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* Etymology of Wiki. Meaning. Dictionary people explore the origins of wiki, the prefix in correspondence with Chief Coiner Ward Cunningham, identified as a programmer at the time. See etymology of Wiki ://

** Not Wiki.
This bus.

Wiki bus for veggies. The bus: Europe Road Ways Lite

*** The once and no longer Wiki deceased: Rests in admirable transparency at Sonderborg Castle, Denmark

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lame Duck, Wolf Pack, Bestiary Ball is Here. Meet the Guests.

Washington DC Politics
The Lame Duck 
Wolf Pack 
Bestiary Ball 

Lame Duck.  That is the limited time between old elections, and when the newly elected take office down the road.  The phrase stems, according to the BBC, from the English idea of one who cannot pay his debts merely waddling off; or Abraham Lincoln who is said to have said (to be vetted) that a lame duck is one that simply has to be provided for.  See

With the new Congress made up of largely members of the Wolf Pack, see KNGDV. Tainted Founts. Dominion: Worst Concept in the World,
how will they celebrate?  

Wolf Pack.  This is the Wolf Totem Pack, those who follow the behavior of the chosen Totem.  See the belief system (and that includes ours traditionally, see FN 1) that ascribes traits to animals, and sees the animal world as here to instruct us, we learn from them, they are not just to be exploited and a source of profits. See FN 1.  What happens, then, when the Wolf becomes the Totem animal or spiritual guide of the political group in power? The Wolf Totem Pack goes to Washington! 

 Bestiary. No, not bestial.  Bestiary.  This is the medieval collection of illustrations of animals in their teaching role, setting examples, having messages for us. Some are fanciful, others are represented naturally. See FN 3. 

And Have a Ball

The House of Representatives opened its doors to fete the outgoing and incoming members of Congress; and the other members of the Executive and Judicial branches of government.  With the Wolf Pack in charge, with its legendary attributes, how will the totem tote?

The House of Representatives looks especially nice these days.  

Crazy House, Sopot, Poland *

There were pat-downs at the door. Of course, all the bad stuff was already in the kitchen cupboards, nobody brings bad stuff in as invitees any more, but it takes time to stay current. It took ages just to put this in place, and look at what it cost, and now they say nobody will make it necessary.  Go, mailman!

Pat-downs are hazardous duty. Note the fellow, foreground center, with one hand, and the line is still long. Men in skirts were encouraged to attend.

Detention centers?

This is from the last time.  Now:  the guests --
Mr. Boehner picks a spot and won't budge.
Round barns as inspiration.
The reporters all face in to the same provided chow bin, no further investigation of choices, no choices,eat of it what they like, and then it all comes out the other end in their reported journals and tweets. They eat what they are given.  Note, no windows for independent investigation. Nobody bothers anyway.  News is just entertainment anyway.
Business on Hold.
What happens to the Country's business during Lame Duck. Thinking people would prefer that any outstanding arms treaties be ratified and signed fast. The recalcitrant resident Bear says no way if credit goes to the other party for acting in the nation's interest.
And these are from our old stuff. Prints of people.

A master of non-plussery, is our President. And we are pleased.  Can't change Washington in 2 years.  Shall we say, another 100 is more reasonable?  Or that it won't change for anybody, anytime, anywhere, because -- oh, think of the cash gone by....
Nancy is light on her feet, or heavy when she needs to, and knows how to get the job done.  Harry is deceptively quiet-spoken, and weights options with care.  Both aimed right for each other for this one opening number. The majority Wolf Totem watched.  They should be nervous, right? Here are Omegas who aren't going to stay there.  Says Nancy, says Harry, we have our Eyes on the Alphas, even the Betas! Nobody gets to be an Omega! See ; and  *
Now, for fear.
"Oh, what is to become of us?" cried the busloads inculcated by Armey.  "These people look different! They will take away our toys that we got with our inheritances!"  Wake up, said another voice. That is all a figment. Just a figment.  Now, get real.  

Weck up to thees! said another voice, outside the bus, gone before identified but the computers all went down.... (
snuffle snuffle

Is that what I hear? In essence, sure.  But what if you let me in, and said it was ok by paying me, and giving me a place to stay while I was picking the crops for you?

Hang 'em high! came the response from Arizona and its minions. 

He likes to let his little light shine. He likes people doing as they are told. He likes to buy: things like ads for what he wants to have happen, and people who buy into them.  Then, he buys the people.

Who let them in?  Oh, they own the place? They own the people?  They own the people who write about their people? 
Not an original analytical thought among them. Is that so?  But ooh, the clothes. Now to the content:

But marriage only became a sacrament in the 1200's. And that was only to control the harpies. Update  What's the deal?  Do we have it right? Look it up. S-a-c-r-a-m-ent... oh, you know.  These folks aren't happy looking, are they.
His wife likes phoning.

