Sunday, December 6, 2015

Election coverage and omissions: Failure to share propaganda techniques with voters. History. How people are manipulatede. Edward Bernays, Managing the Masses, and Teabagging

Election coverage withholds essential information:
How people can be manipulated by propaganda techniques, yes, even today.

Share Edward Bernays 1891-1995
Propaganda History. Updated 2015.

Edward Bernays:  Theft-meister of independent assessment and choice.  Marketing by technique, not merit. "News" as carefully fed interpretation and opinion, concealing complete underlying facts.  Persuasion in America. Do People have a chance against it. See Obituary of Edward Bernays 1995, NYT/.  See how they grew: The Public Relations People and Advertising Techniques.  Edward, Take a Bow.

Voters:  Is your judgment really independent, or, when issues are beyond your ordinary experience, do you rely on others.  If so, how do you know whether your Information-Meister is acting in your interest.

Edward Bernays is a prime manipulator.  He is the subject of extensive film and other analysis, even free on YouTube, subject to its own caveat (don't download) at The Century of the Self at Century of the Self, full video/.  That is a program in four separate viewing parts, under an hour for each, so spread it out.
Early Bernays, Later Bernays. 

Look back at the early 20th Century.  It was Edward Bernays who got marketing and propaganda going -- even as to Woodrow Wilson. President Woodrow Wilson used him to help sway the country to WWI.  We like to think we know what we want, and that we pick it, whereas in reality our strings are pulled.  Is that so.  Then see Calvin Coolidge -- nobody liked him much, as a person, until Edward Bernays reshaped his image.  These mechanics for public persuasion have deep roots. See the panorama at ://

Think Hitler and the propaganda section of Mein Kampf. See Mein Kampf, Unser Kampf, Our Struggle, Propaganda in Civil Life.  That was 1925 - within a few years of Bernays.  There is a new edition now, see  There was then, and is now, something in the wind that wants that work examined, and reexamined.

For your own protection, spend time meeting and learning about Edward Bernays, the Father of Public Relations. Dead but alive and controlling and current.  1891-1995. See an analysis of persuasion at  The graphics are dated and inappropriately cute, but forge ahead.

Bernays' Theory.

Bernays' idea, stemming from concepts developed by his famous uncle, Sigmund Freud, is for marketers in commerce and government to
  • trigger ordinary people's needs and desires, 
  • meet those desires, or let people think those desires are being met -- feed the birds -- and then
  • continue on the power path getting what marketers and government want out of people without resistance, because the people are distracted and sent in the other direction, like the Mall or Fox. Is that so?
Bernays is an integral part of our history:  Always ask who is controlling our perceptions, our "unconscious",  our desires, how, and why.  Have you met that nice Mr. Rove?

Why study Bernays. 

What's in it for you? Learn how marketers of policy and goods maintain the relations of power.  Is it so that they can do that by continually stimulating the irrational self in the people: the fears and desires of us, as the masses, so leadership can keep on doing what it wants to do. Terror alert! Soft on terror!  Meanwhile, our cancers bankrupt our families, our cash goes into their bonuses.

How did we get transformed into "constantly moving happiness machines" - seeking it, wanting it, with government and business rousing and harnessing our reactions to pain and fear.  How do they run mass democracy by manipulating the people's consuming self. Symbols and slogans, group psyche.

K Street?  An Elite must rule because ordinary people are lacking?

Count the ways.

Bernays' accomplishments:  He beat the taboos.  He got women to smoke in public - break that taboo. What does the teabag mean these days? The town halls.  Break the taboo against public displays, adult rudeness.  Hey - it's fun! Put people on provided buses and have a party.

The course of public relations is under the radar because we take for granted that industry and government are selling us.  

Democracy is tied to consumerism (get out there and buy to support the recovery),  free and unfettered capitalism is an idea that starts the adrenalin and the hand over the heart; but how does it affect fact-based citizen participation in government. So what.

There is a what.  Look again at the process of distracting people - us - rousing our hidden innards, then selling us stuff to fill our new-found voids, so the powerful can continue as is, at our placated expense.