/27/2004. A silent task-assistant. The article is about a designer of textiles, but the description of the role of Ganesha in human endeavor is lovely. Very gentle.

 full size image

Fair use thumbnail from - Good poster: The writing shows the meaning of the elements of the elephant.
  • These things are big: ears for listening, head for thinking, stomach for digesting the good and bad in life.
  • These things are tools: hold rope for attaining a goal; axe to cut off attachments to extraneous diversions.
  • These things are small: mouth for less talking, eyes for concentrating.
  • What it does: blesses.
  • What it has: unique trunk showing adaptability.
  • Surrounds: A mouse, representing desires out to distract, get you. And a bundle of prasada - the world is available to you.
4.  Internet partiality.  How did we ever get there?  Nothing traditionally Republican there.  Only greed. Are there ever conclusions? What happened? Wha' hoppen'?

Revert:  From the disappointing elephant above, see that the elephant has its benign side. This is the one intended to dominate thought about internet partiality so we won't think -- awwww.

 For the benign, nothing here to hurt you, see the chubby, cute 18th Century western culture - old japanning pattern. Cute little corpulent fellow. No pale-eyed glare from orange face.  This from our old book, The Ladies' Amusement, showing old japanning patterns, nobody's copyright any more.

5.  Back to Republicans.

Internet partiality:  In the 1870's, Republicans were social liberals - That represented a dual stance, favoring free enterprise but also government role in providing guaranteed, regulated services in education,

An 1874 cartoon shows the elephant as a "confused behemoth" lunging toward inflation and chaos. In later years, it was shown as ailing, a nostalgic, retrospective of what the animal once was.

6.  The donkey?

The donkey originally represented northern Democrats who opposed the Civil War from the start. "Copperhead" Democrats, who, in the view of Mr. Nast, desecrated even the memory of Lincoln's by-then deceased Secretary of War. In a later depiction of the donkey in a lion's hide, the idea was that the Democrats want to seem predatory, but are really harmless.

Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN. Trump as Government. A Regime cannot abridge free speech, can it? Please report. So Sade.

 Contain the bully pulpit.

Answer me this. How can the president dump on any citizen, corporation, abridging rights of free speech with particularity, targeting, like CNN as an example, attacking their coverage. If allowed, then by what standard and with what proofs offered simultaneously, not like a great fog of "dishonest" or "unfair."

 If CNN is wrong in something, let them acknowledge and correct as appropriate and fact transparency suggests or public outcry on its own requires.  President, or Regimer-in-Chief, limit your yada to suggesting what the Congress might do if you think CNN is dishonest or unfair.  Pot calling kettle.  Otherwise, let the public decide what and how to value what. Does he derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others? Humiliation? So Sade. See disturbing link.

Ask also: Has the Regimer-in-Chief the right also without accountability, to trigger possible devaluation of a corporation's stock value, sale value, on the market, based on his personal affront and access to bully pulpit?  Is that his option? If news is a commodity, being bought and sold across state lines, is this also interference with that.  Contain the bully pulpit.

Thank you.  Somebody explore and report back to us all.

Shemyakin. Chemiakin. Translations vary.  Sculpture grouping, Bolotnaya Park, Moscow:  Children are the victims of adult vices.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Education goals. No, Judge Gorsuch. No limits fixed in advance based on status. No mestnichestvo here.

Mestnichestvo in America.
Creeping Crud in the Social Realm.
Russia saddled. 

Russia couldn't rid itself of it, and neither can we 
If mestnichestvo takes hold even one inch more. 

Russia? Russia? Did somebody say Russia? 

I.  Topic.  Reasons to say no to Judge Gorsuch:  Our kids.  Reject his position to fix status by statute, to  limit in advance what education is appropriate for a child unable to attend school in a regular classroom.  See  Extend a hand to the child measured as an individual, and the caretakers who yearn to breathe a little more freely, by funding regular opportunity at a reasonable level. Choose equitable, as part of any policy.

That helping hand  is as American as -- as what?

