Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"I did it. I joined!" Yes, Nate Rudy joins the NRA. PsyOps at Work

Everyman Nate Rudy Asclater is looking for structure in his life, a focus, a mentor who will care for him. He wants a personal relationship with a leader he can trust to tell him what to do, because times and change are unnerving. He finds the NRA. Better, he finds Ron Schmeits. Let's watch him as he writes in his journal.
Nate Rudy Asclater Joins the NRA and Keeps a Journal 

I did it.  I joined the NRA.  This is Nate Rudy again and I've decided to keep a journal of my progress. Yes, I joined the NRA - finally.  Why? First, it is my own initials - Nathaniel Rudolph Asclater - so joining up seemed natural.  I get free monograms, I tell my wife. Now I want their special Education and Training, and the NRA educates and trains just they way they want, and everybody lines right up. Now, that's smart.

My wife here asked to see what I'm doing all this writing for, so I let her - and she asked if she could make a few comments. Come on board, I said. So she did.  You know her from before. A few weeks ago, she did A Day in the Life of Nate Rudy Asclater. That was when she was getting a little worried.
  • She's a little better about my hobbies now, and she also put in some pictures of hers here, to show we can have a sense of humor, and that we can disagree but still have a nice time. You'll like her pictures. Lots of people like her.
But I have another reason to join the NRA. The NRA president is a banker.

I have gotten real suspicious of bankers from the news, and want to see the other side:  Is there a banker I can trust, a real banker working for me.

This Ron Schmeits is the president of the NRA and he is a banker’s banker who knows how to bank.  My money is safe with him.  I want to see him up close. He is, as I said, president of the NRA and he is going to look out for me as part of that NRA.  Read all about it at American Hunter, at ://  To get to that article, just pasting the address won't do it. Go to the main American Hunter (it's part of the NRA family) home page, click on News, and then do a search either for International Bank, or for Ron Schmeits.  Up come two articles, one a shorter form, the other a full interview.  Go ahead.

My wife did that and tried to find out exactly which ones his banks are, and came up nada, so she signed an online petition to pass the see Identification of Resume Activities Act 

  • So Ron Schmeits is a Banker. Would you believe.  At the top of the NRA.

Bankers should serve us, the people.  We give them our money, don't we? They are smart, too. They should use that also to help their customers. I just bet the whole NRA banks at Schmeits' International Bank. 


Do I mind that bankers know how to run their business so they make lots of money; and they know how to sell? Not really. I trust this Schmeits. He’s NRA. He may be a banker, but don’t fence him in! He’s there for me.
Get it?  Ron Schmeits helps people. Has done that a lot.  He helped back on the farm as a kid, and learned his hunting and shooting back there in the all-American midwest.  Got into college and started right in on banking as soon as his feet and pockets could carry him. Was a bank teller right out of college and saw his job this way: “I enjoy helping people fulfill their financial dreams.”

Did he travel anywhere, join a Peace Corps or do anything that was hands-on helping?  Don’t see it, but that’s ok.  Bankers if they want to get real good, have to stay focused on that little ka-ching and counting.

Ka-ching.  That means success. Yessiree, that’s the NRA. Lots of money coming in, probably in that bank of Mr. Schmeits’, all that helping people fulfill their shooting dreams.

So this Mr. Schmeits then became a loan officer.  Now, you know you can trust a loan officer to tell you what’s in that fine print.  Thanks, Ron.
He did a fine job in business, they say.  “Self-made.”  Would like to know more about what he did after he was a loan officer, though. Can’t find it. Is he first vice president or president now of our NRA? I do get confused with all the positions here. Hard to keep the sites straight, see :// / I understand he is president of the International Bank – that’s in Raton. What state is that? Hafta ask my wife. She looks things up.


Let's get on with why I joined the NRA.  I see myself in this Ron Schmeits.
  •  Ron Schmeits helps people.  
This is what my friend Ron Schmeits likes to do:  he likes to serve. He says so.  Maybe he gets nice bonuses, or stock option things, and fancy salary, and expense accounts like any other banker.  But he likes to serve customers and communities. So he must like that consumer protection stuff, I bet. Get stuff out in the open so regular folks can't be taken advantage of.

