Friday, October 10, 2014

Custody of the Nation. Political Alienation, Partisan Politics. Who Holds Which Script?

To what degree to voter views rely on third party assertions of fact, without seeking corroboration.  This is the area polls ignore, but courts explore when raised in the context of another important custody matter, kids.  In politics, however, w.Whether a poll reflects voter vetting, or voter swallowing, no matter.  A vote is a vote. So: Pollsters: Get the data on where voters get their information, what facts they rely upon.  Then we can discuss whether the more disembodied voter views become, away from reasonable analysis, the more the well-being of the nation is jeopardized.

Any recourse? No, unless political speech can carry some of the consequences of commercial, sales speech. At least discuss whether voters really deserve what they get when they vote for a cause, person, that had been misrepresented as in their interest.  Commercial speech disallows material misrepresentation, but not political speech. Rule of tough. Discuss.

1.  The ignoring of  source of information in polls follows a taboo:  there shall be no challenge to speech.

This has a consequence. Noone is obligated to tell the truth, or even provide supporting facts relied upon. If we called political speech commercial speech, as it has become in large measure, at least there would be a limit to puffery.  Not so in politics.  Unless a voter is sufficiently educated and with computer access and has time to research each issue independently, there will be reliance on a trusted source.  But how to vet the source once the emotional commitment to rely has been made.  In that reliance, where it happens, a voter turns away from tools for determing for himself what is interest-based propaganda, sales, marketing, or neuro ads tingling in the brain. Voter party trust opens the door for exploitation by those using the business model for politics -- my own interest over yours -- instead of a common good.


Originalism and voter preparedness. 
  •  Originalists might note that this issue of voter preparedness to assess positions was not always an issue. At our beginning, voters had to be property owners and male, signifying in that era education and management skills to a degree.  
  • Voters today may not have the same levels of literacy, autonomy, time to mull, as those before.  
  • Are voters today less educated since all are eligible, and more easily misled where communications are skewed 24/7 and there is no common access to computer skills at least.
    •  Would originalists, in the interest of recreating the preparedness of voters in effect at the outset, support the educating and sustenance of voters today.  Ask. Silence.

2.  Source of information is still considered important in private life contests.  How many here have been through a divorce.  Show of hands.  How about a high conflict divorce.  How about hotly contested custody issues. And, in that custody disagreement, did either of you accuse the other of parental alienation. Where that is claimed, there will be inquiry into the origin, the source of information or attitude leading to the child reacting negatively to the other parent.  Facebook demonstrated how easily the framing of an issue frames responses.  No surprise. Kids or adults: we are malleable.

3.  Current politics parallels the highly contested divorce.  As in courts, where boxes of files represent families where the parents remain focused on getting back at the other, refusing to relinquish a dominant place in the life of the other, settling old scores, even by creating new ones.

In the court cases, sometimes there is resolution just by time passing.  The kids "age out".  Then close the file.   Or, if the contest remained interpersonal between the parents, one just gives up.  Neither is healthy, and not for a political system.  And there may be no time in the political realm merely to let time pass.

4.  Custody of the nation.  Is there any learning from the courts experience.

Courts have responded to highly contested divorces, and any divorce, by setting up mediation sessions, informal and free, for exchanging information, exploring choices. There are independent studies for fact-checking, perspective.

That process can be compelled to a degree (you may have to show up), but it does not always work.  But could a similar effort be made in politics?  For more than Fact Checks that are already politicized.

Heavens, no. Debates where candidates have to provide the information they rely upon in making charges or claims, impinges on their right to fog.   Political accountability for assertions leaves open the possibility that one may not maximize one's own hoard at the expense of the other. If one can win by outshouting, refusing to debate and simply repeat, scapegoat, denigrate, spin, oppose and repeat, why change the strategy?

Party alienation is like parental alienation.  Same tactics.

5.  Is this part of our reliance on war to decide. Same tactics to implement that, once the position is taken that force is all there is. People in the force fields, or making money from forcing others, manipulating them, are not going to give that up unless they an also see benefit to self.  And that is where education and transparency come in.

Transparency and issue examination can only work if the people are willing to value long term stability and let go revenge and imposition of hierarchy, and let go force.  It can be done.  Best if started early in the process, deflect from lawyers who see their role as to win, rather than to solve a problem.  That, however, is a choice both for the lawyer who can choose what hat to wear in practice, and the client, who can choose what kind of lawyer to hire. 

