Thursday, October 13, 2016

Google adopts trompe news concept fact check label for news and positions

 Google is on board for transparency and truth in reporting.
Google is labeling for truth. 
Long advocated: see Old Term Trompe News
Political update: Trompe of Trump

Update 2016.  Google is adopting a truth-rating service with its fact-check label. See  That idea of assessing objective merit for the thought-process, the evidence relied upon for a conclusion, has been around for years, with our own Trompe News label advocated here. Why the delay Google? Count the years:  Eight.


Rating - TN. Trompe News.

A.  Background and uses, Term Trompe. 

1.  Apparatus Trompe.  Think Trumpet.  This root of Trompe is an apparatus, push wind in one end, fiddle with valves, and out comes wind with sound. Example for home experiment:  Make water fall through a pipe with holes in it, forcing the air already in the pipe to glom up and expel at the other end, and an air blast will result such as those used in furnaces or forges. See Trompe at  Think of this use of trompe as in trumpet - the music goes round and round then  whoa-oh-oh blaaaaat.
Uses of trompe can be benign or malignant, depending on context and intent.  A whoopie cushion is a malignant use of the idea of forcing blasts - no useful purpose but to generate derision for the unfortunate whooper.

2.  Technique Trompe.  Think trompe l'oeil -  French. Think Fooled You. Fool the eye. This is a technique whereby simple games with paint and plaster, or photography, make something two dimensional look three dimensional, etc. Think the Ha ha.  That door over there is no door at all, but a little canvas behind which is an elevator shaft, open.  Fooled your eye.  And, the technique can be used in benign or malignant ways, as in the elevator example. See

3.  News Trompe, or as we prefer, Trompe News, is blowhard news, sometimes mistaken for Trump news, but not always. Trompe news benign, trompe news malignant, in the eye of the tromped.  All persuasion is manipulative in the effort to sell, but can be fairly informative. Learn propaganda techniques and apply to news for trompeness. Early propaganda analyses, see, and look for fear inducement, the sloganeer, the blaming of a scapegoat, spin, focus on masses and not those with education, access to vetting, backgrounds in self-protection. Obstruct, oppose, duck debate, repeat.

4.  Add to News Trompe, the labels of News Tilt, or Incitement Push.  Governments and privates use all these techniques, see ://  See Joy of Equivocating, News Tilt; or Incitement Push, see Joy of Equivocating, The Incitement Push News "Product".

5.   Home exercises.  The Citizen's Defense to Propaganda, demagoguery.  Identify any and all trompe news as to nature and source.
  • TN Constructive; or
  • TN Entertaining
  • TN Destructive.
Is all that is paid for by special interests only Fool's News>  Do media hesitate to criticize its ad-buyers in news coverage?  Of course. The Fool me once, idea. See President Bush at

Meanwhile:  Trompe News.  Everyman's signal that what follows may not be fact yet, but could be, should be perhaps, read and think. Google, cheer the labeling but vet the labelers. We need transparency for who is making the choices of label.

  • Readers, researchers, voters need transparency in news services, a way to assess merit in political positions, and that is partially accomplished by a rating system for objective reporting. Is the position taken related to reasonably actual fact.   
    • Fake News served as one such category, but that label leads to avoiding sites altogether. Proposed here was a label, Trompe, to suggest not just fake, but trumped up, puffed and blown out of proportion, fool you.

FN as a label for Fake News has become overused on comedy shows. Instead, the issue is serious. Fake News, with carefully winnowed and spun factoids, is everywhere, including with the slightly Frenchified concepts of Faux News.  Accordingly, the Joy of Equivocating  staff applies a more descriptive and less hackneyed term to the concept. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Marketing game teaches exploitation, denies equity in justice.

 Trust-Antitrust Game
Teach market dominance to your child.

2016 Update.. Legality-equity issues are back in the news. How to skew a justice system so that bare legal minimums (minima?) need only be met in pursuit of profits, without equity coming into play. See how legal standards foster exploitation if there is no overlay of equity applied. See 

  • Bare legal minimum:  A feudal concept of strict law and automatic punishment, the Star Chamber, a system benefiting the autocrat and nobility, finally dented at least for a while through the Magna Carta, with the short-lived compulsion of England's unmerry King John.  Whether the issue is trust-anti-trust, or application of law without equity, the point is manipulation.  It works.
  • Counterplay:  Maxims of  Equity, where the legal result strictly applied shocks the conscience of the court, see equitable remedies at
  • If avoidance of taxes is legal, but produces a result that shocks the conscience, then apply equity. Hello, Trump.