He also likes New Mexico and Colorado.  Ever done stuff elsewhere? Maybe I’ll move there.

Sheesh.  Look at all this dude has done:  past this and past that. Past president, chamber of commerce; past city mayor and past president of New Mexico’s bankers’ association.  That’s a big one.  New Mexico’s bankers’ association.   That doesn’t go to a slouch. He’s a banker’s banker!
Wait.  There’s more, as the kids joke about TV.

 Governor’s Business Advisory Committee (which state?) and he did that four times so he knows politics, and past director of the University of New Mexico’s  Mexico Foundation’s Finance Committee (this gets to be a tongue-twister – not even sure I got it right), and chairman of that Whittington Center (what is that? Kids’ shaping training mindsets or something?) Board of Trustees.  And he’s on the NRA President’s Advancement Committee.  Committee on Advancement.  Whose is that? Advancement of cookie cutters, my wife would say. That's when she's not calling me and my friends numb. I'd like this guy, see :// Kapow.

You'd like my wife. We disagree on lots of things but we got a sense of humor.

 Here’s where my friend Ron and me get even more in common.

  • This Ron Schmeits is a SHOOTER. Get out of the way! He likes hunting and shooting – great sports just as though we were talking about football – but it's lots of fun gunnin’ --  and he includes the whole family. Everybody! Kids, wife, all at home on the range.  And their grands. Six of them, all shooters. Bet they got nice bank trust funds. Boy, I gotta live next door to them. 

  • And he believes in TRAINING AND EDUCATION.

He likes kids. Regular kids.  Helps them at that Whittington Center.  Preserve those firearm Freedoms, says he. And he got elected to the Board of Directors at our NRA back in 2000.  And president in 2009.  Watch that Freedom word. We'll get back to that.

So he likes Programming. There you go. President.  Gotta educate and train, and boost membership, he says. We'll tell you what to think so you don't have to think about it yourself.  Fine,  I say, good idea. Then they do as they were educated and trained to do for you. The more the better doing that.

  • Now, Ron says people just don’t understand hunting, and don’t know their rights. He adds conservation now to the shooting. 

Heck, we know hunting all right.  You hit or wound something, and it either keeps going so you do it again and again, or it falls down, and thrashes around making those screaming sounds sometimes, and looks at you, and the noise, and the blood of it all.  We know. Wait a minute. I never actually been on a hunt. Cheryl says animals you hit don't scream. That'd let on where it is, and the next one can come get at it. So you don't have to hear it. Dunno. Whatever. What we learn at the NRA is that that is just fun to do that to something alive. Stop it from living, make it hurt. But hunting to help conservation? Is he for real on that one?

This is going good. Moving right along. That smart Mr. Schmeits didn't take long to use his Banker's Ed. at the NRA. He went on the NRA Finance Committee itself.  Big time.
There you go again. He makes the big decisions. Where to put all that money coming in from those ever-swelling ranks of people. Like me. Think of the ads they have to get out. Fancy websites!  Who to buy.  Who to send in as lobby person. Who to say to vote for, and who not.  The NRA Rules! High fives! He’s got a bank right here -- put your money in clear. All will be secret, so what's to fear, ha ha.

Hey, Ron.  Who gets what?  Think he’ll answer?

  • Now, between us, I think this guy’s the one that's scared. Scared of his NRA empire suddenly having no takers, I bet. No enemies to fight.  Nobody to make a demon out of.  No fear!

So Ron is a MARKET MAKER. So he makes up Enemies he warns us about.  What if your neighbor doesn’t want you carrying your gun to his barbecue there in the park where he reserved some tables.  Hell with him! You got rights.

Ron there says it’s a cancer, this business of saying that somebody can tell you when, where, and how you can shoot and pack.  Let anybody tell you that, and you have a cancer growing. You need education and training to see your enemies.  Let us help you.

