Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Study in Certainty. Fox Meets the Sea -- of Color, of Nobodies. Corporate Bottom Lines to the Bunker

An Illustrated Essay-Play on Certainty.
Political, Religious, Cultural Superiority.

Man Meets the Sea
White concrete, at Esbjerg, Denmark.
Here: One of the Four.
Statue set by Sven Wiig Hansen.

Certainty Day by Day.
A Mind-set Evolves. And a Demographic.


November Three Update. Considering Certainty the day after a big sweep election to the Manus Dextra side.  Certainty carries the day. What does Certainty look like. Tea Party Certainty looks mostly moneyed over-55 white male. See ://  But the pictures of who gets off the corporate-funded buses look also female.

Manus Dextra.  The Right. The right hand. Manus Sinistra. The Left.  The left hand.

  • The Left carries a nasty association not suffered by the Right: the Left Hand as the Manus Diabolo, the Devil's Hand, see ://  
  • The Right carries a merrily blessed association not enjoyed by the Left -- right as a "Moral" idea.  The Right Thing. The Right Stuff. Striving for the Right, says the him. Ambiguous concepts both.  
  • When is the right right.  That is a matter of Certainty. When is the Left left out.  Now.  No ambiguity there.  But wait: Even that is not certain. Left out -- is not down and out, not all out. 

Did Certainty help the Right?  Not in the short term. The most Certain of the extreme-sweepers on the Manus Dextra have, by being so certain, prevented a full takeover. At the same time, those of us on Manus Sinistra are indeed Left -- out.  Left out more than we were before.

Even that is not a matter of Certainty. Some Rights will right themselves, lending balance to the progress; just as some Sinistras veered Dextra from time to time. So the Left is not all out, not down and out, but with all the Certainty now in charge, the canoe will now paddle itself in a circle the other way.  

How easy it must be to be Certain. No choices to make. No responsibility. Not like the Left Outs, always considering and reconsidering, and considering any side that pops into view. With uncertain results.

Certainty. See it at ://  Find that the value of certainty is hard to capture, and erodes over time. Certainty worked and works in the short run, and 1) so long as people do not take the time, or develop an interest, in vetting facts independently from the group; 2)  where an authority has conditioned people to receive and believe, and 3) the targeted people form like-minded Certainty groups to repeat those ideas and force their members to stay within them; and 4) where the ideology promises to restore status, riches, social and power entitlements now seen unjustly at risk.

So where does Certainty live when it's at home? Try Fox, at subgroups of political parties, at our own homes when some folks come in, in our institutions.

Have some fun with it at ://  Fair use little portion of the total entries:   From a William Gibson, writer, man of many hands, see :// 

QUOTE And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human.  UNQUOTE

Certainty is a mixed bag. It also bites back  It is a tool of propaganda, whether in religion or politics, and a longstanding set of techniques that were of concern in WWII.  See ://  Repeat, create a bandwagon effect, repeat some more.  The techniques are still there, and evolving, effectively and with cash. The difference now is that those who warned us of propaganda in WWII are using it now. People are uneducated as to how to defend. Watch what you eat, the nutritionists say; but no-one warns of the brain-erosion of propaganda. Propaganda?  Not today, they say. This is just free speech.  Maybe so: but it can and should be highlighted and defenses offered.

What does Certainty do to the rest of us. A foot on a neck is Certain. Is there full recovery from it for that person, or is a person once trod so wary and appalled afterwards, that she can hardly breathe. How do the Certain stay Certain. Is all Certainty a stage? Is Certainty an Entitlement to those with Certainty?  What do the Certain say, do. What is the role of the bunker.  What catch-phrases emerge, obliquely. Have a little fear with your stroganoff?  Examine the figures as Corporate Certainty. Moral certainty. Status certainty.

Voice Ad Dextra: 

Beware the tinted ones, my sons; 
The ones that seek, the ones that move.
Beware the nobodies who reach
Who have designs on your bottom line ....

Voice Ad Sinistra:

Don't listen to that voice behind the curtain. It's safe out there.  Extend a hand!  Hold a hand! Give everybody a hand!  manus dextraHola!

Hola?  Hola?  What's with the Hola, says the Right, paddling Wrong.  Extend a hand nuthin'. You're on your own. We don't mean you. Out! Tilt.



A Small Play About Certainty
Certainty Meets the Sea of Color, of Nobodies *

Certainty day by day. 

Act I 
Scene 1. 
Certainty In the morning.

(silence) (no contrary facts admitted)


Certainty Day by Day
Scene 2. 
Certainty At Lunch. 

Are we missing one? Did someone dare defect? Who's that over there? We don't care. He doesn't count.

Certainty Day by Day.
Scene 3.
Certainty In the Evening.

Regrouped. Nobody defected after all. In the mornin',  the evenin', ain't we ....


Certainty Day by Day.
Scene 4. 
Certainty In the Wee Hours.

Stay on message. Just think: They don't even know who we are. But they hear us. They will believe....  and we shall sit unchallenged by the nobodies, on our bottom lines.


Certainty Day by Day. 

Act II
Certainty and The Reveal

No, No!  Not that! say the big fellows on their bottom lines. Not the View to Fear. Aargh. Look what's coming. Little people!  Nobodies! Uncontrolled consumers! Coming ashore. From The Sea. The sea of color. The sea of nobodies.


 Certainty Day by Day

Certainty In the Bunker

Whew. At last we are safe.
In our little bunker
Taking comfort in our collective Fear.
Now for the Bunker Stroganoff:
Did anybody remember to bring it?
Avez-vous du stroganoff?

(Cosmic Echo intones from the Cloud:)

Certainty yields not, neither does it vet.
Certainty repeats itself until it believes what it says.
Certainty hides its face
Lest its objectives be revealed.
Certainty takes aim
At those others who seek to mind
Their own moral business.
Or who dare to assert Consumer rights. **
Certainty needs a bunker.
Certainty needs you to stay in the bunker.
Hola! Heh-heh.

* From Esbjerg, Denmark:  Man Meets the Sea; white concrete, by Sven Wiig Hansen; and nearby WWII German bunker.

**  Purity Creed heard in the background:  Certainty After an Election

We are the Titans. 
We are entitled; 
We are the Titans.  
We are entitled; we are the Titans.  
We are entitled; we are the Tite....

 We ... are ... the ... Tight ....