That is a smile? If so, we are grateful for it. Not for much else, say folks who wonder why ideology is more important than sustenance for those who didn't get big inheritances. Why don't we take away that "entitlement" -- people get so dependent on those inheritances.  Takes away their drive to produce on their own, is that so?  Inheritances breed dependence.  Stop inheritances! What, says Mitch?  I said that?

Beware the bigos there.  Get your bigos earlier in the tapas hour.

Some folks just have to tell other folks what to do. 

Others just have to follow.

Then, again, they knew they were getting freebies, and how can you look ungrateful, and it does soften the brain for the ideology bit and the placards, also for free. 

And only one way to get there.  Ours.  Stay in line or else. 


And, our fave.  Among the guests is:

Always another opportunity to take advantage of. Money to be made! Nobody will complain if they get some of it. 

Take aim, Dick.  Good aim.

This playground area may be an adjunct to The Family, with favorable rents, ask Jeff Sharlett, but the paperwork is too hard to follow. Who makes the playgrounds possible?

Ow-w-w-ooOHHHHOOOoooo.  The Wolf Pack howls again.

Ha. Take that. No jobs is no excuse. Nine million jobs lost in the last decade before the New Regime, and you complain? Do we have it right, or was it 8,000,000? see ://

And perhaps content. Perhaps not. Watch the talk shows.

 No sharin' anything with that one. 

And that's the way the power shifts. Changes, changes. Wolf Pack in Washington.  Again.

Another day, more silliness.

Who is more pro-life than this?  Yup.


FN 1.  The medieval Bestiary and traditional Christianity 
A bestiary, in the middle ages sense, was a collection of illustrations, of animals displaying their traits, and in roles in secular and religious tales.
Christianity -- instruction, models.  Animals do that.  Job 12:7-10. See The Medieval Bestiary, at :// (translations vary):
"But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind."
This puts Job in line with Native American spiritualism and other belief systems that value 1) unity of life forms, mutual benefit and restraint, and see 2) each form of life acceptable in a total ecological-creational systems, as strengthening and proper. See the KNGDV Tainted Founts, Dominion, site below.
FN 2.  Wolf Pack.   The Danger of One in Dominion. 
What to expect?  Look to the totem.Those belief systems also see dominion of one life form over another so as to exploit, as weakening and wrong. Dominion instead means, guide the creation as the god, dominus, domine, domina, would. See KNGDV. Tainted Founts. Dominion: Worst Concept in the World.  Instead, reject all that. Do what you want when you want without repercussion or responsibility to others. Run, prey, run. The Wolf Pack is back.  Bring on the profits, Job, with a long "o" or no Job, whatever makes a buck, people or animals -- you pick.
Still, there are vestiges of a more perfect world. 

* The Crazy House, Sopot, Poland. We were there when the leaves were out, hiding its wonders behind foliage and more foliage. No photo for us. Just a laugh. Then this leaves-are-down view came by email viral photo, to us among thousands perhaps, not even identified as to photographer or the subject itself.  This is indeed the Sopot Crazy House we saw.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Study in Certainty. Fox Meets the Sea -- of Color, of Nobodies. Corporate Bottom Lines to the Bunker

An Illustrated Essay-Play on Certainty.
Political, Religious, Cultural Superiority.

Man Meets the Sea
White concrete, at Esbjerg, Denmark.
Here: One of the Four.
Statue set by Sven Wiig Hansen.

Certainty Day by Day.
A Mind-set Evolves. And a Demographic.


November Three Update. Considering Certainty the day after a big sweep election to the Manus Dextra side.  Certainty carries the day. What does Certainty look like. Tea Party Certainty looks mostly moneyed over-55 white male. See ://  But the pictures of who gets off the corporate-funded buses look also female.

Manus Dextra.  The Right. The right hand. Manus Sinistra. The Left.  The left hand.

  • The Left carries a nasty association not suffered by the Right: the Left Hand as the Manus Diabolo, the Devil's Hand, see ://  
  • The Right carries a merrily blessed association not enjoyed by the Left -- right as a "Moral" idea.  The Right Thing. The Right Stuff. Striving for the Right, says the him. Ambiguous concepts both.  
  • When is the right right.  That is a matter of Certainty. When is the Left left out.  Now.  No ambiguity there.  But wait: Even that is not certain. Left out -- is not down and out, not all out. 

Did Certainty help the Right?  Not in the short term. The most Certain of the extreme-sweepers on the Manus Dextra have, by being so certain, prevented a full takeover. At the same time, those of us on Manus Sinistra are indeed Left -- out.  Left out more than we were before.

Even that is not a matter of Certainty. Some Rights will right themselves, lending balance to the progress; just as some Sinistras veered Dextra from time to time. So the Left is not all out, not down and out, but with all the Certainty now in charge, the canoe will now paddle itself in a circle the other way.  

