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Immigration. Romneys. Deny thy Father. Does Heritage Affect Immigration Views. Should It? Romney as Roma? Other Politicians and Immigrant Backgrounds

Romney Ethnic Background.
Explore.  Is there a possible Shout-Out to benefit immigrants here?

What's in a name?  A root?

Would examination of a heritage affect candidates' views.
Can recognition of heritage serve the Common Good.

Who are the Mitt forebears?
Start with church records: http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Dalton-in-Furness/stmary/burials.html

Update: Where are Mitt Romney's English family graves? We know the easy ones, at Dalton-in-Furness.  But the Romneys, or Rumneys as they were known and spelled then, appeared suddenly on the scene, with a first marriage in about 1730, see FodderSight, The Romneys-Rumneys of Dalton.  John Rumney and Ann Simpson.  Who was John Rumney?  A Thomas Rumney there, with children about the same age as John's, was listed as a house carpenter, cabinetmaker, a joiner.  A Myles Rumney also is a carpenter. If the Rumneys are workers, even some in the cities industrial, whatever, would that help Mitt Romneyonnect with hoi polloi.

Who was attracted to the early Mormon conversion effort? Second sons of the landed; the disaffected; the poor; and some genuine converts of course.  After 1850, there was also the Mormon's Perpetual Emigrating Fund to pay people's way, that they then were supposed to pay back. There must be records of the social status of the Rumneys of Dalton. Neighboring parishes listed might be Kendal,

The Mitt Rumney family dates back to the 1700's there, at Dalton, is that so.  There were more than the Church of England around.  If hard to find, then they were not Church of England or Roman Catholic, or propertied (same thing in those days?).  Burials available at St. Mary's are at http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Dalton-in-Furness/stmary/burials.html.  Where are graves from before Dalton?  If his family was industrial or rural Traveler poor, as many people were, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/kent/voices/history_intro.shtml, there also may not be grave records.  Somebody find out.

A candidate's knowledge of his own possible ethnic or economic heritage as disadvantaged or persecuted,  should increase that candidate's sensitivity to those issues for others.

George Rumney, from Appleby, a place with historic and current Roma roots. Patrin, a journal online, also lays out history and culture.  See http://www.reocities.com/~patrin/. English Roma, Travelers, other ethnic groups on those shores: See England Road Ways.

  • Heritage comes in issue with each election season, for a variety of reasons, some laudable, some not.  Who is the candidate, how or does background inform his or her views, on immigration, how downtrodden people achieve success, who "deserves" recognition.
  • Any name carries possibilities for ethnicity; and other roots. Explore, for example, Romney. Rumney.  Even a variant as Rumley.  The surname is ambiguous.  Romany populations, Roma, Rom, Rumneys, Travelers, Gypsy; or from an old Roman town, Rumenea. 
  • Would that Rom connection suggest warmth toward ethnic discrimination, immigrant needs?  Or, is tracking Romney just interesting because it is a place, a surname, roots in divergent cultures. Weck up to thees: a heritage can be multiple.  Acknowledge all possibilities, merit in varying positions in politics, social, family life. Weck up to thees. Don't miss the human sagas of old, relevant to the new, and will Romney weck up, http://www.epinions.com/review/Gates_of_Fire_by_Steven_Pressfield/content_36435103364
Here, carrying issues forward:
1.  History, Romney as example;  all families have (or claim) the rich and the poor somewhere.  Ask how people came to success here despite the poor backgrounds.
2.  Proposal for a background recognition shout-out for candidates. Bring who they are into the open.  Will that help soften immigration stances, for example?  
3.   Surnames may be indecipherable or inconclusive, but the exercise in looking back is worth it in opening up the past.  For example, Romney:  not necessarily Traveler, Gypsy, Rom in root, but more mundane --
  •   We find a Romney Marsh in Kent, England;  and a breed of sheep (Romney sheep) who thrive in said marsh, and are resistant to foot rot and parasites, see http://www.askshepway.com/history/romney-marsh/
  • .............................................................................................
1.  History
Romney:  English roots, ethnicity not clear, but lots of options. Just takes someone finding the birth and death records, in churches, or not, etc.
Consider Romney in particular as to the Mormons, and who converted to it in its early years.  The religion was founded in 1830; tens of thousands of converts were sought in England in the 1840's and on, and the effort was highly successful. The converts were largely disaffected working class, living in terrible conditions, and we use as main source the BBC.
What lessons are learned from the Mormons in getting the downtrodden back on an economically successful track?  Pay to convert. Offer ideas that meet their needs, spark their interest, and self-interest. People did and it worked.
a)  What financial resources and rewards did Mormonism offer in connection or exchange with converting English working class persons, in the throes of their dastardly economic conditions.  Get them to emigrate to America. 
The BBC offers details of the 1840's, 1850's in Sheffield, England, and elsewhere; and the Perpetual Emigration Fund set  up by the Mormons to pay for the passage, with the converts repaying once they were in Utah, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/legacies/immig_emig/england/south_yorkshire/article_4.shtml
In a sense, the Mormons offered a bailout. Persuasion could not enough to get them to come. Buy the converts.  The working classes, many out of work, were in dire straits anyway.  The BBC article  specifically references conditions in Sheffield, Kent, at the time; and one particular family, the Memmotts.