Trust nobody who isn’t NRA, I bet he would say.  Let one little thing get a rule put on it, and you’ve lost the ballgame.  Freedom!  He says we have to tell people what we stand for.

Right.  Now, what was it again? Protecting  rights. Against whooooom?  Boom!

Oh, now I remember. Everybody who is not NRA is a loser and an enemy. And we in the NRA stand for members.  More of them.  Paying members. Land of the numb, says Cheryl. Number$ and Number$ of them, getting number all the time, having a social good time, doing what the NRA says, and not asking questions about its Bank. And each one numb-er than the number before.  I always liked playing with words. Cheryl does, too. 


Now, about Cheryl:
  • My wife Cheryl gets to be a bit of a pill because she's not keen on this NRA - calls them bullies who never grew out of it. She says, how about her freedom to feel safe when she goes out, and not see all those folks carrying. She says they get  swaggery when they do.  Let a guy get rude and he’s packing, and she’s not likely to say a word.  Even I don’t like that. Like the gun’s a dare.

But that's not the point.  Training is the big deal. Educate people. Our buddy Ron has to be with all them out there, seeing it's done right. Get out there and school people.  Cheryl says NRA means Not Really Altruistic, and I get what altruistic is, and I think they are.  They want to help me.  Cheryl goes hmph and leaves the room.
NRA can make it work for us.  They do care. They can find new people to recruit. Soon they'll  have to make a new market:  What if they run out of hunters. There goes the equipment business!

Here's the new market: personal protection. Just you watch for it -- you'll see ads and spooky music and all.
Another market awaits, as they say. Find more enemies and sell folks on what to do about it.

Now, that’s an important one. Train people to think there are enemies out there, and sure enough, they'll find some to see, or think they see. That power of suggesting something.  Put the idea in there, and it goes off on its own. Like national un-intelligence dee-partments.  Get thousands of private groups out there gathering the stuff, and nobody knows who's where or doing what, because it's all secret, you see, and after that you have to come up with Suspects!  So they do.  I read the papers.  What you think is what you get.

Cheryl says, get people afraid.  That's the game. Then they pay to learn to protect themselves from other armed people they think are after them.  Ron here says we have to be aggressive. Even the gun agrees, see Guns Make a Place in LIfe.  And in death. Why do I keep thinking these things up?

NRA is pro life! Theirs!

Now, I like that. Aggression. My wife would say, Proactive - sounds like an acne med. Ha. But Ron wants our NRA into those kids’ service groups, to get them early, like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, any youth group we can get our gun butt into.  Teach them gun safety, because we want everybody to have guns.There's another whole market right there.

And somebody’s going to act stupid. Can't educate out stupid.

Cheryl just came in again. Leave me be. I'm writing here. Maybe she has a point. The name of the game is to get people numbed, I guess. How else do you kill things. Back to the numb-ers.  Numbing education.  The Numbing Reprogramming Approach - the new NRA, ha.  Just thought that one up. Didn't think I was that smart, did you?  Well, I am.  It's numb training, and I'm all for it. Lots of kids don’t want to just go out and hurt and kill things.  You have to teach them hunting,I think Mr. Schmeits would say, toughen them up, numb them, because that’s what we do.

And another market is words. Market words. People buy. Schmeits can’t  get enough of that Freedom word. And how can you talk against it?  You gotta bow down!  Freedom!  Like that Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.  Freedom!

We know what it meant then, though. Nobody now says who’s trying to take whatever it is away, though, or quite what it is, or how other folks figure in.

I do have common sense. Lots of people don't. And between us, I do believe that it is common sense to have some limits on when, where and how you can carry that thing and shoot it.  Guess not.  Guess I’m not just numbed enough!  That’s why I joined.  I want people to give me respect, a wide BERTH. I’m NRA! And Ron Schmeits is seeing that my money benefits me.

Marketing is what they do these days. How did they get me on board. I just went out that once to try the range. But they do know how to get you on board. Funny thing. As soon as I got there and as soon as I started to have a good time, it was like magic. People started to hit on me. Join them in demonstrating here, doing that, paying to support this, paying to support that.  They made me feel they really want me to come back. They get real personal.