How easy it must be to be Certain. No choices to make. No responsibility. Not like the Left Outs, always considering and reconsidering, and considering any side that pops into view. With uncertain results.

Certainty. See it at ://  Find that the value of certainty is hard to capture, and erodes over time. Certainty worked and works in the short run, and 1) so long as people do not take the time, or develop an interest, in vetting facts independently from the group; 2)  where an authority has conditioned people to receive and believe, and 3) the targeted people form like-minded Certainty groups to repeat those ideas and force their members to stay within them; and 4) where the ideology promises to restore status, riches, social and power entitlements now seen unjustly at risk.

So where does Certainty live when it's at home? Try Fox, at subgroups of political parties, at our own homes when some folks come in, in our institutions.

Have some fun with it at ://  Fair use little portion of the total entries:   From a William Gibson, writer, man of many hands, see :// 

QUOTE And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human.  UNQUOTE

Certainty is a mixed bag. It also bites back  It is a tool of propaganda, whether in religion or politics, and a longstanding set of techniques that were of concern in WWII.  See ://  Repeat, create a bandwagon effect, repeat some more.  The techniques are still there, and evolving, effectively and with cash. The difference now is that those who warned us of propaganda in WWII are using it now. People are uneducated as to how to defend. Watch what you eat, the nutritionists say; but no-one warns of the brain-erosion of propaganda. Propaganda?  Not today, they say. This is just free speech.  Maybe so: but it can and should be highlighted and defenses offered.

What does Certainty do to the rest of us. A foot on a neck is Certain. Is there full recovery from it for that person, or is a person once trod so wary and appalled afterwards, that she can hardly breathe. How do the Certain stay Certain. Is all Certainty a stage? Is Certainty an Entitlement to those with Certainty?  What do the Certain say, do. What is the role of the bunker.  What catch-phrases emerge, obliquely. Have a little fear with your stroganoff?  Examine the figures as Corporate Certainty. Moral certainty. Status certainty.

Voice Ad Dextra: 

Beware the tinted ones, my sons; 
The ones that seek, the ones that move.
Beware the nobodies who reach
Who have designs on your bottom line ....

Voice Ad Sinistra:

Don't listen to that voice behind the curtain. It's safe out there.  Extend a hand!  Hold a hand! Give everybody a hand!  manus dextraHola!

Hola?  Hola?  What's with the Hola, says the Right, paddling Wrong.  Extend a hand nuthin'. You're on your own. We don't mean you. Out! Tilt.



A Small Play About Certainty
Certainty Meets the Sea of Color, of Nobodies *

Certainty day by day. 

Act I 
Scene 1. 
Certainty In the morning.

(silence) (no contrary facts admitted)


Certainty Day by Day
Scene 2. 
Certainty At Lunch. 

Are we missing one? Did someone dare defect? Who's that over there? We don't care. He doesn't count.

Certainty Day by Day.
Scene 3.
Certainty In the Evening.

Regrouped. Nobody defected after all. In the mornin',  the evenin', ain't we ....


Certainty Day by Day.
Scene 4. 
Certainty In the Wee Hours.

Stay on message. Just think: They don't even know who we are. But they hear us. They will believe....  and we shall sit unchallenged by the nobodies, on our bottom lines.


Certainty Day by Day. 

Act II
Certainty and The Reveal

No, No!  Not that! say the big fellows on their bottom lines. Not the View to Fear. Aargh. Look what's coming. Little people!  Nobodies! Uncontrolled consumers! Coming ashore. From The Sea. The sea of color. The sea of nobodies.


 Certainty Day by Day

Certainty In the Bunker

Whew. At last we are safe.
In our little bunker
Taking comfort in our collective Fear.
Now for the Bunker Stroganoff:
Did anybody remember to bring it?
Avez-vous du stroganoff?

(Cosmic Echo intones from the Cloud:)

Certainty yields not, neither does it vet.
Certainty repeats itself until it believes what it says.
Certainty hides its face
Lest its objectives be revealed.
Certainty takes aim
At those others who seek to mind
Their own moral business.
Or who dare to assert Consumer rights. **
Certainty needs a bunker.
Certainty needs you to stay in the bunker.
Hola! Heh-heh.

* From Esbjerg, Denmark:  Man Meets the Sea; white concrete, by Sven Wiig Hansen; and nearby WWII German bunker.

**  Purity Creed heard in the background:  Certainty After an Election

We are the Titans. 
We are entitled; 
We are the Titans.  
We are entitled; we are the Titans.  
We are entitled; we are the Tite....