 6.  Pollsters.  Give us the data.  After the poll, ask where their information came from that they rely upon.  What is that information.
Are we turning too many voters into virtual children, there to be molded, shaped, carefully taught. Education, financial access to computers, motivation, social reward, accumulation of a degree of wealth, without these a person is more easily manipulated, is that so.

 See Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect it and What To Do About It, at  Some say the concept has been overused, and may not exist at all, but is a lawyer-based tool.  The concept is useful either way: 

7.  Disquiet at the emergence of a third-party malleable voter population, if the polls show that.

Political alienation. At its worst, or among the worst, blind following of a "trusted" source without exploring merits independently leads to acceptance of witch hunts, crusades, all scapegoating, creating and exploiting fear.  Malleus Maleficarum, the handbook for inquisitors extracting confessions from witches, the charge of impairment of the powers of regeneration are enumerated.  See, Chapter V.   Keep moving. Go to "How Witches Impede and Prevent the Powers of Procreation."  Visit  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

War of mindsets. Originalism against Contextualism. East and West.

The complex ideological battleground globally today is not defined by national boundaries of citizenship, but by religious and cultural mindsets: Originalism vs. Contextualism.  Is this so: That those in the US who are Originalists, who take a limited view of textual interpretation in religion and governance; are similar to those in the Middle East who also are Originalists as to their own culture and religious texts.  Definition of Originalism, definition of Contextualism:  important for assessing a difficult, boundary-crossing area.
  • In the US,  religious power has evolved as theoretically severable from governance, thus providing some modicum of protection for non-Originalists; but that protection is new.  Non-Originalists outliers from, and reformers of, the religious and cultural institutions in Western history, have indeed been mortally persecuted. 
  • In the Middle East, the religious power is more apt to be also the governance, to a higher degree, with non-Originalists at risk also to a higher degree.
  • The mindsets, the goals of each in power Middle East and West are the same:. Unchanging power structure, from what was in effect at a time that benefited them.

A. Originalism  (o-rij'i nel izm) n. 

1. a principle of analysis holding that the meaning and intent of a text (the Work) shall be subject only to the chosen interpretation of a chosen authority, regardless of context or other possible interpretations then or at time of implementation.  Inquiry into meaning is limited by the "four corners" of the document as defined by the chosen interpreting authority.  New works and ideas as to those origins are not the proper subject of debate, and not worthy of incorporation in governance religious and secular, or in individual life.

2.  a tool for perpetuating power interests in effect at the time of the Work: including by compelling conformity of behavior to support such interests, including exclusion, devaluation, punishment and even death of those seeking autonomy or representing other interests. 


B.  Contextualism (ken teks'choo el izm) n.

1.  a principle of analysis holding that an original text carries great weight, but is subject to interpretation based on multiple other sources, including linguistics, form criticism, and originality in applying such to context at the time of the text, and at the time of implementation of intent.  Inquiry into meaning is not limited by the "four corners" of the document, but include noting changes in community that were not or could not be foreseen, and evolution of meanings of words and disagreements in translations.  New works and ideas are the proper subject for both enjoyment and debate, with some eligible for incorporation in governance religious and secular, and in individual life.

2.  a tool for calibrating and recalibrating power interests, to meet the broad needs of a common good in opportunity, basic sustenance, mobility, healthcare, with minimal forced conformity.  This tool fosters those who invent, create, and/or apply independent, individual, fresh, new approaches and expression in art, literature, process, concept, religious and cultural ideas and insights, governance procedures, methods of operation, discovery, principles, whether or not protected in copyright as original works. 

C.  Response.

What?  Contextualism is a swamp of unending discussion with outcomes unpredictable and against what I want for me, shouts an Originalist, and stalks off to caucus in certain chambers.  Contextualists glance resignedly at the camera, shrug, and amble off, each choosing among many open doors. 

D.  Application of Universal Principles

1.  Religious ideas, once affixed in brain and heart, are difficult to uproot. Accordingly, strive to fix the religious idea when the populace is illiterate, or not paying attention, or by means tending to show that the interests of the populace lie with (lie?) with the persuader.
2.  Religious ideas spread faster when forced, rather than relying on mere voluntariness and modeling. See persecution of deemed heretics East and West, histories of crusades and other religion-power based expansion efforts, inquisitions and their equivalents.

