Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surround Kaliningrad. NATO Contest Front-Runner, The Moon Shot Variation..

Trompe News.  NATO member-state citizens responded with enthusiasm to last week's invitation by Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (a/k/a Fear of Fog) to enter a contest for the most creative approach to addressing Ukraine land-grab-fomenting issues.

The prize will authorize the winner to name the Ukraine Question Resolution Operation.  The ideas submitted will weigh heavily in NATO decisions to address Ukraine issues, as the people love contests and immortality in naming. Tweaking Himself is taken seriously as an option here, viewed as an effective counter to the ego-filled recent Russia-Crimea-Rest of Ukraine land-grab scenario initiated so baldly by Vlad Putin, He of the Shaven Chest. Germany in particular has spearheaded the humor with stab approach in its own history, a matter greatly feared by the Rus.

Luneburg, Germany.  Henry the Lion is greeted by Wends after their defeat in the Northern Crusades. 

Forbes Magazine:  The Forbes entry is a dour rerun of its earlier idea that NATO forces surround Kaliningrad, see  The serious, subtly threatening tone reflects the policy of the International Secret Society of Oligarchs: tweaking each other's power players is heresy. Whupping them with other people's children at the end of guns is preferred.

Germany's entry expands upon the surround idea, using Lithuanian and Polish military and nonmilitary persons, but with a twist. The Germans propose The Lunenberg Moon Shot Variation: position the participants to surround Kaliningrad, and so that any viewer from the Russian side will be surprised and humiliated even without actual invasion, a more effective deterrent to bad behavior. On signal from a hovering moon-drone, all such participants shall drop their drawers as authorized by historic precedent and turn about smartly. This entry is the most popular so far. See illustration.

In promoting the contest,Tweets abound, showing the popularity of the contest among the people. Hashtags include #surroundkaliningrad; and #surroundkonigsberg; and #surroundkaliningradoblast.  Use @ at will.

  • Historians will note that Konigsberg is an earlier name of this wee town by the sea, located between Poland and Lithuania, which name stems from its German domination for a time; and which was annexed by Russia from Germany in 1945. See history at
  • The #kaliningradoblast identification is preferred by hashtag aficianados as referring more officially to this area as an administrative hub for the now-Russian enclave, soon to revert to earlier owners, New Poland or New Lithuania. One problem is that the term "aficianado" smacks of illegal immigrants for far right US conspiracy theorists, and this nonsense gobs the works. For purposes of this contest, however, the #surroundkaliningrad designation is favored by the NATO contest umpires, largely because of the famous Konigsberger Klopse recipe craze also stemming from Prussian dominion over the wee town, see these fine German meatballs at

Roots of Kaliningrad - Konigsberg.  Search its cooking. The cuisine of the area, as well as its isolated location away from the rest of Russia, acting as a wedgie between Poland and Lithuania, also demonstrates that no one nation can claim it as its own after invading others, without others hooting loudly:  See See most clearly reflects checkered past.  Find influence by German, Lithuanian, Austrian, Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Belarussian, French, Ukrainian, and Italian in the pot.  See the Wiki.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

RepubliGOPoly. The Permanent Underclass Game. Keep Opportunity Out of Reach.

Study RepubliGOPoly:  Monopoly to Create a Permanent Underclass.  

1021 Update.   The concept of how laws, custom and force help an elite to attain and sustain economic and other supremacies is now officially mainstream.  See the Atlantic Monthly article, John Roberts and the Color of Money, Applying the History of White Supremacy in America to the Supreme Court's McCutcheon Decision 
That places the Supreme Court majority directly in the line of workers for the Top Tier Bulwark Opposed to Opportunity.  The change in emphasis here now highlights specific tactics today. Do read the Atlantic article for the full context of the newer, more insidious RepubliGOPoly Game.

1. Tactical tips of the game remain:  Block others from creating and keeping wealth, from building savings.  Make them spend all they have, just to survive.  Bar others from the benefits of Capitalism (opportunity to accumulate), while preserving your own.  Venerate your own past, while kicking others under the table.

2. Objectives are even more overt: Become the richest player, and once there, entrench oneself in such status by any means including buying airwaves, selling propaganda. Spread toxic disembodied talking points like spore-bombs in the garden. Click and the gas surrounds the clicker.  Use your race and status and inheritance tokens to acquire for self, while depriving others. The following is not a foul:  to slash incomes of others, obstruct others in quest for health, education, mobility.
3.  And so on. Listing ways of destabilizing communities, fostering despair, not needed any more.   Equipment and geographic limits: none specified, as such may lead to taxation.

CHANCE cards:  Increased as to negative impact on the lower 80 percent
COMMUNITY CHEST cards: Decreased as to positive impact on the lower 80 percent
Manipulated polls, studies, etc.

The Bank. Players can enlist their own secret banks, anywhere. How to know who is backing a player?  Who are the players?  At one time, Ron Schmeits of the NRA was also its banker.  Who'd-a known? Much is available online, but issues remain as to loose ends.  Who is the banker? Do the supporters know who their bankers are? See Identification of Resume Activities Act.

Anesthetizing the other players; reaching for emotions before analysis.

Tactic allowed.  Ads produced by neuro-science researchers to tag specific images and terms are highly sought by major players, and the tactics have escaped the RepubliGOPoly board.  Look at morning TV, those shows intended to be news-informative, while remaining entertaining, responsible. Spot propaganda techniques as they happen: then asked, whose idea was that? for what purpose?

Look for the Flapping Flags to find a conservative group pulling heartstrings and fostering candidacies still being denied. 
  • Morning Joe"  Joe himself is the only one on the panel who is Awarded the Flapping Flags.  
    • When Morning Joe himself expounds on his views and EXPERIENCE, begin to count with four strokes and a diagonal when the HUGE flapping flags suddenly appear like a heavenly host behind him. 
    • Subgame. Click the clicker when Joe's flapping flags hit three in a five minute segment. You will be watching some other program fast.
    • Note also: When others speak from the Morning Joe panel, the flapping flags, if they appear at all, are off to the side, and are proportional to a variety of other backgrounds.
    • See Democracy's Pitfall. PsyOps in Media
Notes on demonizing:  The culture loves bullies who do it subtly, get away with it, manage to find a capitalist rationale for how demonizing really serves the nation by purging out the unworthies. Why help a loser?

Next steps:  Change the rules.

Then ask, even in this RepubliGOPoly game setting: How might the rules be changed to offer opportunity even to the currently demonized? 

1.  Expand the concept of the fiduciary when someone is in government.  Government as Fiduciary for Taxpayer.   That can be done in a board game.  Any personal gain must be counterbalanced against the common good in some way.  Draw up the COMMON GOOD CARDS to see if a particular move will be allowed.

2.  Allow voting on each move that a player makes.  To get a vote, a player may have to exchange the pure move for one that also benefits someone else.

Cast the vote as a facet of speech. So: Voting is speech.  Now that Citizens United has made it clear that conscienceless corporations, governed only by benefit to shareholders, have the same rights of speech as individuals, that money is speech, the time is ripe.  This is not a new issue, see, but should be revisited.

If people could vote on what the government is doing, would there be change? Clearly the voter suppressors think so.

A similar Monopoly-based game was developed by or for Boy Scouts, see Monopoly - Boy Scouts and purported to educate about the system of government. What happens, though, asked one Bright Eagle, when the parents of the scouts lose their jobs and houses, and some turn out to be undocumented and deported despite talent and family here for years by invitation of the open door? Is that why effort apparently slowed.


* Romania.  Mircea the Old, we think.  Found in northwest area of Romania, I recall as north of Cluj Napoca?.