Sunday, November 8, 2009

Courage Was In The House. Haiku Cao. The House is Roused. Brow Chow. Ahn Joseph Cao and the Poet Laureate.

Brow Chow:
Ahn Joseph Cao and the Poet Laureate Acts

Courage was in the House.

Haiku On The Occasion of the Passage,
House Vote, Healthcare Insurance Reform. 
Then Cao got cowed.

Laud Cao. Brow Chow, One Who Would Not Be Rammed 

In Honor of Ahn Cao

Cao.  Wow.  Bow now, thou!
Howl!   Growl!   Foul trowel!   How Mao!
Tao plow. Grouse chow. Ciao.

Addendum 3/5
Cao has been cowed.
They chewed him alive.


1. Editor's note:

This great poetic work commemorates the sole Red Vote in the House of Representatives for passage of Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3692, a/k/a healthcare insurance reform bill. It was created  by Fearfog, Ad Hoc Midnight Poet Laureate Pro Tem: on the Occasion of The Passage and In Appreciation for Ahn (Joseph) Cao. It will be catalogued under the Do-We System and indexed at "House Rousers v. Grousers".

2. What is this Poet Laureate?

The full title is Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress.  The Poet Laureate position is filled by appointment annually by the Librarian of Congress.  The current Librarian is James Billington, age 80, and he has held that position for 22 years, originally appointed by Ronald Reagan. We may be in for a change, see ://

The Poet Laureate serves as "the nation's official lightning rod for the poetic impulse of Americans."  See :// Fearfog may just apply.

3. Comments on the Occasion of the Passage:  

The Librarian of Congress Billington,
He of weighty brow,
Is even now,
Figuring out how
This came about.

"Suddenly," he was heard to exclaim, as the voting concluded and to excited bystanders, "There was this hero, Ahn, on deck. Like right on the prow, of the Ship of State, and he broke through the Ice!" Ahn was on. Cao just doing it.

Said Cao, in effectL  My constituents need this healthcare, and not ideology. See ://

4. Upshots
  • Cao. The Proud. Finally, a really good Joe. Serving We the People.
Is that so, Other Joe? Isn't that the job?  You, over there.

Jowl jowl scowl.

  • When the bough breaks. See Jepsen at ://,0,7159870.story/. The Other Joe: Ciao. Now. How?
  • Passage. An encouragement to governmental warming.  The Passage Through the Ice Jam.
  • History quasi-Connection:  Cao Mao.  But in China.

    The vote by Cao is in the spirit of the studious and intelligent one of surprising name of another country's history, one Cao Mao (Yanshi or Yen-shih), but from China, 3d Century, in the time of the Three Kingdoms.  He sought to take back power from powerful officials, see ://  They got him for it.

    Now: How do grouser-enforcers inflict their punishment on this Cao for failure to toe the power line, certainly not in the same way as happened to old Cao Mao, but in the spirit of removal.

    Change. Challenge. Red flags.  Cao got cowed soon after.

    Brow chow. Food for thought. Words dance like red shoes.