Friday, February 6, 2015

Cognate Game. Guess the Surname: Who Am I

A Journalist Living for Old News.
The Clues.
A Bondsman in Thrall to Whom?

From hamor Old English
Through hamaraz hamue hamer hamar
Proto-German Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, Old High German, to
Old Norse hamarr!
A stone!  A rock!  A crag!
O work-out, laboriously,
Ye 14th Century 1580's, say,
Then how get to imbibery 1986?
Come to hammer
Tool with a stone head.
Wherefore how now the sour cabbage
Mit salt und barberies
To keep untouched unchanged
All yere
Krut kruthan.
Uses? Check Klinike
James Hart, Diet of the Diseased.
Recur then, more German.

Who am I?
The Given: A male.
From ceorl
Perhaps churl
A 13th Century bondsman.

Your reward?
A journalistic retrograde leap backwards
To preserve at all costs the overworked Cog pickle-cabbage
Of yesteryear.

Sample old war news 1. NYT.

Etymology in Modern Life. Etymonline. A line! a line! Save us!