Monday, September 8, 2008

John McCain and POW Tortured Heroine Elizabeth Choy. Which Towers?

No issue is beyond investigation.

Where anyone cites past experience as heroism,
is it legitimate to check it out.

Update 11/10/08 - Do we retain here our issues as to John McCain's POW record, heroism, and that of others in wartime. This issue we do choose to retain because it may recur - evading review if each election seeks to set its own particular issues aside. Ask of any candidate's experience:  even in torture, something we do and consider it fine.  Would we object of the country of origin called its detainees at Guantanamo "heroes?"  To be discussed.

So:  retaining the issue, here as to McCain -- Is he unique, deserving of special deference. What did he do for others while captured. And for others, with sacrifice to himself, with his life afterwards. What did others do.

The Comparison.
Elizabeth Choy

Meet Elizabeth Choy. 1910-2008. World War II. Singapore. See:// She was jailed and tortured by the Japanese Occupation forces for helping get messages, food, and medical supplies to British prisoners. She had great "psychological resilience" that helped her survive, and she was awarded the OBE - Order of the British Empire.

"My values are quite changed," she said, reports the site. "I am no more materialistic, even to this day. Never mind if I have no mansion, no diamonds... still I'm happy." She entered politics, and in 1951 became the first woman in the Singapore Legislative Council (have to look that up).

She also was an educator, teaching life values along with substance. A student wrote, "Mrs. Choy, you taught me love, patience, kindness and a consideration to others." Some remember her as a saint. She also joined the Singapore Volunteer Corps, marching, learning gunning, mapping and control tower work.

Mr. McCain: His values got worse. He came home after being a POW, faithful wife all those years injured in an accident, he began a series of affairs, applied for his marriage license to wealthy and lovely Cindy while still married, and his is our new family values war hero. In the Senate, see Wikipedia, what has he done? "Largely exonerated" in the Keating 5? What? Cushy life, rake it in? Still reading Wikipedia entry at :// Where are the accomplishments?

Compare Mr. McCain - what did he do after his return as he wombed in the government - He chaired the Senate Commerce Committee once?

This is sad. So is history. We are looking at other POW-torture-war hero cases. No similarity here. Historical similarities? 1 for POW and torture. Out of 10 for wisdom and compassion thereafter, lessons learned.

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