Well, look at our own heritage.  Freebies, strategically and equitably offered, are our warp and woof. Warp and weft?
  • Freebies. Part of our great tradition? Yes, freebies are just that. Part of our warp and woof. See Freebies in American History. The main problem is not the fact of someone gets a chance to improve quality of life. It is is that someone who had felt superior feels threatened by the movement of others, outside the imposed lower rank allotted to them as the exploitable, there to be exploited. That may even mean that the person on top is not there by merit. So the ones on top put back the fence, make it higher.
    • Remember the era of 40 acres and a mule to former slaves after the Civil War. Once it was realized that whites also could use that land, the benefit disappeared for blacks.
    • Freebies: Look at its broader context, its role in the "superiority" of those on top. Inheritance rights even with some tax is also a freebie. It is a matter of law. No merit required. Statutory succession is there for you, apart from objective merit.
    II. Purposeful Ramble

    A. Examine ranks, status in our society. How is it like mestnichestvo. Other cultures have worshipped rank, hierarchy and status as fore-ordained:  How did that work out?  Feudalism, and, in old Russia, mestnichestvo.   Rights recognized as to children. or those born outside the marital sheets, or on a non-center area in spectrum of gender, all reflect hierarchy and conscious law. Some are valid for other reasons than mere status; a child's rights do not extend to his making his own health and safety decisions all the time.
    B.  Mestnichestvo. Back to current politics.  Judge Gorsuch whose opinion determined that a child need get from the state only minimal education if he cannot attend a regular classroom. Clear mestnichestvo. System of rank and privilege predefined.  Just plug the person in the slot.
    Mestnichestvo: A system to fix status and privilege, role and rank. See  Mestnichestvo was abolished by statute finally in the 19th Century.
    • Since that formal repudiation of legal mestnichestvo in Russia, however, there have been and are those who get around that legal inconvenence by simply taking more than their reasonably fair share of something, or issuing executive orders, kleptocracy-like. 
    • These swipings have ramifications in social attitudes, resources to be allotted,and must be examined, contained if need be for a common good.  Let them stay around long enough, and they tend to become "normal."

    C.  What provisions can we make, as a nation, to foster merit rather than definition by condition that is beyond that person's control.  Who gets opportunity affects productivity not only of that person, by foreclosing possbility, but also of the caretakers who get no reprieve.
    • Start with financial support for overall quality of life, in a spectrum of activities, arts, child care, eduction, mobility, training for modern jobs, enrichment, health so somebody can decently get out of the house to do more of something.  
    • This also means a look at caretaking for elderly now sitting in rings in their wheelchairs, noddingly drugged.  For whose benefit is that? In privately run facilities, it does increase the profit margin because less physical supervision is needed. Is that inevitable?
    • What does that enrichment equitably cost?  For the families freed of anxiety, and the person. Example.  
      • What if we allocated a percentage of all income from all sources derived and from anywhere that exceeds triple the poverty level as set by (think bipartisan, how to factor regional differences, etc).
    D. Funding reasonable opportunity so more people can be productive, including caretakers:

    An allocation (yes, tax for the privilege of being an American, perhaps) of everyone's income over 3X poverty, and problem solved and nobody put in poverty, many lifted out, and why not/  Think about it.  Budget problems solved, some equity restored, and, really, like the workers on Bloody Sunday, 1905 St. Petersburg Russia, demands of regular people are not outlandish.  Just bend, you tsars, just a little.

    Common sense for a common good. The people hope that the idea of a common good has taken root in Gorsuch.

    1.  Explore, Judge Gorsuch.  What are our kids capable of? Not yours, who are fine and in your accepted parameters of worthiness. Ours is a reasonable inquiry.  We don't throw assets away.
    • Explore and find that my kid exceeds yours in compassion, street smarts, historical knowledge, initiative, job performance over 20 years and still going.
    • How did that happen? Him, himself, plus systems that welcomed him.
      • Outside school  No two families work out the same mix of interest, risk-tolerance, combined with the qualities of the kid in question ( now adult), but let people find out. 
        • Financially a little help  property dispensed and overseen (yes, there is a place for agency administration) would make a big difference and lead to more productivity for more than the child.
        • We budgeted for him, less than a car would cost a "normal" guy, he contributed, and he went to where the history was, and it stuck.  He has a lifetime fascination going.   That is freeing for all of us.
        • What would other families do? Not our route, probably (very nontraditonal) but let them work it out.
    Could Judge Gorsuch think big and more broadly in terms of society's total productivity, of course.  Judge Gorsuch.  Rights to opportunity have a ripple effect.

