Thursday, May 8, 2014

UN Symposium. Human Rights and Cervix Control

Tradition and Religion, Culture,and Foundations of Meanings Adopted.
 The United Nations Proposes:  Ask Who Says, and Why

Trompe News. The United Nations Human Rights Council has announced a symposium on Human Rights and Cervix Control, to be held in New York within 6 months. The right to decide who, when, what and where, any outside entity or organ shall enter the body of any human being for any purpose, is declared by the United Nations Human Rights Council shall be the sole decision of the Body Person whose body is sought to be invaded for purposes other than the Body Person.  For minors, special advocates shall be appointed to represent the Body Person's interests; such outside entities as set forth in the enabling statutes shall be permitted the opportunity at a UN Court to press interests of cell clusters, potential "humans", other non-breathing entities within the body of the Body Person, including factual-biological issues as they may emerge,  and scriptural interpretation interests of institutions representing tradition.

Triggered by a) the kidnapping of Nigerian girls for forced marriage, slavery or trafficking; b) cultural "honor" killings of women; c) condoned campus and other rape; United States state statutes restricting what Body Persons may or may not do or control as to entry into their own cervices, or other body areas; and d) other issues including interpretations and translations of scriptures of any ilk leading to the ignoring of alternative meanings of words, or inclusion of omitted concepts (kngdv); are to be included in the symposium. The symposium shall include scholarly investigation of all whose interests are claimed to furthered a deity's will (who says), or furthering institutional power brokers purporting to act in the name of some deity, custom, tradition.

Cervix Control, or its four-letter equivalent as another c-control, has become a global issue as individuals learn about choices, see
The Republican Party in the United States has already begun ads attacking the issue that any breathing individual has the right to determine what may or may not be admitted into the body of another breathing individual, or to affect the rights of a non-breathing entity therein (see scripture and hymns or hers here and there, life and breath, breath of life as definition of life for these purposes, etc). Definitions of life and hierarchical interests therein have sparked universal interest among those whose bodies are to be subjected to the state, or custom, or other.