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Franc Frantar. Franci Frantar. Tracking a Clerical Sexual Abuser.

Franc Frantar. Franci Frantar. A biography of a molester, and the response/non-response of clerical authorities.  We are using mechanical translations from the Slovenian where available.  The Times Slovenia site offers a composite of already-translated sources, see http://www.times.si/sport/frantarja-isce-policija--5aa2f75d4c.html

Of those, so far only one is no longer available, www.sindikat-policistov.si/component/.../3-francif. 

Spellings vary, but this is a Slovenian cleric, now paroled, who was convicted of child molestation, pedophilia, there;  fled to Malawi in about 2006 when prosecutors came close, and returned to Slovenia (Diocese of Ljubljana) when Interpol issued a warrant. He was tried, convicted (of precisely what? how many counts?), served time, and is now on parole.  See Slovenia Road Ways. Accounts vary:  Wiki says 16 children molested;  or 16 counts, one child. A Slovenian source identifies one child under 15, continuous abuse.  Instead of discussing the issue of religious condonation of child exploitation in general terms, this is to dig deeper into one.

What are the conditions of this fast parole, after just a few years time. What was Frantar's rank in the church.  The photo of a cleric at Slovenia Road Ways, clearly in some trouble, shows a ranking hat -- I now understand that kind of headwear is used by varying ranks, bishop, cardinal, mere priest.

How does the church and the public learn of these behaviors, 
what does it and the public do with the information, 
and is there condonation, collaboration, why.

Can Slovenia Inform Us.  The story/stories of Franc Frantar, Franci Frantar

The meanings in the sites we are checking to find out more here, depend on mechanically translated pages.   

1.  Franci Frantar.

A chronology from the mladina site: This is my best effort at reading mechanical translations. Corrections invited.

1947 -- Birth of Franci Frantar, Slovenia

1972 -- "masnisko" -- is that ordination?   He served in a parish of Ljubljana Field (?)

1975 -- Frantar became pastor of a spin-off parish, Cough - Stockholder. He was popular and sociable. 

1990-1992 -- Frantar sexually abused a girl under 10 years old during this two-year period.  http://www.dnevnik.si/kronika/1042351296

1999 --  Frantar finished a building program at his parish, St. Andrew at Lower Cough,  including school and nursery facilities, and the building became the seat of the Parish Cough.  It had amenities.

2000 -- A child of Kranjk (is this the town of Kranj?) alleged she was abused about age 10.  The priest Frantar had then been at Kaseljsko parish, and was accused of sexually abusing  girl child from a small village district in 1990 and 1991, when she was a little girl, about ten years old. This accusation was not responded to with understanding ((please, go to the site and get the mechanical translation -- is it accurate?).  Where were the compassionate words. As an adult, the girl now asks. (see Mladina site)

Frantar left the Kaseljsko parish at his own request, where he had been for 25 years (this is unclear) and became a priest at Dolenja village in Ribnica (where are those?  nearby?  need to check). 

Frantar then moved to Olimje where he did not function as a priest, but apparently as Administrator of churches. The Press Office of the Slovenian Bishops Conference (SBC) was asked why Frantar was transferred, and did not respond. Parishioners were shocked. No-one spoke of charges of sexual harassment of a child.

And, apparently Frantar was acquitted of another charge:  Is this so?  ."In the church the priest entered the current Tone Perčič and blond boy, who is the Mass. ministriral"  What is this? An outsider, not a Slovenian linguist, cannot say. Was the earlier proceeding atainst France Frantarja not completed?

Another name:  France Frantarja.

2001:   Complaint. Ljubljana Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint at the Ljubljana District Court against Frantarja concerning molestation of a girl, or girls. From the mechanical translation:
"The indictment was said that the persistent offense committed sexual assault on a person under 15 years of age. Such an act is punishable under the Penal Code with imprisonment of one in ten years. Indictment was served Frantarju January 2002 and thus became final. Although the final indictment in principle public, we Frantarja charges against the prosecution did not want to show. It is believed that the disclosure document "in a medium with a high circulation, such as the Youth" ... "mostly due to the nature of the offense" only further hurt injured girl."
There was a hearing, but Frantar did not attend, claiming ill health. Then a third time, and a fourth. The the court stopped tendering its invitations to participate. This went on for three more attempts. Frantar ducked. 

2004:  Detention Order. Court orders a detention order against Frantar. The court was informed that Frantar was no longer in Slovenia. An international warrant issued.
2005 -- Frantar is still on the run.

Then, back at Ksefljske Parish, a boy at Zelosko ( who understand the relatonships?) 

From the mechanical translation:
"The boy, whom we talked before zaloško church, was virtually the only home of kašeljske parish, which was prepared with us live or by phone to talk about the former priest. Frantar, despite accusations of sexual assault on a child today very well written among the people. Therefore, as a rule, no one remembers anything else. An elderly woman, who we met at one of kašeljskih roads began as soon as we mentioned Frantarjevo name, and before we even asked the question, shaking their heads. "No, no, no, I know nothing about it. Anything I have not heard. "mothers with small children did not know anything." We are immigrants, "said one of them. A second response has given us to know, however, that you know what you're talking about. "Our children are too small to know anything." Even men, who we met in the village pubs, they do not know anything more. Although some of our questions visibly upset.

2006:  Frantar first went to Zambia, to St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Nangomi. That turns out to be the address for the consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Zambia. It may be, however, that a fellow missionary, Stanko Rozman, was there but not Frantar.  Stanko Rozman was more well-known, and a long-term revered Slovenian missionary.  Stanko had long been in Zambia, and then went to Malawi where he continued his humanitarian works. Frantar joined him there.  Not clear.

