Friday, November 2, 2012

Romney Disaster Relief Trucks Tracked to Supporters' Cupboards

Where are the Romney Relief Trucks?

Libertarians claim to have placed trackers on the trucks from the recent Romney Relieve Us Rally effort.  The trucks were filled with supplies and canned goods, $5,000 cost of which were bought by the campaign itself and given to supporters entering the rally.  This was intended to beef up the photo op of the candidate lifting big beans, the musical fruit.

The trackers then sited the trucks as they made their way, not to Hurricane Territory, following the star to the East, but to various campaign headquarters in the state, and other swing states. Alert photocam operators video-ed distribution of the goods not to the needy at floody sites, but to the supporters themselves.

"Heck," one campaign worker explained as to policy, carefully avoiding swears while embracing shadiness, "We bought most of this stuff with our money.  We put it on the trucks, gave it out to the dupes, then put it back on the trucks.  It's ours. He who pays the rewarder, gets the reward. Skip words."

A Romney campaign SpokesGhoul, when asked about the whereabouts of the trucks and their contents, said, "How many times has this been asked?  Eight?  Fourteen?"  And grinned and turned away.

The candidate himself, Mr. Romney, Governor, is known informally as He-Who-Is-Not-Loved-In-Mass, or En Masse as when people disobey and vet.  Da Gov continues to refuse to answer or expose himself to reporters' questions or hold a press conference on pertinent issues. The information blackout has endured for weeks. Instead, there are multiple and contrary positions asserted from "spokespersons" but nothing from the candidate.  The candidate will not let himself express himself for himself, lest he be held accountable for the merry-go-round of love this today, hate it tomorrow, and white is right, issue approach.

Libertarians' tracking interest. Libertarians' original motivation in placing the trackers was to refocus on their issues, since being swept under the GOPRug.  The sting underscores their position that if  a) one group removes the rungs from the opportunity ladder, or otherwise exploits; or if  b) Fate squats on your turf, crippling you and yours,  and c) preventing or hindering you in being productive in your own land,  then d) it is your problem, yo. Go, Romney, say they. Take it, man!

Full disclosure. This reporter is not neutral on universal and broadly defined sustenance, having recently spent time in an emergency room, and then tracking a comparatively decently-off stroke victim (multiple strokes) through the good emergency treatment, and the later no-therapy-just-maintenance program. This healthcare client (there are no patients) was a productive woman, who was fighting and instead got strapped. Feed and clean, feed and clean. Medicare, grateful as we are for it, only goes so far. Cut the fat, but get people back to as much autonomy as the condition permits. Non-family can only watch.

A nation linked, not ranked.  This reporter also is biased toward the words of Gloria Steinem, see,  roughly: that we as a nation are not "ranked" by force of others over us in all respects: by race, wealth, clout, gender, ethnicity, resources.  Instead we are "linked" in all matters of sustenance and opportunity. No barriers. Thank you Gloria. A recent talk show somewhere.

This tracking bit is as factually accurate as is the Romney ad about Jeeps to be made in China taking American jobs.  Rubbish. Goosey gander. Which disaster is the greater: