Saturday, October 20, 2012

PIcking a Political Pack. PBS and Political Nature Displays

Alpha Wolf.
Survival of Group, but on Animal Terms.
Exploitation Fine. The Group Survives.

Humans:  Who of us, with our brains, aspirations, creativity; will ever submit to an Alpha Wolf, where the underclass is permanent.  The Alpha Wolf breeds permanent conflict

In times of stress, or seeking new territory, some species pack up and band with old ways to get their particular job done. Others diversify, get creative in response and in meeting their own needs.   The identity, the regimentation, the dedication to a goal set by one with power to force, look at the wolf.  Wolf packs:  See that in educational programming at  See that in political analysis at Washington's Majority Wolf Pack. Defenses, updated.

What of the wolf pack today?  This overview of Republicans In The Wild tendencies does not address what totem embraces the Democratic Party Amalgam, who move not in schools, ideologies, packs and accept no under-status to serve an Alpha anything. This asks how the Wolf analysis of Republicans plays out now.

1.  Alpha Wolf.  Each pack has one.  Finally, one in 2012 has been chosen, with reluctance, the Mitt Wolf. The political pack now follows in line, creativity subserved to the force of the Alpha and his immediate minions.  The underclass remains as such.

2.  The Alpha follows no rules in banishing competitors to the fringes and driving out the young challenger.  PBS serves us all in offering eyes into our own natures.

3.  The Alpha has his "family", his followers, him immedate minions, the ones allowed to breed but only as his power permits (he has his ladies, hands off); and there is also the permanent underclass that is there to serve them both with no chance of advancement in the pack.

In today's terms, enforce a permanent underclass: cut education,access to skills needed to undo the leader,  infrastructure, impose fear, and a self-deport for all potential challengers. Very effective.

4.   The Alpha, again, follows no rules.

The Alpha is accountable to none, makes no promises. He reigns until outdone in strength.

Is that no-accountability just a matter of animal limitation in vocalization, conceptualizing?

 The Alpha must, however, impose his will on others and when that fails, he loses out.  Political nature displays. Who holds the mirror?

5.  The Wolf Pack thrives in obscurity and sudden decisive strikes, and imposition of fear. Thrive in the underbrush, the forests, no transparency, move like a shade, no boundaries, follow the Alpha, strike, retreat, hide. Howl, and human howler wolves thrive on the peasants in the villages staying home and not voting.

6.   Love Haiku.

Wolf pulls wool over
Sheep's eyes. Wolf moves in their clothes.
Wolf Alpha? Sheep lose.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pits and Ladders. Big Bird Loves Rungs. Vowels for Bull Mountain. The Pit Song.

Pits and Ladders.
Sesame Street Loves Big Bird's Vowels for Bull Mountain

Sing it!

Here is a pit, and here is a ladder.
Rungs in the ladder help people climb out. 
Take out the rungs -- keeps people at the bottom.
But the American dream says, Everybody out!
Gimme an A -- etc

A  Access
E   Education
I    Infrastructure
O  Oversight
U  Understanding

Ok, kids! Whaddaya say! Or is that Buffalo Bob?