The purchase policy worked. By 1877 there were 140,000 Mormons in Utah, and half were from England.

b)  What beliefs were so attractive that people left the mainstream.  The beliefs offered an alternative to creeds and catechisms, role stratification in economics and society, indulgence and novelty (polygamy, God also can marry and have children, when you die you can become a god, etc.)(read the BBC article for the outline) and also this:  a belief in the individual, the individual's possibilities, how they could rise up and enjoy a better life, that religious mainstream groups found threatening.  The economics and eschatology of the Mormon missionaries was alien to the establishment. 
Mormonism was founded in 1830. Its founder was assassinated in 1844. It met with resistance from institutions in America and abroad where its missionaries spread the message.  The message? Again, go to the BBC for clarity.  This references a four page article, this page 2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/legacies/immig_emig/england/south_yorkshire/article_2.shtml
In 1850, there were apparently 47,000 Mormons in England, and only 27,000 in America.  The disaffected flocked.  Like Romney sheep? Joke. Were there Travelers who also moved to the Mormons? Had Romneys assimilated earlier? Is Romney the place totally separate from Rom? who knows.
2. Background Recognition

How does anyone's family history stay over their shoulders. For example, if you are a pacifist, are you happy to find that Napoleon and his army is behind your family's great prosperity?  Is Dan, here, uncomfortable to find he has some unsavory types in his heritage? Smooth talkers?

A heritage crosses boundaries.  Merely finding German or Dutch roots in Rumley, for example, does not preclude those roots also being Roma. DNA -- why not add to the appreciation pool.  Will Mitt offer some from a water glass, so we can appreciate his variety?  If any.

Nobody gets away from heritage, or should. If you sit on the bench, the figure is there. Embrace it.So:  Enact a new invitation.  Ethnic Background Shout-Out Month.  What were your "people" before they embraced a later religion or political mindset.
For the Rom threads, we have found interesting angles, but nothing firm, see FodderSight, Candidates and Their Own Minority Roots

We understand that your forebears in 1837 adopted the new religion of Joseph Smith, Mormonism, while they were in England, in an area that had many Travelers, Gypsies (Cumbria, Dalton) as did much of the rest of England. 
 What were they before that change? What made them change and follow? As to money, it took the Mormons' Perpetual Emigration Fund for many. See sites there that note the poverty of the working classes, and the thousands that converted to come here.  BBC site. Was there any acceptability at any time in England for Traveler families to convert.  Probably not, we conclude now.  Ethnic or minority roots whatever they arre are also part of you. McConnell, Boehner.  And all of us.  What roots can you/we use benevolently from your/our heritages, to urge help for others.
New Rule, even.
Each candidate shall address for 30 days preceding the nation election his own ethnic background, and how America and its government policies in effect at various times of any of his family events made a difference positively, or hindered it.
Avoid the obvious charge of expedience, appealing to bigotry.  Instead of "Deny thy father, and refuse thy name," ask for votes on grounds that we all come from immigrants, for example.  
Romney could do a great service.   Roma also seek. See http://www.nytimes.com/2000/07/31/news/31iht-gypsy.2.t.html?scp=2&sq=A%20Manual%20of%20Xenophobia&st=cse   Is anyone at all in Washington considering the interests of the Roma, the Gypsies, the Travelers among us, who do not fund the voting, and may not even have the photo ID's needed to vote in some places
3.  Your own Ethnic Surnames and Immigration: 