3.  Political actors like religion because they can morph the religious ideas into political control, a weaponizing of religion.  See #1.  With an idea fixed, it can be tapped.

4.  Major religions, once successful politically, may verbalize against violent techniques when used by others, but do not and will not renounce and make restitution for their own use of such techniques on the way up, and the financial and other gains so made.
  • Beheadings are historically accepted by People of the Book (Let the praises of God be in your throat and a two-edged sword in your hand, to execute vengeance upon the nations and punishments among the peoples. From Psalm 149, The Book, verses 6-7), from John the Baptist beheaded by Herod, Paul beheaded (wasn't he?) by Nero, Charlemagne record-holder beheading 4,500 Saxon prisoners of war at Verden in 872 or so; French guillotines mechanizing beheadings, and some blades indeed misdropped; as are 
  • Burnings. See,  research histories and timelines of western violence and be not thrilled. 
5.   Rival religious and governance ideas may go underground when faced with forced conversion, but usually re-emerge to challenge the forced ideas later.  Example:  Sunni sidetracked, now resurgent in extreme forms; Scandinavia largely saying no to the institutional Christian idea forced centuries ago, resurgence of Nazi believers, etc.   This particular principle makes eradication virtually impossible.
6.  The only containment that works long term for weaponized religion is information, education and vetting available to an educated populace in safety.  This ground, to slow down a movement, contain it and set the stage for support to fall away if possible, may be the only realizable goal.
7.  Force works to help contain weaponized religion only as a temporary measure to give a population time to breathe, rethink, regroup, redecide as they choose. See #6.
8.  Weaponized religious interests are served by forced illiteracy, lack of mobility, inattention to health and sustenance.  Is that why a common core of learning standards is resisted?  That the power people want an ignorant workforce, ignorant non-voters, girls perpetually pregnant as the deity intended (what??) like in feudal times? 
9.  East and West foster weaponized religion.  Each has its Originalists that force conformity.
10. East and West justify their own religious-political interpretation of early religious texts as Originalism, and so neither will compromise anywhere.
11.  Boom.

E.  What conditions foster Originalism?

a.  Religious originalist ideas persist even after a horrendous initiation through initial force, convert or die, where: the new ideas fit sufficiently with a believer's experience, mindset and desires as for self-worth, even where disregarding others' similar experience, mindset and desires.  See Mein Kampf, Chapter 6, propaganda techniques.
b.  Initial claims of religious truth and inspiration, even if later seen as false, may be disregarded as a needed step to a worthwhile conversion (there are benefits to some that indeed emerge later), and so falsehoods become acceptable. 
  • Apparent compliance in the population may be deceptive.  
  • It may take centuries for a rival belief system to rebound, but ideas get transmitted below the institutional radar despite punishments and death aimed at eradicating the idea. 
  • Convert or die may result in compliance for the  nonce, but over time, may well erode.

 Consider a western heresy timeline.

F.  The West asks, disregarding its own Originalism and excesses protecting its own powerful, who will bell the ISIL cat?

The cat will indeed remain free to predate if unbelled, but all is not lost.  Indeed, if the mice did succeed in affixing the bell warning, then this cat could not eat, and would leave, and the predatory opening filled by another cat or more cats. No gain. And no cat or group of cats will eat the entire community, else the food supply goes.  So, protect your own family, be sensible, contain as you can, but live with the knowledge that some will indeed die.  Enjoy this translation from Middle English (scroll down) Piers Plowman, Middle English trans. William Langland; and The Parliament of the Rats)

 Lawrence in Arabia notes the power of ideas, the indestructibility of movements, the panicked efforts at Europeans to contain and exploit a perceived drive for Arab autonomy (the Ottoman version was already faltering).  Who could have stopped the sects from their rivalries, the force. Their roots are deep in Western corporate-oil interventions combined with cultural clashes among the indigenous.

G.  Can we still or will we learn from the clear statement of cause and effect by Osama bin Laden (read letter of Osama bin Laden re 9/11 and try to find where his analysis is wrong as to Western exploitation, see  Originalists say the inquiry ended with the deaths.  Contextualists say, not so fast.  There is much to be learned here that will aid us in the future.  Is that so?

Tool to protect the power interests in place.  Originalism does that by excluding information, keeping populations ignorant, receiving only the given concepts of the authority.  What cat needs to be belled now?