 We ... are ... the ... Tight ....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"I did it. I joined!" Yes, Nate Rudy joins the NRA. PsyOps at Work

Everyman Nate Rudy Asclater is looking for structure in his life, a focus, a mentor who will care for him. He wants a personal relationship with a leader he can trust to tell him what to do, because times and change are unnerving. He finds the NRA. Better, he finds Ron Schmeits. Let's watch him as he writes in his journal.
Nate Rudy Asclater Joins the NRA and Keeps a Journal 

I did it.  I joined the NRA.  This is Nate Rudy again and I've decided to keep a journal of my progress. Yes, I joined the NRA - finally.  Why? First, it is my own initials - Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater - so joining up seemed natural.  I get free monograms, I tell my wife. Now I want their special Education and Training, and the NRA educates and trains just they way they want, and everybody lines right up. Now, that's smart.

My wife here asked to see what I'm doing all this writing for, so I let her - and she asked if she could make a few comments. Come on board, I said. So she did.  You know her from before. A few weeks ago, she did A Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater. That was when she was getting a little worried.
  • She's a little better about my hobbies now, and she also put in some pictures of hers here, to show we can have a sense of humor, and that we can disagree but still have a nice time. You'll like her pictures. Lots of people like her.
But I have another reason to join the NRA. The NRA president is a banker.

I have gotten real suspicious of bankers from the news, and want to see the other side:  Is there a banker I can trust, a real banker working for me.

This Ron Schmeits is the president of the NRA and he is a banker’s banker who knows how to bank.  My money is safe with him.  I want to see him up close. He is, as I said, president of the NRA and he is going to look out for me as part of that NRA.  Read all about it at American Hunter, at ://  To get to that article, just pasting the address won't do it. Go to the main American Hunter (it's part of the NRA family) home page, click on News, and then do a search either for International Bank, or for Ron Schmeits.  Up come two articles, one a shorter form, the other a full interview.  Go ahead.

My wife did that and tried to find out exactly which ones his banks are, and came up nada, so she signed an online petition to pass the see Identification of Resume Activities Act 

  • So Ron Schmeits is a Banker. Would you believe.  At the top of the NRA.

Bankers should serve us, the people.  We give them our money, don't we? They are smart, too. They should use that also to help their customers. I just bet the whole NRA banks at Schmeits' International Bank. 


Do I mind that bankers know how to run their business so they make lots of money; and they know how to sell? Not really. I trust this Schmeits. He’s NRA. He may be a banker, but don’t fence him in! He’s there for me.
Get it?  Ron Schmeits helps people. Has done that a lot.  He helped back on the farm as a kid, and learned his hunting and shooting back there in the all-American midwest.  Got into college and started right in on banking as soon as his feet and pockets could carry him. Was a bank teller right out of college and saw his job this way: “I enjoy helping people fulfill their financial dreams.”

Did he travel anywhere, join a Peace Corps or do anything that was hands-on helping?  Don’t see it, but that’s ok.  Bankers if they want to get real good, have to stay focused on that little ka-ching and counting.

Ka-ching.  That means success. Yessiree, that’s the NRA. Lots of money coming in, probably in that bank of Mr. Schmeits’, all that helping people fulfill their shooting dreams.

So this Mr. Schmeits then became a loan officer.  Now, you know you can trust a loan officer to tell you what’s in that fine print.  Thanks, Ron.
He did a fine job in business, they say.  “Self-made.”  Would like to know more about what he did after he was a loan officer, though. Can’t find it. Is he first vice president or president now of our NRA? I do get confused with all the positions here. Hard to keep the sites straight, see :// / I understand he is president of the International Bank – that’s in Raton. What state is that? Hafta ask my wife. She looks things up.


Let's get on with why I joined the NRA.  I see myself in this Ron Schmeits.
  •  Ron Schmeits helps people.  
This is what my friend Ron Schmeits likes to do:  he likes to serve. He says so.  Maybe he gets nice bonuses, or stock option things, and fancy salary, and expense accounts like any other banker.  But he likes to serve customers and communities. So he must like that consumer protection stuff, I bet. Get stuff out in the open so regular folks can't be taken advantage of.

He also likes New Mexico and Colorado.  Ever done stuff elsewhere? Maybe I’ll move there.

Sheesh.  Look at all this dude has done:  past this and past that. Past president, chamber of commerce; past city mayor and past president of New Mexico’s bankers’ association.  That’s a big one.  New Mexico’s bankers’ association.   That doesn’t go to a slouch. He’s a banker’s banker!
Wait.  There’s more, as the kids joke about TV.

 Governor’s Business Advisory Committee (which state?) and he did that four times so he knows politics, and past director of the University of New Mexico’s  Mexico Foundation’s Finance Committee (this gets to be a tongue-twister – not even sure I got it right), and chairman of that Whittington Center (what is that? Kids’ shaping training mindsets or something?) Board of Trustees.  And he’s on the NRA President’s Advancement Committee.  Committee on Advancement.  Whose is that? Advancement of cookie cutters, my wife would say. That's when she's not calling me and my friends numb. I'd like this guy, see :// Kapow.