    Hear the opposition: No opportunity that those on the bottom do not earn, now. Let serfs stay serfs, let the landed keep their lands and privilege and welcome another Bloody Sunday. Down Syndrome in Russia: may be improving but ,ong way to go, while we regress?
    Hear the families, not raised to enjoy Mrs. Burgwin's Dancing Classes. How does anyone raise a child these days, much less include enrichment?  See  Parents and the High Cost of Daycare)  Universal basics even makes more (here you go) capitalism possible because people have money to spend.  How will you rule, Judge?  For American mestnichestvo, as the current majority House and Senate now seem to want? Or a higher water level for everyone, and (ahem) more capitalism opportunity, but of course that means competition and the uppers can't have that, can they.

    Mestnichestvo says you have no rights to quality of life. You serve the Estate. And they hold the Estate. So far. 

    Wednesday, March 8, 2017

    Enough. Table the Trump diet.. On to sliding premium healthcare.

    Welcome to the odd crossroads:  Where the size of the buffet overwhelms the ability to chose what to put on today's plate.  And more is coming in from the kitchens, Too much, Satiety. Can't manage another sound-bite. Push away from the table.

    1.  Recalibrate.  Health lies in balance, stepping back  Other matters are worthy of attention. Return to them, for a while.  What concrete information, history, emerges to clarify, explain. Withdraw for a while.

    2.  Next topic. And no Trump rant.  Inspired by Daniel the Hermit.

    Poor healthcare, lack of sustenance at basic levels,, all getting in they way of people's full participation in America. Wait. Is that the purpose? Keep them that way so they can be more easily manipulated, ignored?
    • Healthcare solution. Make it affordable by making it affordability-based.  You pay what you can afford. 
    • Instead of premiums going up with age, premiums go up with income, assets. Up the premiums for elites earning, pick a figure, over $125,000 adjusted, whatever.  A sliding scale.  All income from all sources derived, wherever. 
    There. New topic dealt with. Sliding premium healthcare. Affordable healthcare. You pay into the system what you can afford. If poverty level is (you name it), you pay even 3% of what you make above that. Works? Earn a million, pay, you get the idea.  Next?

    3. So, time out.  Voices in current political and religious events are useful. They help us analyze, vet, dig for facts. Vetting current events fosters autonomy, and initiative, if not nausea at the ignoring of basic facts.  Too many voices, however,even on that topic, merely add to cacophony. 

    The Education of the President. Who is responsible, if not the President. Dawisha Book recommendaiton.

    Staffing was not commenced in time for effective guidance for the president.  Who can and will step in?  We can recommend a book. Putin's Kleptocracy, by Karen Dawisha. Find videos, start at  For red meat, go to You get the gist. Then go back to the book itself.

    Recommended reading.  Why is this book useful as a gift to President Trump?

    I.  The White House staff confronts two main obstacles to success: The President knows what he likes and does not like, but does reads for himself, say some, see  Fortune; ; or does not read much, say others, see Washington Post.  Is it wasted time to send a book for the staff?

    Information on his habits seems to have stopped by January, including as to participation in briefings. Fair enough -- no president satisfied everyone as to direct participations. It has led, however, so some misconceptions about current events, policy pitfalls, how getting laws passed and executive orders implemented.It also eases use of the fake news category, if a matter is not recalled or was not brought up in his presence.

    II.  Today's topic:  Facts about Russia, who lives well, who does not, why, and why. It may be time to counter the gauzy admiration.

    If Russia is close to some in the administration, now or earlier, look at some angles all of them might have missed. What does Russia have to offer except for money-making opportunities for the elite. As voters here, which comes first:  how a country elsewhere might model ways of governing, dealing with disparate populations so there is health, mobility, opportunity; or that those in power get more of it.