* Webster's New World College Dictionary. 4th ed, 2005 Wiley Publishing, includes no Originalism: only Origen, origin, original,  originality, originally, original sin, originate, orinasal, O-ring, etc.  Originalism as in 1 and 2, is itself a new idea.  The concept cannot be explained except with a new form. The irony of it all. Originalism itself is not Originalist.  It does not appear in my big 2005 dictionary of 1716 pages.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Polls Unrelated to Merit. Correlate poll numbers with paid negative advertising. The Other Facebook Effect.

 The Other Facebook Effect:

Negative Paid Media Climate Skews Political Views:  
Trust not your polls.  
The first Facebook Effect demonstrates that all the positivity about people on Facebook makes people without that positivity in their own lives feel bad.  Background negativity, context negativity, results in negative responses.  People feel worse after their Facebook experience, it appears, than without Facebook at all.  See,  All those people doing so well, and look at me!

The Other Facebook Effect, that media negativity fed to the users results in user negativity in return, is not surprising.  The partusan-paid media rules the mind of the consumers. Business and special interest persons were appalled that the cat was let out of the bag, that people are easily manipulated all the time, and sought immediately to frame the Facebook activity as a mere experiment, see  Instead, the Facebook feeding of skewed news feeds was only a demonstration of what was already known to the cognoscenti, no experiment at all.  The conclusion was foregone, and this was a confirmation of it.  Hide that from the people, guys, fast.  Pretend this is only an experiment, to be bemoaned.

Given that people are easily manipulated by news feed bias, now be specific.

Polls.  Given the Other Facebook Effect, how do poll results vary in result with the negativity or positivity of the input.

Polls reflect what the people have heard and seen, not what they have had a reasonable opportunity to weigh and vet on their own.  There is no objectivity.  Polls do not reflect the objective merit of the issue being polled.  Polls reflect the climate created by the paid media feeding the people.

So: It appears by now that polls no longer assess the views of voters with facts who can think and weigh.

The polls have no demonstrable objectivity as to merit of the issue polled.  Statistics may show successes abounding; but if those are not flooding the airwaves, who knows, and who can feel positively?  Polls now, we know thanks to the Other Facebook Effect, reflect the views of voters who are inundated with paid political advertising and partisan PR:  The more negative the media offerings, the more negative the poll numbers.  The Facebook demonstration of gullibility, where clients who received positive input, put out positive posts; and the clients who received negative input put out negative posts, proved the point.  We as people cannot assess fact from partisanship spin, have no resource for weighing how or if we are used, any more.

Correlate negative political views with negative media inundation.  McConnell et al set the stage on video at the original inauguration they ignored as to President Obama.  We will negate, obfuscate, obstruct, everything this President does regardless of merit.  And it worked.  They had the money and backing to make it work. See

So  Who will do the crucial study now to show just how well the negative advertising, negative reaction consistently regardless of merit worked, as shown by poll numbers?

No-one will do such a study because then the paid programmers of the public mind will be unmasked, unhinged from their current ad-vantage, and people may actually, actually, think it advisable for themselves to vet what they are told.  What does it take to steer a population, an entire population, to venerable propaganda sites like; or the Institute for Propaganda Analysis at; or look up your own propaganda analysis site.  Search, people, search.

Or be used. Again.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

UN Symposium. Human Rights and Cervix Control

Tradition and Religion, Culture,and Foundations of Meanings Adopted.
 The United Nations Proposes:  Ask Who Says, and Why

Trompe News. The United Nations Human Rights Council has announced a symposium on Human Rights and Cervix Control, to be held in New York within 6 months. The right to decide who, when, what and where, any outside entity or organ shall enter the body of any human being for any purpose, is declared by the United Nations Human Rights Council shall be the sole decision of the Body Person whose body is sought to be invaded for purposes other than the Body Person.  For minors, special advocates shall be appointed to represent the Body Person's interests; such outside entities as set forth in the enabling statutes shall be permitted the opportunity at a UN Court to press interests of cell clusters, potential "humans", other non-breathing entities within the body of the Body Person, including factual-biological issues as they may emerge,  and scriptural interpretation interests of institutions representing tradition.