You'd like my wife. We disagree on lots of things but we got a sense of humor.

 Here’s where my friend Ron and me get even more in common.

  • This Ron Schmeits is a SHOOTER. Get out of the way! He likes hunting and shooting – great sports just as though we were talking about football – but it's lots of fun gunnin’ --  and he includes the whole family. Everybody! Kids, wife, all at home on the range.  And their grands. Six of them, all shooters. Bet they got nice bank trust funds. Boy, I gotta live next door to them. 

  • And he believes in TRAINING AND EDUCATION.

He likes kids. Regular kids.  Helps them at that Whittington Center.  Preserve those firearm Freedoms, says he. And he got elected to the Board of Directors at our NRA back in 2000.  And president in 2009.  Watch that Freedom word. We'll get back to that.

So he likes Programming. There you go. President.  Gotta educate and train, and boost membership, he says. We'll tell you what to think so you don't have to think about it yourself.  Fine,  I say, good idea. Then they do as they were educated and trained to do for you. The more the better doing that.

  • Now, Ron says people just don’t understand hunting, and don’t know their rights. He adds conservation now to the shooting. 

Heck, we know hunting all right.  You hit or wound something, and it either keeps going so you do it again and again, or it falls down, and thrashes around making those screaming sounds sometimes, and looks at you, and the noise, and the blood of it all.  We know. Wait a minute. I never actually been on a hunt. Cheryl says animals you hit don't scream. That'd let on where it is, and the next one can come get at it. So you don't have to hear it. Dunno. Whatever. What we learn at the NRA is that that is just fun to do that to something alive. Stop it from living, make it hurt. But hunting to help conservation? Is he for real on that one?

This is going good. Moving right along. That smart Mr. Schmeits didn't take long to use his Banker's Ed. at the NRA. He went on the NRA Finance Committee itself.  Big time.
There you go again. He makes the big decisions. Where to put all that money coming in from those ever-swelling ranks of people. Like me. Think of the ads they have to get out. Fancy websites!  Who to buy.  Who to send in as lobby person. Who to say to vote for, and who not.  The NRA Rules! High fives! He’s got a bank right here -- put your money in clear. All will be secret, so what's to fear, ha ha.

Hey, Ron.  Who gets what?  Think he’ll answer?

  • Now, between us, I think this guy’s the one that's scared. Scared of his NRA empire suddenly having no takers, I bet. No enemies to fight.  Nobody to make a demon out of.  No fear!

So Ron is a MARKET MAKER. So he makes up Enemies he warns us about.  What if your neighbor doesn’t want you carrying your gun to his barbecue there in the park where he reserved some tables.  Hell with him! You got rights.

Ron there says it’s a cancer, this business of saying that somebody can tell you when, where, and how you can shoot and pack.  Let anybody tell you that, and you have a cancer growing. You need education and training to see your enemies.  Let us help you.

Trust nobody who isn’t NRA, I bet he would say.  Let one little thing get a rule put on it, and you’ve lost the ballgame.  Freedom!  He says we have to tell people what we stand for.

Right.  Now, what was it again? Protecting  rights. Against whooooom?  Boom!

Oh, now I remember. Everybody who is not NRA is a loser and an enemy. And we in the NRA stand for members.  More of them.  Paying members. Land of the numb, says Cheryl. Number$ and Number$ of them, getting number all the time, having a social good time, doing what the NRA says, and not asking questions about its Bank. And each one numb-er than the number before.  I always liked playing with words. Cheryl does, too. 


Now, about Cheryl:
  • My wife Cheryl gets to be a bit of a pill because she's not keen on this NRA - calls them bullies who never grew out of it. She says, how about her freedom to feel safe when she goes out, and not see all those folks carrying. She says they get  swaggery when they do.  Let a guy get rude and he’s packing, and she’s not likely to say a word.  Even I don’t like that. Like the gun’s a dare.

But that's not the point.  Training is the big deal. Educate people. Our buddy Ron has to be with all them out there, seeing it's done right. Get out there and school people.  Cheryl says NRA means Not Really Altruistic, and I get what altruistic is, and I think they are.  They want to help me.  Cheryl goes hmph and leaves the room.
NRA can make it work for us.  They do care. They can find new people to recruit. Soon they'll  have to make a new market:  What if they run out of hunters. There goes the equipment business!

Here's the new market: personal protection. Just you watch for it -- you'll see ads and spooky music and all.
Another market awaits, as they say. Find more enemies and sell folks on what to do about it.