Romney, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi.
Look up yours at http://www.surnamedb.com/   Immigrant sensibilities.  How long is it, how many generations, before the individual thinks he or she did it all himself, and can dump the forebears.  Find immigrant groups' histories at this site: http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/  Search for Romney gypsy. Search for anybody.

Also Herman Cain, although by way of update, he is no longer running in this race.  His is a surname plucked, out of necessity from somewhere, since real names were lost, is that so. What loyalties does he have to the surname, then? See http://www.eurweb.com/2011/10/between-the-lines-who-stole-the-soul-herman-cain/  Actually, there can be no Mark of Cain because Cain and his family took off, and then there was the flood that killed everybody but Noah and his sons, so the Cain surname cannot refer to that.  But was that selection of name a bad joke by someone back when? Herman?
Watch centuries of others unjustly enriched, unclean hands, all that. Reparations? Why not. Argue for that, Mr. Cain. You're entitled. See http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/Africans.html/ Stockholm syndrome elements? Why not add a 9 for social security, and a 9 for healthcare, and a 9 for access to opportunity. Double the Triple Nine 9-9-9-9-9-9.
Does heritage inform mindset? Of course. I recall Grandma in the rocker at Thanksgiving (English-Irish) with a part of the turkey, joking about chewing on the Pope's Nose.  Did I remember it? Obviously.
Salute the melting pot, a concept from the 1500's, word origins including crucible, softening, blending back to the 1200's, a play from 1908 ("The Melting Pot" by Israel Zangwill, http://www.pbs.org/fmc/timeline/emeltpot.htm) see http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=melting+pot&searchmode=none
Mitt Romney: 
Sounds gypsy.  Is it?  Probably. Possibly. At one time?  Why not claim it, if it is. We know that people change shapes all the time, but the topic is of interest. What are the origins of any of us.  What did our forbears to do survive better?
A name of English Traveller, gypsy, Roma, Rom, Romnichal, Rom'nie, Romana heritage by appearance and spelling.  Have you checked, Mr. Romney.  Are these your people?  Use the Mormon ancestry site. http://www.ancestorhunt.com/mormon_church_records.htm  We have looked up our own name on various sites, and find all sorts of backgrounds, some a surprise.  Is Romney a gypsy name? Is this so?  If so, if this is your heritage, what have you done for your ethnic people?
Any role for heritage? Is there a place for earmarks favoring heritage or dumping on heritage so long as the process is transparent and objectively meritorious. Pushback, at http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2389305.
The surname and heritage of Romney is an ongoing interest, and not laid to rest from the last election cycle,  see http://gypsiesroma.blogspot.com/2011/04/candidate-romney-immigration-policy-of.html

Other surnames, FN 1
FN 1

a.  Mitch McConnell: 
Sounds Irish. Is it?  Probably. Scots-Irish?  They're good for vengeance, say the stories of retribution. Cross the path of an Irish, or a Scot, or a Scots-Irish, perish the thought, and you are in big trouble for generations.  Is that so?  We are in that group, so we can say.
A name of Irish immigrant heritage, whether Catholic or Protestant we know not, neither do we care except if it conflicts with national interest representation.
If you are part of Ireland, as we are -- then ask, what Ireland.  The famine-driven -- people who fled or died because of famine, and it later was revealed that there was plenty of food, but it was shipped out for profit by the landowners?  Was that you?  The clearances? run people off the land?  If so, why then pass that on other groups? Artificially induced  deprivation, where there are resources available but those making money won't release it. Do you pass on that cycle of abuse? Do you care?  See FodderSight, Induced Famine, History.

