Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mika Week. Anchor Rotation Devoutly to be Wished

Mika, Mika, I've been thinking
What a fine world this would be,
If the menfolk oblivious around thee
Had to pay attention for a week. *

Trompe News.  MSNBC announces anchor rotations for Morning Joe, finally setting aside Old Joe Himself one full week per month, and installing Mika Brzezynski as ank. She may choose her own week. In addition, for seven days prior to and immediately after any federal election, Ms. Brzezynski shall also ank. She shall select her guests and topics. The immediate response of the viewership was overwhelmingly positive.  The depth of support, in turn, caused MSNBC to inquire, again finally, why? What was Old Joe Himself missing? MSNBC, in turn, set up a Commission, whose report follows.

Mika Week Commission report to MSNBC.

Review of Morning Talk with Panels, Topics, Guests.  Analysis shows 80% of non-commercial airtime dedicated to exploring
  • Linear Thought Pattern 1: the the mindset of the positioning dominator-type, the linear approach to forcing values and objectives, must get from Point A to Point B and the line is all there is; security is my place on this line and I must get ahead on it or be kicked off, stepped on or over.  The structure itself limits options for progress to goals; this line is all I have;  over the mindset of 
  • Web Thought Pattern 2: the problem-solver, the web-approach to fostering values and objectives. The structure itself offers alternate routes to goals. If this doesn't work, we have this other strand, or this other one.

1. Where the difference in mindset was highlighted on the program by Mika the Wise, the Hierarchical Linears could not, could not, absolutely could not,see an alternative to their Linear approach. For them, it was return immediately to fight, knock people off the line, knock the guy off who is at the top of the pyramid, how did we lose, how do we get that place on the line back, and how to reposition to move ahead for oneself.

2.  The Webs, however, confronted with Linears, easily saw and had access to other options to achieve their goals, including becoming Linear temporarily. Point A on a web offers many choices to getting to Point B on the web. Duck, dodge, go around, nobody needs to be knocked off.  Security is the center of a web so that even strands destroyed do not shake the center.

3.  Accordingly, the common good requires that MSNBC give airtime to exploring the merits of a web-based approach to problem-solving, now that the linears have completely tangled their misbegotten, single lifeline, and will drag us all down.

Coffee break:

Why cannot Scarborough be fair? **
Lines, and rules, 
And labels are there.
Life for such is a place on the line.
Without that one line, 
Do I exist? I am where?
Pass the bloke a web.

Further discussion:

  • The Commission also notes that the issue of aggression toward women appears to be correlated to circumstances where the women are far outnumbered by the men, by cultural restriction or other rules or practice.  See Rape Incites Women to Fight Culture, NYT  No wonder Mika's comments get sidetracked so often.  It appears that masculinized sex ratios lead to an enhanced pack mentality, leading men to act more violently toward women when in that pack, than individuals may otherwise behave. Morniing Talk:  benefit by demasculinizing the sex ratios in discussions of news, current events, social topics. Ignoring, devaluing any group, including women is violence. Just ask us.
  • A Grand Bargain, combining various topics for resolution at once, is impossible where there is a strong linear presence in thought pattern. A Grand Bargain is only possible where there are web-thinkers on both sides, such being capable of fancy footwork and perspective, whereas linear thinkers can only hang on to their place on the line. Accordingly, a president who can assess the linears and their limitations as accurately as this president can, is to be applauded for acting in increments, step by step, to achieve what web-thinkers, if substantially represented on both sides, could well have done on their own.
  • Democracy requires web thinking on both sides;  linear thinking untempered by web appreciation, leads to autocracy.
*    Stephen Griffiths, Reuben and Rachel,
**  Simon and Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair, 1966,

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