Now, that’s an important one. Train people to think there are enemies out there, and sure enough, they'll find some to see, or think they see. That power of suggesting something.  Put the idea in there, and it goes off on its own. Like national un-intelligence dee-partments.  Get thousands of private groups out there gathering the stuff, and nobody knows who's where or doing what, because it's all secret, you see, and after that you have to come up with Suspects!  So they do.  I read the papers.  What you think is what you get.

Cheryl says, get people afraid.  That's the game. Then they pay to learn to protect themselves from other armed people they think are after them.  Ron here says we have to be aggressive. Even the gun agrees, see Guns Make a Place in LIfe.  And in death. Why do I keep thinking these things up?

NRA is pro life! Theirs!

Now, I like that. Aggression. My wife would say, Proactive - sounds like an acne med. Ha. But Ron wants our NRA into those kids’ service groups, to get them early, like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, any youth group we can get our gun butt into.  Teach them gun safety, because we want everybody to have guns.There's another whole market right there.

And somebody’s going to act stupid. Can't educate out stupid.

Cheryl just came in again. Leave me be. I'm writing here. Maybe she has a point. The name of the game is to get people numbed, I guess. How else do you kill things. Back to the numb-ers.  Numbing education.  The Numbing Reprogramming Approach - the new NRA, ha.  Just thought that one up. Didn't think I was that smart, did you?  Well, I am.  It's numb training, and I'm all for it. Lots of kids don’t want to just go out and hurt and kill things.  You have to teach them hunting,I think Mr. Schmeits would say, toughen them up, numb them, because that’s what we do.

And another market is words. Market words. People buy. Schmeits can’t  get enough of that Freedom word. And how can you talk against it?  You gotta bow down!  Freedom!  Like that Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.  Freedom!

We know what it meant then, though. Nobody now says who’s trying to take whatever it is away, though, or quite what it is, or how other folks figure in.

I do have common sense. Lots of people don't. And between us, I do believe that it is common sense to have some limits on when, where and how you can carry that thing and shoot it.  Guess not.  Guess I’m not just numbed enough!  That’s why I joined.  I want people to give me respect, a wide BERTH. I’m NRA! And Ron Schmeits is seeing that my money benefits me.

Marketing is what they do these days. How did they get me on board. I just went out that once to try the range. But they do know how to get you on board. Funny thing. As soon as I got there and as soon as I started to have a good time, it was like magic. People started to hit on me. Join them in demonstrating here, doing that, paying to support this, paying to support that.  They made me feel they really want me to come back. They get real personal.

 They like me. They like me. They remembered my name and laughed at my joke about free monograms.  I know they like me.

But I ask myself. Why does Ron have to kill things? If the NRA was founded for skills, that means skills, not the killing at the same time.  I do it in my head all the time, but he actually does it. He says he likes being outside.  It’s a challenge to kill something, and he’ll kill anything out there, you bet. And he likes the company of his fellow shooters.  Male bonding, or interest bonding, my wife would say with her college talk.  Hey – kill something and you feel adventurous.

I can see that.  Hoo-eee. Get me out of that yard, fast!  Who took that picture anyway? Must be crazy to mess with Wild Life.

But the game is Marketing again.  Market by using the right words. Skip realities.  People don't want that.


How to sell the NRA and conservation, for gosh sakes.

Schmeits says you do good for conservation by buying licenses and tags and paying taxes on your equipment. Heck, we just wanna shoot!  Harvest that game!  Make it a game. Put a lot of numbed people out there and cull that herd. 

Somehow, I’d prefer not to get that pleasure in pain thing going.

Pop that bunny! I bet Ron'd say. Right through that old chair there. Ears down. Trying to be little. I see you! Blam!

My wife says, with her college courses, that it's conditioning people not to feel.  She says, just conserve with an official conservation person, not make it fun. Fun isn’t what we need to connect to killing.

That’s why I need the NRA.  I need my thinking adjusted.  I like guns but I need to learn to hurt if people are going to give me respect.
Mr. Schmeits likes ORDER.

No free-thinkers need apply! He likes orderly kids who say politely, yessir, and nosir. He likes rank. Kids need more chores, rules at home. So there are adventure camps and YHEC (what is that?) to train them how to behave.  The Schmeits Youth!  March march, HUP  haha.  We’re all for kids learning responsibility, but this does sound a little cooky cutter. I agree with my wife there. Training to believe – in, I forgot already.

What did you say? Oh, yes. Freedom. 

Freedom is big in the NRA. My wife says, how about somebody else’s life, liberty. Pursuit of that happiness thing. Skip that, Ron would say. We’re the NRA. We count. All the way to that bank, is that right, Mr. Schmeits?  Let’s see where it all goes.  No, I forgot. I’m not supposed to ask.
Maybe I’ll get my own kids out here. Or a neighbor’s. Show them what fun it is.  Hey, kids! Be a shooter! Don’t talk; just learn how to threaten.

I need that attitude myself.  I let other people talk too much.  I need to shut them up.