What have you done for your ethnic people not just in your district. Have you an obligation to national wellbeing? Or, if they as laborers, politicians, PhD's. what have you, done well;  what have your done for your ethnic people? McConnell.  Any role for heritage? Son of Dan. http://www.irishsurnames.com/cgi-bin/gallery.pl?name=mcconnell&capname=McConnell&letter=c
Son of Dan McConnell as derived from Tribe of Dan? http://denmarkroadways.blogspot.com/2011/08/origin-of-danes-danmark-dan-etymologies.html#!/2011/08/origin-of-danes-danmark-dan-etymologies.html.  Evangelicals may be interested there. http://www.hope-of-israel.org/i000035a.htm
b.  John Boehner: 
Sounds German. Is it? Yes. Neat and tidy neighborhoods, moms at home, etc. Scrub, scrub, say the stereotypes of Keeping Order. See, fair use, at http://www.ancestry.com/facts/boehner-family-history.ashx
occupational name from an agent derivative of Middle Low German bönen ‘to board’, ‘to lay a floor’
topographic name for someone who lived in a loft, a variant of Boehne + the suffix -er denoting an inhabitant.
German immigrant history overall -- http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/German.html
c.  Eric Cantor: 
Sounds Jewish.  Is it? Yes, in this case, but not necessarily (as with anyone's name, there are others who have that name).
See,  fair use, at http://www.ancestry.com/facts/cantor-family-history.ashx
English: variant spelling of Canter.
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Kantor.
French (Picardy): learned form of chantre ‘singer’. Compare Canter 1.
Is there an identification to the detriment of other American ethnic groups that affects his policies against those seeking access to opportunity, now that his group has Arrived. Cantor surname.  Does it inform him of his heritage. http://library.thinkquest.org/20619.Jewish.html
Can he identify with others persecuted, fleeing, disadvantaged, misunderstood. See http://worldwar1worldwar2.blogspot.com/2010/11/westerm-ethnic-violence-timeline-put.html
d.  Nancy Pelosi --
 Italian? Sure.  Maiden name D'Alesandro. We all are one thing or another and usually a number of things.  See http://www.ancestry.com/facts/pelosi-family-history.ashx
Do we deny our immigrant, our ethnic minority roots, of all of us, depending on advantage and not justice.  Anglo-people are apparently the new minority, in America.  Will Anglos entrench even further because of identity?  Probably. Pelosi surname.  Does it inform her of her heritage, and has that affected her positions.  Whom to thank. See http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/Italian.html/  With transparency and meeting competitive and objective criteria of merit, a helping hand should be fine.
e.  Rick Perry

Welsh - Perry. Son of Harry. Run, Reid, Run. See http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Perry-family-history.ashx.  Some things that happen in Paint Pot should stay in Paint Pot.

f.  Santorum.  Do not Google.


We, the voters, dare all of you and anybody else in office or seeking it, to deny access to the tools of opportunity for all, in the name of some Ideology that now fits your own pocketbook. Are we going back to feudalism, or already there.  http://www.mindmined.com/public_library/nonfiction/david_f_feudalism_aka_capitalism.html.  Wall Street Occupations as the latest in long histories of Peasant's Revolts. See  http://sloveniaroadways.blogspot.com/2007/10/ljubljana-peasant-uprising-1515-world.html 

But most of those peasants, and those elsewhere, were indeed overwhelmed in time, or the benefits they extracted, soon reverted.   It pays to beat them down.
I may well vote for Johnny Faa. See http://www.maybole.org/history/books/legends/johnnyfaa.htm.  Does Mitt look like Johnny Faa?
The further we take ourselves from our ethnic roots, the more boring we become, like the sassafras. Its leaves are all one lobe shape at the top, at the canopy.  At the thicket level, the understorey, there are different forms even on the same branch, 1-2-3. 

Nature's variety:  the Sassafras.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fear of Voting, Love of Gunning. Use Same ID if any.

Use same ID for gunners, as is required for voters.
State by state.

Gunners must produce their initial gunner ID according to the rules for voter ID in their state, including birth certificate;
in order for ongoing possession or ownership of a firearm to remain valid. 

