Friday, February 1, 2013

Weigh Disfiguration in Cost of Fossil Fuels.Require Reconstruction of Something Livable.

Infrastructure: At What Cost?
Use What Fuels.
Subsidize fossil fuels, and enjoy this nice project next door.

The loudest, most vindictive deciders of our energy future pretend to consider real people's life and death stakes in balancing debt, tax reform, fracking, use of resources for infrastructure, immigration, education, transportation; but actions do not follow suit.

 Paul Krugman is right.  Infrastructure projects first. But that means tax reform to reduce/sunset the fossil fuel subsidies. Spend for jobs first, but use renewable fuels. Infrastructure projects generates income, income generates taxes, taxes can be applied to social programs; and implicit in that is increasing tax revenue.  Cut the fossil fuel subsidies and use that for infrastructure, social needs, and then the debt later. And where the earth is destroyed, put it back, growing.Accountability. Set aside funds from current profits to meaningfully reconstruct a viable, usable, living place. Mine reconstruction.  Fracking?  Not without virtually 100% safeguard against spill, sabotage.

How to get it done? Would that work, in an era where the label of a party takes over the brain.

Tax reform.  For the wealthy, their subsistence needs are already hoarded. All they want is more at current levels subsidized by the government.

Cut subsidies to fossil fuels.  Proponents have benefited enough over the last 10 years to keep them and their progeny ad infinitum in toys.  Maybe they have three houses instead of five, that is an exaggeration, of course, but by how much? Subsidies to fossil fuels (some 35 billion lies there, is that so?).  Apply that to smart, renewable fuel-fueled infrastructure to produce jobs. 

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