Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Snowdenized World? CorpoLeaks. Corporate Matters. To be Leaked? With Impunity? Donors, Policy and Profits Decisions

CorpoLeaks. Leak Corporate Matters -- Choice for Leakers.  
New Faucets to Leak, or Stop with Government?

Snowdenize. Security through transparency, or is that just nuts?

What repercussions:  Leakers of Secrets, Donors, Shareholders, 
All Corporate Policy Meetings, Minutes, Tapes and Equivalents, Videos, Interrelationships, Finances.

Trompe News.  CorpoLeaks is a new national advocacy group supporting the leak of corporate secrets while engaging in social welfare.

It has filed its Articles of Incorporation and bought national ad-time to advance its interests in transparency in corporate matters, according to insider sources so far anonymous (but not for long).  It plans to file as a 501(c)(4) organization, knowing that no such application is really needed -- just do it and see if the IRS picks up. Corpoleaks has an independent European reference at http://www.roegenroem.nl/2010/12/27/corpoleaks-ruimtelijk-praten-1/corpoleaks/, unrelated to the US movement. An early participant is leaker du jour Edward Snowden, according to company records.

The ironic result, observe some Big Name observers, that The People, with full information, and with decent and focused regulation implemented in their interest, may prefer government action in many areas of services a nation needs; and prefer it to the Private Sector with its overriding profit motive..

Why? Follow the reasoning.

 Government carries with it accountability to all taxpayers, whereas the Private Sector is accountable only to its shareholders. "Let the people board the corporate ships, and explore the Hold!" this from a Leaks Supporter in front, who thinks he and only he has all he needs in wits and information, to make decisions for the many. See Opinion, Wall Street Journal, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324634304578539352505500298.html.

With increasing pressure for governmental matters to be transparent, an issue pushed to the forefront by said Edward Snowden, CorpoLeaks now urges that corporate matters that affect substantially the lives, health, and pocketbooks of people, shall also be transparent, publicized, subject to full debate by all persons so affected.

In order to keep discourse civil, CorpoLeaks also advocates a circular seating arrangement for all debates on the topic.  This recognizes that arguments are more likely to become uncivil when those in the discussion cannot see each other's eyes.  See Financial Times, The Internet is often vile, but we can make it civilized, by Helen Lewis Aug 3-4, 2013 at 7.  That refers to an apparent 2012 study at the University of Haifa.  Roundtables, not hierarchies, a matter that is anathema to any self-respecting traditional dominant corporate structure.  

This step takes Leakers a step beyond the public sector vilification, to the heretofore sacrosanct private sector; and so far the corporate wall holds. CorpoLeaks notes in support of its efforts that there is no clear line, alleges one advocacy pamphlet, between public and private, in terms of what affects whom. Corporations thrive on government subsidies and bail-outs, government contracts its work out to those then unaccountable. "They mutually backscratch, so tit for tat, and address all consistently," said one Hopeful Leaker.

Regulation.  A corporation, or the government, of course, may request various time place manner conditions on the disclosures and rights involved,but to a public court; and such plea shall rest on clear and convincing reasons based on the common good.  If the government seeks and prevails in its arguments for a secret set of courts to decide its own transparency issues, the corporate right to secrecy shall equal that of the government, but shall not exceed such. Will this work in a highly polarized world, with jugular attacks east, west, north, south, racial, religious, etc?  If not, at least the debate should bring both entities back in line with the common good.  "No publicizing of donors in political corporate activities?  Yeesh!" muttered a Leaker in the back row.

Corporations so affected include but are not limited to news, party-advocacy media, any media, any corporation for profit or not for profit.
Counter-efforts.  It is anticipated that the Loyalty Branch of the secret corporate police shall increase its prevention and obstruction activities in its secret corporate holes abroad and at home, but those locations and implementors shall also be proper subjects of Leaks.

Next step for CorpoLeaks: The Global Nolle Prosequi.  The great nolle pros. There shall be no prosecution or finger-wagging for theft or publication of property rights, trade secrets, conflicts of interests defined as what the right hand turns down the left hand may freely receive and from whom, when, how much, specie or cash, donor lists, shareholder lists, tapes of policy and other meetings at will.  In addition, corporate activities around the globe shall be subject to such transparency, with the simple "doing business in" test to be applied to those claiming injury to live, health or pocketbook by any corporation in that jurisdiction. Confidentiality and "off the record" shall be redefined such that they reflect antiquated and no longer desired or desirable coral rock affixed to freedom of everything.

CorpoLeaks Award.  The CorpoLeaks Board plans an annual CorpoLeaks gala for its awards, on TV, and streaming apps, to the individuals or groups facilitating or implementing leaks of particular value to those whose lives are affected by those corporations. Already solicitations are being made to those holding donor lists, hackers, etc, as to political goal groups.  First prize includes a nice suite in Hong Kong, open-ended.

Non-secrets.  Logs and minutes and documentation of interactions between government and corporations, or other entities that may be created by The Private Sector for profit without accountability in matters that government did and with accountability, shall also be fully transparent.