Triggered by a) the kidnapping of Nigerian girls for forced marriage, slavery or trafficking; b) cultural "honor" killings of women; c) condoned campus and other rape; United States state statutes restricting what Body Persons may or may not do or control as to entry into their own cervices, or other body areas; and d) other issues including interpretations and translations of scriptures of any ilk leading to the ignoring of alternative meanings of words, or inclusion of omitted concepts (kngdv); are to be included in the symposium. The symposium shall include scholarly investigation of all whose interests are claimed to furthered a deity's will (who says), or furthering institutional power brokers purporting to act in the name of some deity, custom, tradition.

Cervix Control, or its four-letter equivalent as another c-control, has become a global issue as individuals learn about choices, see
The Republican Party in the United States has already begun ads attacking the issue that any breathing individual has the right to determine what may or may not be admitted into the body of another breathing individual, or to affect the rights of a non-breathing entity therein (see scripture and hymns or hers here and there, life and breath, breath of life as definition of life for these purposes, etc). Definitions of life and hierarchical interests therein have sparked universal interest among those whose bodies are to be subjected to the state, or custom, or other.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surround Kaliningrad. NATO Contest Front-Runner, The Moon Shot Variation..

Trompe News.  NATO member-state citizens responded with enthusiasm to last week's invitation by Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (a/k/a Fear of Fog) to enter a contest for the most creative approach to addressing Ukraine land-grab-fomenting issues.

The prize will authorize the winner to name the Ukraine Question Resolution Operation.  The ideas submitted will weigh heavily in NATO decisions to address Ukraine issues, as the people love contests and immortality in naming. Tweaking Himself is taken seriously as an option here, viewed as an effective counter to the ego-filled recent Russia-Crimea-Rest of Ukraine land-grab scenario initiated so baldly by Vlad Putin, He of the Shaven Chest. Germany in particular has spearheaded the humor with stab approach in its own history, a matter greatly feared by the Rus.

Luneburg, Germany.  Henry the Lion is greeted by Wends after their defeat in the Northern Crusades. 

Forbes Magazine:  The Forbes entry is a dour rerun of its earlier idea that NATO forces surround Kaliningrad, see  The serious, subtly threatening tone reflects the policy of the International Secret Society of Oligarchs: tweaking each other's power players is heresy. Whupping them with other people's children at the end of guns is preferred.

Germany's entry expands upon the surround idea, using Lithuanian and Polish military and nonmilitary persons, but with a twist. The Germans propose The Lunenberg Moon Shot Variation: position the participants to surround Kaliningrad, and so that any viewer from the Russian side will be surprised and humiliated even without actual invasion, a more effective deterrent to bad behavior. On signal from a hovering moon-drone, all such participants shall drop their drawers as authorized by historic precedent and turn about smartly. This entry is the most popular so far. See illustration.

In promoting the contest,Tweets abound, showing the popularity of the contest among the people. Hashtags include #surroundkaliningrad; and #surroundkonigsberg; and #surroundkaliningradoblast.  Use @ at will.

  • Historians will note that Konigsberg is an earlier name of this wee town by the sea, located between Poland and Lithuania, which name stems from its German domination for a time; and which was annexed by Russia from Germany in 1945. See history at
  • The #kaliningradoblast identification is preferred by hashtag aficianados as referring more officially to this area as an administrative hub for the now-Russian enclave, soon to revert to earlier owners, New Poland or New Lithuania. One problem is that the term "aficianado" smacks of illegal immigrants for far right US conspiracy theorists, and this nonsense gobs the works. For purposes of this contest, however, the #surroundkaliningrad designation is favored by the NATO contest umpires, largely because of the famous Konigsberger Klopse recipe craze also stemming from Prussian dominion over the wee town, see these fine German meatballs at

Roots of Kaliningrad - Konigsberg.  Search its cooking. The cuisine of the area, as well as its isolated location away from the rest of Russia, acting as a wedgie between Poland and Lithuania, also demonstrates that no one nation can claim it as its own after invading others, without others hooting loudly:  See See most clearly reflects checkered past.  Find influence by German, Lithuanian, Austrian, Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Belarussian, French, Ukrainian, and Italian in the pot.  See the Wiki.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

RepubliGOPoly. The Permanent Underclass Game. Keep Opportunity Out of Reach.

Study RepubliGOPoly:  Monopoly to Create a Permanent Underclass.  

