Friday, October 10, 2014

Custody of the Nation. Political Alienation, Partisan Politics. Who Holds Which Script?

To what degree to voter views rely on third party assertions of fact, without seeking corroboration.  This is the area polls ignore, but courts explore when raised in the context of another important custody matter, kids.  In politics, however, w.Whether a poll reflects voter vetting, or voter swallowing, no matter.  A vote is a vote. So: Pollsters: Get the data on where voters get their information, what facts they rely upon.  Then we can discuss whether the more disembodied voter views become, away from reasonable analysis, the more the well-being of the nation is jeopardized.

Any recourse? No, unless political speech can carry some of the consequences of commercial, sales speech. At least discuss whether voters really deserve what they get when they vote for a cause, person, that had been misrepresented as in their interest.  Commercial speech disallows material misrepresentation, but not political speech. Rule of tough. Discuss.

1.  The ignoring of  source of information in polls follows a taboo:  there shall be no challenge to speech.

This has a consequence. Noone is obligated to tell the truth, or even provide supporting facts relied upon. If we called political speech commercial speech, as it has become in large measure, at least there would be a limit to puffery.  Not so in politics.  Unless a voter is sufficiently educated and with computer access and has time to research each issue independently, there will be reliance on a trusted source.  But how to vet the source once the emotional commitment to rely has been made.  In that reliance, where it happens, a voter turns away from tools for determing for himself what is interest-based propaganda, sales, marketing, or neuro ads tingling in the brain. Voter party trust opens the door for exploitation by those using the business model for politics -- my own interest over yours -- instead of a common good.


Originalism and voter preparedness. 
  •  Originalists might note that this issue of voter preparedness to assess positions was not always an issue. At our beginning, voters had to be property owners and male, signifying in that era education and management skills to a degree.  
  • Voters today may not have the same levels of literacy, autonomy, time to mull, as those before.  
  • Are voters today less educated since all are eligible, and more easily misled where communications are skewed 24/7 and there is no common access to computer skills at least.
    •  Would originalists, in the interest of recreating the preparedness of voters in effect at the outset, support the educating and sustenance of voters today.  Ask. Silence.

2.  Source of information is still considered important in private life contests.  How many here have been through a divorce.  Show of hands.  How about a high conflict divorce.  How about hotly contested custody issues. And, in that custody disagreement, did either of you accuse the other of parental alienation. Where that is claimed, there will be inquiry into the origin, the source of information or attitude leading to the child reacting negatively to the other parent.  Facebook demonstrated how easily the framing of an issue frames responses.  No surprise. Kids or adults: we are malleable.

3.  Current politics parallels the highly contested divorce.  As in courts, where boxes of files represent families where the parents remain focused on getting back at the other, refusing to relinquish a dominant place in the life of the other, settling old scores, even by creating new ones.

In the court cases, sometimes there is resolution just by time passing.  The kids "age out".  Then close the file.   Or, if the contest remained interpersonal between the parents, one just gives up.  Neither is healthy, and not for a political system.  And there may be no time in the political realm merely to let time pass.

4.  Custody of the nation.  Is there any learning from the courts experience.

Courts have responded to highly contested divorces, and any divorce, by setting up mediation sessions, informal and free, for exchanging information, exploring choices. There are independent studies for fact-checking, perspective.

That process can be compelled to a degree (you may have to show up), but it does not always work.  But could a similar effort be made in politics?  For more than Fact Checks that are already politicized.

Heavens, no. Debates where candidates have to provide the information they rely upon in making charges or claims, impinges on their right to fog.   Political accountability for assertions leaves open the possibility that one may not maximize one's own hoard at the expense of the other. If one can win by outshouting, refusing to debate and simply repeat, scapegoat, denigrate, spin, oppose and repeat, why change the strategy?

Party alienation is like parental alienation.  Same tactics.

5.  Is this part of our reliance on war to decide. Same tactics to implement that, once the position is taken that force is all there is. People in the force fields, or making money from forcing others, manipulating them, are not going to give that up unless they an also see benefit to self.  And that is where education and transparency come in.

Transparency and issue examination can only work if the people are willing to value long term stability and let go revenge and imposition of hierarchy, and let go force.  It can be done.  Best if started early in the process, deflect from lawyers who see their role as to win, rather than to solve a problem.  That, however, is a choice both for the lawyer who can choose what hat to wear in practice, and the client, who can choose what kind of lawyer to hire. 

 6.  Pollsters.  Give us the data.  After the poll, ask where their information came from that they rely upon.  What is that information.
Are we turning too many voters into virtual children, there to be molded, shaped, carefully taught. Education, financial access to computers, motivation, social reward, accumulation of a degree of wealth, without these a person is more easily manipulated, is that so.

 See Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect it and What To Do About It, at  Some say the concept has been overused, and may not exist at all, but is a lawyer-based tool.  The concept is useful either way: 

7.  Disquiet at the emergence of a third-party malleable voter population, if the polls show that.

Political alienation. At its worst, or among the worst, blind following of a "trusted" source without exploring merits independently leads to acceptance of witch hunts, crusades, all scapegoating, creating and exploiting fear.  Malleus Maleficarum, the handbook for inquisitors extracting confessions from witches, the charge of impairment of the powers of regeneration are enumerated.  See, Chapter V.   Keep moving. Go to "How Witches Impede and Prevent the Powers of Procreation."  Visit