Monday, September 8, 2008

John McCain; and POW Tortured Hero Vice Admiral James Stockdale: Historical Similarities. No Family Strings To Lessen the Burden

 Heroism is Endurance, Survival, Courage.

Extraordinary Heroism Requires Actions for Others,
At Great Cost to Oneself:  Endurance v Acting For Others

John McCain hero; James Stockdale extraordinary hero 

By this measure, Senator John McCain was a Hero because he endured; but John McCain was not an extraordinary hero.  An extraordinary hero would be Rear Admiral James Stockdale.  Both, Vietnam era.

John McCain and other war heroes, tortured, POW's: How do their experiences, and what they did later, compare. When might it be time to decertify a war hero. Is it ever appropriate to review, or - once the emotional attachment to an idea forms, is it impossible for later revealed facts to make a difference. The workings of emoticon dominance.

Meet again someone you might have known once: Rear Admiral James Stockdale, Vietnam era. See //

James Stockdale died in 2005 at 82.

Stockdale had no family connections to alleviate his situation once that was known by the captors, as occurred with John McCain. McCain received, as far as we can see, preferential treatment once it became known that he was the son of a General. The universal military code favored him.

James Stockdale: Not so. No family connections.

He was a Navy fighter pilot. He flew 201 missions (how many did McCain fly?) and became the "highest ranking Naval officer captured during the war." Navy quote. See the site. He was imprisoned for 7 1/2 years.

Solitary confinement: And four (4) of those years were in solitary confinement. How much time did you spend in solitary, McCain?

We are looking up the time, the details, but that seems to be far more than McCain.

The Navy reports that Stockdale was tortured "repeatedly."

We have no details on what happened with McCain specifically. It sounds grotesque to look into details, but Mr. McCain has raised the issue by wrapping himself in it.

McCain, go ahead and set us straight.

Stockdale received the Medal of Honor (have to check if McCain got that - anybody know?). Read this from his citation (anybody have McCain's actual citation?)

"Stockdale... deliberately inflicted a near mortal wound to his person in order to convince his captors of his willingness to give up his life rather than capitulate. He was subsequently discovered and revived by the North Vietnamese who, convinced of his indomitable spirit, abated their employment of excessive harassment and torture of all prisoners of war."

McCain - no protest, endurance, giving names but the wrong names (thank you for that) but then the family name stepped in/

Historical similarity? 3 points. No more, out of a max of 10.

POW, some torture, but alleviated and nothing like Stockdale, and no response to it even vaguely like Stockdale who was willing to die for the cause.

Stockdale? He also entered politics, died of Alzheimer-type things. Was the Vice Presidential candidate with Ross Perot 1992. Maybe Perot should have won, but Stockdale was not a rousty speaker. Is that so?

Mr. McCain. You have exploited your situation.* Coasted. See McCain: Points for POW torture? 2. This sounds like Bush making up reasons for war.

* We also found a roommate, Col Bud Day. See ://
We have difficulty with his account, because of inconsistencies from his earlier criticism of Kerry and his favoring you at that time, and don't know which is right. Still, the chronological account of your experience seems accurate from other sources.

McCain Points for credibility: 1.

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