In either event, Franci Frantar ultimately was posted to a Malawi mission, Africa.  Malawi is a poor country, with much AIDS, hunger, water scarcity, much need. Was Frantar put in charge of children there?  [Or was he in Malawi first, and Zambia second]

Local help for the mission in Malawi:  A Slovenian parish, John the Baptist parish, Kovorju, raised money.  Stanko Rozman had funded wells, offered orphan assistance where the parents had died from Aids. Franci Frantar was the assistant who responded to letters of thanks sent to Stanko.

A priority of the mission is to care for children.  However, even at the time of his posting, an indictment had charged Frantar (a/k/a Frantarja, no idea what suffixes mean in Slovenian) with pedophilia --  "continuous sexual assault committed on a person under 15 years of age."  There was a trial, but Frantar did not attend.

An International Arrest Warrant issued. Interpol Warrant.  So, Frantar had fled and was living in Southern Africa, for three years: one year after the detention order, two years after the Interpol Warrant. 

The accounts go on:
It is interesting to us is silence, whilst the locals managed to find out where you are currently living with their former pastor. First they told us well informed only that he went "in warm places." Others have been more accurate. They heard that living in Africa. We now have a clear concrete information. "It's been what three years of mission in Malawi. I have, ever since he went there, did not return. Tam him very much."
Trial  Conviction -- Three cases of abuse against boys. http://www.dnevnik.si/kronika/1042351296. 
That is dated October 23, 2012.  Or one?  http://www.times.si/sport/frantarja-isce-policija--5aa2f75d4c.html

Apparently, Frantar was able to avoid prison at Dob for a length of time, see http://www.times.si/sport/frantarja-isce-policija--5aa2f75d4c.html. 
There were claims of medical difficulties, but ultimately he did go to jail, after a year of appealing. 

Parole-- see discussion of Slovenian law at http://www.slovenskenovice.si/crni-scenarij/doma/pedofilski-zupnik-predcasno-izpuscen


What is the chain of clerical command?  This was a high profile case that surely would have come to the attention of the Vatican.  Who has vetted old scriptures against present ignoring, downplaying of abuse?  See the early Greek, the word we see as "don't offend the kids", means no ensnaring, no entrapping, and such person is better off if he had a millstone around his neck and was cast into the sea, see http://www.plainmeaning.blogspot.com/#!http://plainmeaning.blogspot.com/2013/02/papal-retirement-religious-goal.html.  It does not take a religious person (we are researchers) to see a gap between mandate of founder, weight to an offense, and later meh.

Don't get in the way of the image of the infallible church.

Had Frantar, written in some sources as Frantarja, been sent to Zambia and Mallawi as a member in good standing of the Roman Catholic church? Was there an administrative review process before he left. The church maintained the position that anyone suspected of a crime must attend hearings, present himself to authorities.
What help did Frantar get from the Diocese in escaping Interpol?
  • "priest of the archdiocese of Ljubljana Franc Frantar the Archdiocese of Ljubljana and Slovenia left arbitrary and without intervention., as we were later told the missionary center of Slovenia, to Frantar in Malawi went at the invitation of his compatriot Stanka Father Rozman. added that should this was the Frantarjevim work so far very pleased. question is, why on that monitor Frantarjevo life in Malawi, its credible information have apparently not shared with the police to the extent that it could contribute to Frantarjevi arrest and his return to Slovenia .
 2006.  Return to Slovenia

2008 --Trial.  Conviction of what?  This source says one Francis kaseljski Frantar was conficted of "abuse not yet ten girls" -- does that mean a girl under 10, or 10 girls? The site (scroll down) clarifies, a girl not yet ten, and the activity continued for two years, 1990-1992. from  He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. See  http://www.dnevnik.si/kronika/1042351296
Whereabouts after serving time.  Now that Franc Frantar, Franci Frantar,  has been processed, tried, convicted (still want to know all charges proven),  served time, and on parole, what conditions protect other children? Is he back in Malawi?  Slovenians, help here.

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Weigh Disfiguration in Cost of Fossil Fuels.Require Reconstruction of Something Livable.

Infrastructure: At What Cost?
Use What Fuels.
Subsidize fossil fuels, and enjoy this nice project next door.

The loudest, most vindictive deciders of our energy future pretend to consider real people's life and death stakes in balancing debt, tax reform, fracking, use of resources for infrastructure, immigration, education, transportation; but actions do not follow suit.

 Paul Krugman is right.  Infrastructure projects first. But that means tax reform to reduce/sunset the fossil fuel subsidies. Spend for jobs first, but use renewable fuels. Infrastructure projects generates income, income generates taxes, taxes can be applied to social programs; and implicit in that is increasing tax revenue.  Cut the fossil fuel subsidies and use that for infrastructure, social needs, and then the debt later. And where the earth is destroyed, put it back, growing.Accountability. Set aside funds from current profits to meaningfully reconstruct a viable, usable, living place. Mine reconstruction.  Fracking?  Not without virtually 100% safeguard against spill, sabotage.

How to get it done? Would that work, in an era where the label of a party takes over the brain.

Tax reform.  For the wealthy, their subsistence needs are already hoarded. All they want is more at current levels subsidized by the government.

Cut subsidies to fossil fuels.  Proponents have benefited enough over the last 10 years to keep them and their progeny ad infinitum in toys.  Maybe they have three houses instead of five, that is an exaggeration, of course, but by how much? Subsidies to fossil fuels (some 35 billion lies there, is that so?).  Apply that to smart, renewable fuel-fueled infrastructure to produce jobs.