     Read Putin's Kleptocracy, by Karen Dawisha, Go to the final chapters if time is short, and then go back.

    In particular look at the chapters entitled, The Founding of the Putin System;  His First 100 Days and their Consequences, May-August 2000; then the next chapter, Russia, Putin, and the Future of Kleptocratic Authoritarianism.

    Putin's Kleptocracy should satisfy the most demanding of source providers. The paging ends at 350 pages, with the balance dedicated to sources, acknowledgments, for personal vetting.and inded, to page 445.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    FBI and unfairly prejudicial acts and omissions; Russia; 2016 election. Get independent commission going.

     Progress scorecard. Independent commission, investigate FBI.

    How to keep track of issues, in the midst of huge bureaucracies and current political circular firing squads. The justice department is already reviewing the FBI's handling of Hillary Clinton's emails, but that does not go far enough to clear issues of malfeasance by the FBI affecting, or likely to have affected, the outcome of the 2016 election.  How did the FNI handle their information of Russian hacking into the DNC, contacts between Russia and the Trump people, what duty did they have and to whom, and if volunteered, did they then follow through on how they acted or omitted to act.  Failure to warn is a clear tort claim. Does it apply.  The email investigation:

    The more pressing issue now is whether to appoint a special commission to investigate the FBI's involvement in the 2016 election, some such steps made public voluntarily by James Comey. What can ordinary people with keyboards find out, since there appears to be media silence.

    7.21.2015 -- FBI directive for employees:  Types of physical threats to report.  If employees "identify credible and specific information indicating an impending threat of intentional killing, serious bodily injury or kidnapping of an individual or group shall immediately report this information to their IC (who is that?) element for a determination by the element whether to warn the intended victim."  See of the IC as a whole, or Intelligence Community, are listed at It includes the FBI.

    7.26.2016 -- US Cyber Security Policy.  Online security threats to report. Codifies Agency roles. Protections for people in their ordinary lives during investigation. See  FBI motto shown:  Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.  Fidelity to the buddies, or FBI, or Justice Dept, or "American people?" Tho whom are the duties owed?  Among many other precepts: " *** And the government will respect the privacy, civil liberties, and the business needs of victims of cyber incidents.*** "  See the cyber crime section at

    1986 --  Russia-Trump contacts begin, see Financial Times chronological listing,

    11/10/2016 -- Russia in contact before election with Trump people, see Financial  Times,

    1/2017 -- Is the FBI in possession of information of ties or contacts between Russia and the Trump people.  Need timeline. Ask the Senate Intelligence Committee, see 

    1/9/2017 -- Democrats request independent commission. See

    1.10.2017 -- FBI not talking, see

    1/11/2017 -- John McCain shares information regarding such contacts, see

     1/13/2017 --  John Lewis points out that Trump is not a legitimate president, but should have identified the reasons:  not only Russia's intervention, but whether the FBI itself tilted the scales, a matter for an independent commission (another swamp to drain?), see
    Instead of merely hitting back, opinion against opinion,  Trump needs to clear his name and reputation. Support the independent commission. When it makes its findings, then have an opinion.


    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    Stop this thing. Trump is an addict. Trump is what? Why not wait and see? Can we afford it..

    Update.  At an early stage, before the inauguration, concerns were raised about personal enrichment through office: was that too much of the President's interest.  By way of update, Charles Blow has called for a "pause" for this presidency until questions of relationships with Russian interests raised -- do those serve the United States, or just the Trumps. See

    Obviously No inauguration illusion was illusory.  Even a 30 day return did not work.  But the imagined recourse for the post-White House Trump is worth filing away. A 12-step program for addicts, specifically those addicted to money. See idea at Add a category for those who not only enjoy it, but enjoy hindering others with it.  Does that apply, Huffington?  Exploiters Anonymous, to the other three at

    This may be our last rant, as enough unsubtlety is enough. Time for patience? Meanwhile,
    addiction to money:  If we cannot stop the presses, cancel the dancing bears, we can keep to the forefront the addiction as explanatory of behavior. See

    Hush, child. Maybe somebody will set up Joe Biden as interim President until Mr. T cashes out his businesses and settles down to work for us.