 They like me. They like me. They remembered my name and laughed at my joke about free monograms.  I know they like me.

But I ask myself. Why does Ron have to kill things? If the NRA was founded for skills, that means skills, not the killing at the same time.  I do it in my head all the time, but he actually does it. He says he likes being outside.  It’s a challenge to kill something, and he’ll kill anything out there, you bet. And he likes the company of his fellow shooters.  Male bonding, or interest bonding, my wife would say with her college talk.  Hey – kill something and you feel adventurous.

I can see that.  Hoo-eee. Get me out of that yard, fast!  Who took that picture anyway? Must be crazy to mess with Wild Life.

But the game is Marketing again.  Market by using the right words. Skip realities.  People don't want that.


How to sell the NRA and conservation, for gosh sakes.

Schmeits says you do good for conservation by buying licenses and tags and paying taxes on your equipment. Heck, we just wanna shoot!  Harvest that game!  Make it a game. Put a lot of numbed people out there and cull that herd. 

Somehow, I’d prefer not to get that pleasure in pain thing going.

Pop that bunny! I bet Ron'd say. Right through that old chair there. Ears down. Trying to be little. I see you! Blam!

My wife says, with her college courses, that it's conditioning people not to feel.  She says, just conserve with an official conservation person, not make it fun. Fun isn’t what we need to connect to killing.

That’s why I need the NRA.  I need my thinking adjusted.  I like guns but I need to learn to hurt if people are going to give me respect.
Mr. Schmeits likes ORDER.

No free-thinkers need apply! He likes orderly kids who say politely, yessir, and nosir. He likes rank. Kids need more chores, rules at home. So there are adventure camps and YHEC (what is that?) to train them how to behave.  The Schmeits Youth!  March march, HUP  haha.  We’re all for kids learning responsibility, but this does sound a little cooky cutter. I agree with my wife there. Training to believe – in, I forgot already.

What did you say? Oh, yes. Freedom. 

Freedom is big in the NRA. My wife says, how about somebody else’s life, liberty. Pursuit of that happiness thing. Skip that, Ron would say. We’re the NRA. We count. All the way to that bank, is that right, Mr. Schmeits?  Let’s see where it all goes.  No, I forgot. I’m not supposed to ask.
Maybe I’ll get my own kids out here. Or a neighbor’s. Show them what fun it is.  Hey, kids! Be a shooter! Don’t talk; just learn how to threaten.

I need that attitude myself.  I let other people talk too much.  I need to shut them up.

What’s that domino theory we used to hear about.  Let one fall and they all go.  That’s how the NRA gets you afraid and doing what they want. We make our own rules, and that is pretty much no rules so long as you are safe and nobody gets hurt.  Threatening, no big deal. Grow up. Be a man. Fear. Get fear. Now. But I've read the history of the NRA , that that other group put out that has the same initials, like I do,  and I see how they started, and what they do. 

I'm still on board. Nothing happens that I, Nate Rudy, doesn't see and approve of. They look out for me. They protect my freedom.

My Mr. Schmeits talks about FREEDOM all the time. 

People hear that and get right in the act.


How many times does this guy talk about freedom.  

Seems to me like one guy’s freedom to avoid something is imposing on another guy’s freedom to be free of something else.  They don’t see it that way.  NRA Freedom, that is gun-related, is all that counts.

Why did I join?  I need that kind of direction, somebody who is so sure.  When in doubt, shout FREEDOM! It’s code for a rally.

So he shares tips on how to kill, and has a whole deal on Freedom and he is “one of us.”  I believe that. He wants “to make a difference for the common good.” That means the NRA good, but that’s ok; he’s sure about it. 

“I’m the NRA!”  he says, and in his head probably thinks, and don’t you forget it. 

And now I'm the NRA, too. 

Is America safe yet?  That last was my wife.  Says it's gun culture. She doesn't understand hunting.

This is the journal of Nate Rudy Asclater. 

Signing off.