1021 Update.   The concept of how laws, custom and force help an elite to attain and sustain economic and other supremacies is now officially mainstream.  See the Atlantic Monthly article, John Roberts and the Color of Money, Applying the History of White Supremacy in America to the Supreme Court's McCutcheon Decision 
That places the Supreme Court majority directly in the line of workers for the Top Tier Bulwark Opposed to Opportunity.  The change in emphasis here now highlights specific tactics today. Do read the Atlantic article for the full context of the newer, more insidious RepubliGOPoly Game.

1. Tactical tips of the game remain:  Block others from creating and keeping wealth, from building savings.  Make them spend all they have, just to survive.  Bar others from the benefits of Capitalism (opportunity to accumulate), while preserving your own.  Venerate your own past, while kicking others under the table.

2. Objectives are even more overt: Become the richest player, and once there, entrench oneself in such status by any means including buying airwaves, selling propaganda. Spread toxic disembodied talking points like spore-bombs in the garden. Click and the gas surrounds the clicker.  Use your race and status and inheritance tokens to acquire for self, while depriving others. The following is not a foul:  to slash incomes of others, obstruct others in quest for health, education, mobility.
3.  And so on. Listing ways of destabilizing communities, fostering despair, not needed any more.   Equipment and geographic limits: none specified, as such may lead to taxation.

CHANCE cards:  Increased as to negative impact on the lower 80 percent
COMMUNITY CHEST cards: Decreased as to positive impact on the lower 80 percent
Manipulated polls, studies, etc.

The Bank. Players can enlist their own secret banks, anywhere. How to know who is backing a player?  Who are the players?  At one time, Ron Schmeits of the NRA was also its banker.  Who'd-a known? Much is available online, but issues remain as to loose ends.  Who is the banker? Do the supporters know who their bankers are? See Identification of Resume Activities Act.

Anesthetizing the other players; reaching for emotions before analysis.

Tactic allowed.  Ads produced by neuro-science researchers to tag specific images and terms are highly sought by major players, and the tactics have escaped the RepubliGOPoly board.  Look at morning TV, those shows intended to be news-informative, while remaining entertaining, responsible. Spot propaganda techniques as they happen: then asked, whose idea was that? for what purpose?

Look for the Flapping Flags to find a conservative group pulling heartstrings and fostering candidacies still being denied. 
  • Morning Joe"  Joe himself is the only one on the panel who is Awarded the Flapping Flags.  
    • When Morning Joe himself expounds on his views and EXPERIENCE, begin to count with four strokes and a diagonal when the HUGE flapping flags suddenly appear like a heavenly host behind him. 
    • Subgame. Click the clicker when Joe's flapping flags hit three in a five minute segment. You will be watching some other program fast.
    • Note also: When others speak from the Morning Joe panel, the flapping flags, if they appear at all, are off to the side, and are proportional to a variety of other backgrounds.
    • See Democracy's Pitfall. PsyOps in Media
Notes on demonizing:  The culture loves bullies who do it subtly, get away with it, manage to find a capitalist rationale for how demonizing really serves the nation by purging out the unworthies. Why help a loser?

Next steps:  Change the rules.

Then ask, even in this RepubliGOPoly game setting: How might the rules be changed to offer opportunity even to the currently demonized? 

1.  Expand the concept of the fiduciary when someone is in government.  Government as Fiduciary for Taxpayer.   That can be done in a board game.  Any personal gain must be counterbalanced against the common good in some way.  Draw up the COMMON GOOD CARDS to see if a particular move will be allowed.

2.  Allow voting on each move that a player makes.  To get a vote, a player may have to exchange the pure move for one that also benefits someone else.

Cast the vote as a facet of speech. So: Voting is speech.  Now that Citizens United has made it clear that conscienceless corporations, governed only by benefit to shareholders, have the same rights of speech as individuals, that money is speech, the time is ripe.  This is not a new issue, see, but should be revisited.

If people could vote on what the government is doing, would there be change? Clearly the voter suppressors think so.

A similar Monopoly-based game was developed by or for Boy Scouts, see Monopoly - Boy Scouts and purported to educate about the system of government. What happens, though, asked one Bright Eagle, when the parents of the scouts lose their jobs and houses, and some turn out to be undocumented and deported despite talent and family here for years by invitation of the open door? Is that why effort apparently slowed.


* Romania.  Mircea the Old, we think.  Found in northwest area of Romania, I recall as north of Cluj Napoca?.