Monday, July 19, 2010

Nate Rudy. Everyman. Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. Bio.

Everyman Nate Rudy Asclater is being interviewed at Equivocating Magazine Channel for a series entitled American BackSplash. The introduction is now in progress. The Interequivocator intones, "And now, as the big faucet swivels and the big pots tip, who ends up there on the nice mosaic behind. Soon to dry out. Please welcome our guest, Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater (polite applause). Mr. Asclater ....}

Nate Rudy Speaks.


My name is Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. They call me Nate Rudy for short. I am giving this interview to Equivocating Magazine because I want my point of view to count.  My wife says she'll talk to Fodder instead, because she doesn't see me equivocating about anything, but that's her choice.  If you must, see hers at Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater.  She has her views, I have mine.

I was born American, I think American, and even though my family was not American before my grandparents, we identify American.

I graduated high school, got some credits at a local community college, my Dad said to go into the plant and get a job fast, but I decided to wait a while. I wanted to see further than my home town before I settled down. So I did, for a while, then got a job at the same plant as my Dad, married somebody from out of town but she likes it here ok, and we have some kids.

My pleasures.  I like to hunt. Me and my brothers have done that together for years. I feel good with my gun on. Even if I don't have a plan to use it, I like the feel of it. I don't like the idea of hunting from helicopters, though. That's lazy, showy, and the person cheats. Like shooting those buffalo we read about in school, when the person was on a train, or just riding around shooting because it felt good. My gun feels good, but there's more to it than just killing something.

My displeasures.  Changing times. Right now, I worry that different people moving in. People that aren't American. My family has worked hard to get what we have, and I don't think it matters that Jim Crow laws prevented other people from getting property and passing it along for 200 maybe 300 years. They have had time now to catch up. And you can't just come across a border and expect to live here. No excuses.

There's nothing worse than feeling you should be getting something, that you are owed, that you deserve because of what you are, and not getting it. I think about that.

I think about how my gun makes me feel. It's part of who I am and what I stand for. My rights. That I can take a stand. Sometimes I wear it in the house. I got it on me now, and you didn't even know it. (pat pat).

I like my Bible as my preacher says it was written.  But I don't think about it much.

What I do think about is how to feel that I am strong, that people will pay attention.

We've got room, as I say, if you want to stay over. We're doing ok, but we're kind of nervous about things changing. Kids don't pay attention, can do things I can't with their phones and computers. I feel shown up and that's not right. They should look up to me. People should look up to me. I feel strong when I'm carrying. You know what I mean. Sometimes I show that I have it, sometimes I don't. The idea is, don't mess.

My name, as I said, is Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater. My friends just call me Nate Rudy.  Nate Rudy.  No easier thing to say. I like things as they were. Folks could get jobs to support their families, right where they grew up, we know who was who and where they belonged, and we got along.  Just stay where you oughtter.  Enjoy some time off, get away from the kids and all that, retire, and die.  Ok by me. Not much for computers and all that. Just tell me what to think, and if it sounds ok, I'll think it.

Tell you this - I do hear about rights a lot, and wonder about people using those rights to threaten other people, or them thinking it does, so I just think about what I could do if I decided to.  I just think it. And talk about it maybe, and act a little.  But I would never do it.

My wife rolls her eyes when I say that. Gun culture, she says. But I would never act out what I think.

I liked that movie, Inception. How do people get their ideas.  It's important to think about that. I may not be educated as much as some, but I think. Don't think I don't. I have the radio on, and the TV, and I learn what's going on. I even like it when I feel a little-itty bit afraid of something. It gets me going. Cheryl says that is Fear Theory..  She gets nervous about me sometimes.

She liked college. Goes her own way.