Other ways to conform rights to facilitate exercise of the right: 
see Voters Want Gunners' Rights

How can we reasonably fear votes and voters, more than guns and gunners, so that votes and the few unqualified ones are targeted as instruments of evil: enabling particularly burdensome and new ID legislation against whole broader groups; and guns are not. Guns have their own regulation state by state, but nothing gets in the way of access, use. Is it the money.  Some individuals and corporations, even nonprofit corporations, get rich through guns and culture-promotion; but no fortunes are made through fostering voting.  Love, hate, fear.  Primal.  And all in the gun, but projected as a diversion on the vote.

Peter Roff, commentator for US News, writes that Hope, Not More Laws, Is the Antidote to the Colorado Shootings.  Then, hope, not more laws, is also the antidote to the occasional cheat in a vote. See http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2012/07/23/hope-not-more-shootings-is-the-antidote-for-the-colorado-shootings?google_editors_picks=true

1.  Setting.

America:  a land of rights and penumbrae.  In order to exercise their rights, however, some persons are required to dive through hoops, jump hurdles: The voter. What rational basis is there for that, when others asserting gun rights have no such obstacles.  Is it time to conform the requirements for exercise of our national rights.  For example, if a state enacts high hurdles for voters, the same high hurdle shall apply to its gunners. How about other rights.  Consistency for all rights makes sense.

Can an executive order do it, get a process of review going, a study. Compare and contrast:

a.  Voter-phobia.

 Fear of voters.  The process shows in this way:  Hypothesize, or find, a handful, who cast a vote when not the listed person, or not eligible at all.  As a response, the legislature penalizes, hobbles whole categories of people in their ability to exercise their right, with specific forms of identification they do not have and cannot freely or readily get. See http://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/policy_brief_on_the_truth_about_voter_fraud/ 

The voterphobe.  On the rise.

b. Gunner-philia.

Love of gunners.  The process shows in this way:  Find many, many, more than a handful or persons, who use firearms to kill or wound third parties, even in mass ways.  Or, find even more who display those firearms as they do walkabouts, and put third parties in fear, even at home.  The ongoing show of ready ability to use firearms, to enforce the gunner's views used to be a crime, if the third party experienced fear, apprehension. Assault in some criminal codes included that putting in fear plus ability, see http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/assault.

c.  Aurora CO killings:  What is the response?  It is the person, not the gun, say some.  Leave the gun alone. Find a way to identify the person in time.  That can't be done, so the lucky ones can live with it, the unlucky die, and please go away.

The gunnerphile.

d.  It is not the gun; it is the person.  Then, it is not the vote; it is the person.

Apply same degree of intrusion as to rules for each. As to votes, leave the vote alone to foster as many qualified (basic showing of residence, identity) voters as possible.  The few bad apples cannot skew a result: Minimal intrusion as to rules and how to show residency and identity can rule that out.

Similarly with guns:  minimal intrusion as to residency and identity can rule out at least some bad apples. If not, address a next step.  Start there.

How long could that last?  Prediction:  the industry itself would enter with reasonable restrictions, knowing there are voters to do that if the industry does not.  Reasoning: Which right -- the vote, or the gun --  carries the most heinous, murderous result if not caught?

3.  Other statutory routes.  Resume the older definitions of Assault, if those have changed.

Assault is the putting in fear, or used to be at common law.  That used to be a crime.  Some criminal codes then upped the ante, and let the threat stand unpunished, if it was not carried out.  Let the apprehension alone.  That also does not work.  Open carry is a threat, period.

4.  The Route is eased for the gun in persuasion, however.  Enough ads can sell anything, and do.

Enter, the market, money.

The gun.  It is a market all its own. Guns are marketing-subjects apart from their functions. Add all the training, socializing, camps, teach the kids, make hunting just for recreation, get mom involved, all that that has happened since guns became moneymakers, and can the control be controlled?

Guns jumped the fence.  They escaped the idea that the gun is a tool, merely useful item for food and defense of hearth.  It now is a toy, a bludgeon, means of asserting superiority. just another thing to have fun with.  So,  refuse to require any identification, record, at all of them as they purchase or seek to purchase, etc.  Make it and the right to it a higher and greater right than the vote.  See http://sassafrastree.blogspot.com/2011/01/guns-nra-growth-timeline-summary.html

Nate Rudy likes to aim at the bird house.