Sunday, March 30, 2008

NT - The "News Tilt" Fact Rating: Unreliable Without Referenced News Report

A time for certainty: labeling the news cans. See Joy of Equivocating: Fact Content Ratings for News Industry.

Rating: NT - The News Tilt.

This News Product contains partial information of a news event, not always neutral in language, and as selected by a Purveyor, for purposes of influencing the reader's response to it. A news tilt may be brief for reasons of space; or in order to de-emphasize a topic, facilitate a mis-emphasis, or persuade by omissions.

Each News Tilt shall be identified as:

  • NT, News Tilt, little yellow box preceding, or
  • the slant left \, || uprights, or slant right / preceding, to show the general lean.
News Tilt must refer to an immediately accessible full News Report to which the Consumer may refer.

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