What’s that domino theory we used to hear about.  Let one fall and they all go.  That’s how the NRA gets you afraid and doing what they want. We make our own rules, and that is pretty much no rules so long as you are safe and nobody gets hurt.  Threatening, no big deal. Grow up. Be a man. Fear. Get fear. Now. But I've read the history of the NRA , that that other group put out that has the same initials, like I do,  and I see how they started, and what they do. 

I'm still on board. Nothing happens that I, Nate Rudy, doesn't see and approve of. They look out for me. They protect my freedom.

My Mr. Schmeits talks about FREEDOM all the time. 

People hear that and get right in the act.


How many times does this guy talk about freedom.  

Seems to me like one guy’s freedom to avoid something is imposing on another guy’s freedom to be free of something else.  They don’t see it that way.  NRA Freedom, that is gun-related, is all that counts.

Why did I join?  I need that kind of direction, somebody who is so sure.  When in doubt, shout FREEDOM! It’s code for a rally.

So he shares tips on how to kill, and has a whole deal on Freedom and he is “one of us.”  I believe that. He wants “to make a difference for the common good.” That means the NRA good, but that’s ok; he’s sure about it. 

“I’m the NRA!”  he says, and in his head probably thinks, and don’t you forget it. 

And now I'm the NRA, too. 

Is America safe yet?  That last was my wife.  Says it's gun culture. She doesn't understand hunting.

This is the journal of Nate Rudy Asclater. 

Signing off.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nate Rudy. Everyman. Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. Bio.

Everyman Nate Rudy Asclater is being interviewed at Equivocating Magazine Channel for a series entitled American BackSplash. The introduction is now in progress. The Interequivocator intones, "And now, as the big faucet swivels and the big pots tip, who ends up there on the nice mosaic behind. Soon to dry out. Please welcome our guest, Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater (polite applause). Mr. Asclater ....}

Nate Rudy Speaks.


My name is Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. They call me Nate Rudy for short. I am giving this interview to Equivocating Magazine because I want my point of view to count.  My wife says she'll talk to Fodder instead, because she doesn't see me equivocating about anything, but that's her choice.  If you must, see hers at Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater.  She has her views, I have mine.

I was born American, I think American, and even though my family was not American before my grandparents, we identify American.

I graduated high school, got some credits at a local community college, my Dad said to go into the plant and get a job fast, but I decided to wait a while. I wanted to see further than my home town before I settled down. So I did, for a while, then got a job at the same plant as my Dad, married somebody from out of town but she likes it here ok, and we have some kids.

My pleasures.  I like to hunt. Me and my brothers have done that together for years. I feel good with my gun on. Even if I don't have a plan to use it, I like the feel of it. I don't like the idea of hunting from helicopters, though. That's lazy, showy, and the person cheats. Like shooting those buffalo we read about in school, when the person was on a train, or just riding around shooting because it felt good. My gun feels good, but there's more to it than just killing something.

My displeasures.  Changing times. Right now, I worry that different people moving in. People that aren't American. My family has worked hard to get what we have, and I don't think it matters that Jim Crow laws prevented other people from getting property and passing it along for 200 maybe 300 years. They have had time now to catch up. And you can't just come across a border and expect to live here. No excuses.

There's nothing worse than feeling you should be getting something, that you are owed, that you deserve because of what you are, and not getting it. I think about that.

I think about how my gun makes me feel. It's part of who I am and what I stand for. My rights. That I can take a stand. Sometimes I wear it in the house. I got it on me now, and you didn't even know it. (pat pat).

I like my Bible as my preacher says it was written.  But I don't think about it much.

What I do think about is how to feel that I am strong, that people will pay attention.

We've got room, as I say, if you want to stay over. We're doing ok, but we're kind of nervous about things changing. Kids don't pay attention, can do things I can't with their phones and computers. I feel shown up and that's not right. They should look up to me. People should look up to me. I feel strong when I'm carrying. You know what I mean. Sometimes I show that I have it, sometimes I don't. The idea is, don't mess.

My name, as I said, is Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. My friends just call me Nate Rudy.  Nate Rudy.  No easier thing to say. I like things as they were. Folks could get jobs to support their families, right where they grew up, we know who was who and where they belonged, and we got along.  Just stay where you oughtter.  Enjoy some time off, get away from the kids and all that, retire, and die.  Ok by me. Not much for computers and all that. Just tell me what to think, and if it sounds ok, I'll think it.

Tell you this - I do hear about rights a lot, and wonder about people using those rights to threaten other people, or them thinking it does, so I just think about what I could do if I decided to.  I just think it. And talk about it maybe, and act a little.  But I would never do it.

My wife rolls her eyes when I say that. Gun culture, she says. But I would never act out what I think.

I liked that movie, Inception. How do people get their ideas.  It's important to think about that. I may not be educated as much as some, but I think. Don't think I don't. I have the radio on, and the TV, and I learn what's going on. I even like it when I feel a little-itty bit afraid of something. It gets me going. Cheryl says that is Fear Theory..  She gets nervous about me sometimes.

She liked college. Goes her own way.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corporate accountability. BP: Crude Realities. Obligation to the sick. Damages Recalculated.

Corporate accountability.

Damages.  Recalculate.
All is not Economic. 
Crude Realities. 

1.  Anyone causing illness in others, reduction in employability, must pay for the privilege.

2.  Anyone substantially and for profit reduces others' quiet enjoyment of their environment and other essential aspects of human life, must pay for the privilege.

3.  If you are a public or private nuisance, you pay.

Why is this so difficult?  Smaller government means bigger corporations; and what has our experience been with accountability in that scenario? 

You act, you cause negative impact, you pay.
BP and any other toxic employer:  Pay for our sick, and those who become sick,
See Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards at ://;

What are the losses:  Immeasusrable.
Lives diminished from loss of place, way of life. 
Lives made sick from trying to clean up your Gulfitudinous Horror;
Or just from being there, and exposed to it.

1.  Ads are paid propaganda.

BP multimillion dollar PR ad to assure us that they will make "it" right.

What is "it". Nothing.

BP in its ads says it will make things related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill "right".  It lists what it will make "right" -- including wildlife.  BP gives no details: what do those words mean. What scope? What measures? And there is no reference to healing the health of people damaged by the crude, inhaled, absorbed, consumed. Why should our nascent healthcare system have to take on entire populations seeking care because of corporate malfeasance.

Nothing that BP says it will make "right" means anything to people's health. Making right is a cloud, words to serve and placate, limit calculations based on provable income, until people forget. Life is more than income. Is that so? 

For the corporation, making something right means only to get back to where profits are to be made, and fast, regardless of whether anything or anyone is really made "right". Is that so?

Prove us wrong.  BP: Amend your ad recurring in the New York Times ad that lists things you intend to make right. Wildlife and all that gunk cleanup, on water, in swamps, on beaches. Add humans.

2.  BP:  Health must be a compensable damage element.

Add people's health to the compensable damages list. Even if the person is not employed, is not employable, but is simply living.

We on behalf of humans and all breathing and finny and feathered demand to be included in Wildlife as restoration to health and population levels ante, and functioning. That  is what it takes to be fully restored, health looked after by you after your diseasemanship.

What does BP mean or intend by its simplistic list. Just lists of the dead, like the plague. Bring our your dead! We will count you and bury you and grieve, but, of course, for a price.
  • Look at the health-damaging, life-threatening, disease-causing disasters you are creating within human bodies. See
  • People, ordinary people without clout, demand (look at us little people demanding, how declasse, that you take care of all of us who have inhaled, ingested, are related to those whose burdens are then passed on to us, been exposed to, whose unborn kids are whatever because of it, take responsibility there as well.
And so we do.  We even have extended to Tampa relatives the space to tide them over while the Tampa evacuation plan is set up for when they have to burn in Tampa Bay.  Will you reimburse us for all that we will do for our family in food and transportation and general dislodgement because of your criminal  negligence. Even just because you caused it. Strict liability.

BP to pay for the sick and the to-be-sick. Until they die.  No medical bills.  Pay cash. Put it into trust funds.  In advance. Just give us your open-ended debit card.  Thx. And for the tracking of the health of all involved in the cleanup or exposed as being in the area, as to their health needs. And pay that. Toodles.

Thank you, corporate nothings. Your ad is a fraud.  And to you whose bottom lines are not particularly affected over time, especially you, good night.

3. Right of quiet enjoyment of premises, quiet enjoyment of life.  

Drilling is a public nuisance. And a private nuisance.  See  And can be a trespass.

Against corporate usurpers, profiteers. A violent trespass against us all.

Quiet enjoyment of premises. A renter's right. We all are temporary on this coil.  Give us that right against corporations.

Loss of income is inadequate. Quality of life counts. Some of us seek a modest life, enough, our family, a sensible retirement, good food, health care that fits our needs for care and a dignified, pain-free, as self-directed an end as we can possibly manage, chemical-free nutrition if we want it, shelter, clothing.  Reasonable transportation to jobs. National wireless and a reasonable minimal laptop to find them,  Kids: readin'  ritin' rithmetic, razzmatazz as their generation may foster,  and tapping to talk to friends. Just that, for us. Keep your casinoyachtshedgefunds.

A good life. We just want to have one. A decent, unexploited one. A life. Pay out life-disruption damages. The Committee on Calculation of Life-Disruption Quiet Enjoyment Damages will convene tomorrow at a place accessible only by tunnel from -- what?

There is no place safe from the Crude?