    • Today, a current presidential candidate reverts to feudalism with his boast of his skill in legal tax avoidance, and in the absence of any meaningful Alternate Minimum Tax for vehicles available to his real estate ventures.  These tools including exemptions from full tax for Subchapter S corporate structures.  The attitude so fostered leads to flawed entitlement: the often successful use of alleged Foundations in one's own name to fund personal need for slush to pay his debts and so on, 

[2009 Update. Trust- antitrust concepts are back in the news. Washington is poised to resume strong enforcement of rules to curb antritrust activities, supposedly, in the corporate world. See Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules, NYT 5/11/09]

Marketing.  Sow seeds of disinformation, exploitation, bury equity.

I.  Background:  Any true capitalist knows that exploitation of consumers is the proven way to profits. Regulation only serves to curb the productive exploitive activities on which business, real business, is based. Regulation, therefore, is to be opposed at all levels.

Where regulation is apparently unavoidable because of votes by the uninformed exploited, then this game will teach the needed responses. Learn disinformation skills, how to say one thing while doing another (Mouthing); and manipulation of tax codes so that only the most blatant and obvious illegality will be caught, and there shall be no obligations of equity beyond the merely and baldly legal. Learn the skills, for example, of verbally supporting competition, while undermining it by coded exclusionary hiring practices, and fostering stagnant education systems, sparse and unreliable mass transit and infrastructure, and lack of sustenance in populations of tint or accent.

II.  The Game.  The Game is entitled, Competition? My Foot, * and is comprised of three basic strategies;  a moderator; and players.  The course of play is a ladder.

a.  Strategies:

1) Setting the Fixed Starting Point so serve one's own ilk,
2) Derailment of Others,
3) Inequity Perpetuation

b.  Moderator: Maneuver any regulatory panel or judicial banc so that only those who think like you are in positions of decision-making, adjudication

c.  Players: any aspiring entrepreneur, ambitious person in whatever field applies.  Each player has Four Charms and Two self-standing Ladders. Moderator places Players according to the Moderator's personal predilections for ethnicity, parental connections, suavete. Players closest to the Money Pit set the rules. Players at greater distance have no recourse but to wait for another game.


d.  Objectives.  The levels of Game Play are designed
a) to spark interest and return plays,
b) to keep the Winner class at all time lows in number,
c) to steer societal income flowing to Winners at ever-increasing highs

Status quo shall be defined as 90% of the income generated as going to 10% of the population, that proportion subject to change.
    Background audio-visuals: Ka-ching whizzz ping bam. Flash.

    * Game Title derivation:   "y foot" - an expression of total ridicule - see Noel Coward's little play, Present Laughter, from 1949 at page 95, ,

    e.  Strategies: 
    • place a ladder for another aspirant, then kick out ladder legs, 
    • put up misleading signs, leading nowhere, 
    • tie ankles together,
    • attack an Aspirant personally for appearance, 
    • fail to prosecute rape (see Los Angeles PD rape backlog 12000 cases, at
    • deport while having left borders open for years(no equitable concept of condonation to alleviate strict penalty for violation of a law), 
    • write and distribute baseless tracts against Aspirants, 
    • poke cogs in the Aspirants derailleurs (a bicycle reference to the gear shifting mechanisms), 
    • disrespect or whack off competitors' horns figuratively or literally (old method, lynching), 
    • spread rumors and disinformation with little reference to reality or fact, 
    • criminalize activity predominantly engaged in by Aspirants but functionally similar to activities engaged in by Winners and not prosecuted;and 
    • enact laws negatively affecting aspirants more than Winner types;
    • characterize Aspirants as Marxists, Socialists, illegals, another race, a gender long since defeated by prior Winner activities, and so on.  
     Aspirants may try similar tactics, but shall gain no points by negativizing Winners for long, because of the fast enforcement capability of Winners over domestic Socialists, etc. .
    Each Aspirant kept off the Ladder, or still on it and at the lower 3/4 level when the bong sounds, shall be considered one full point to the Winner.  Aspirants get no points.  Their job is survival, for which they shall be grateful and grovel. Only the Winner Aspirants get anywhere. Train wreck imagery on screen, track switchers, saboteurs in the night.  Winners always win.

    III.  Upshot.  

    Winners always win.  In sum, the Rules permit the Winners to keep others from invading the widget market any way that works to do that. Ridicule, mis-translation and selective translations of significant texts for the culture, twittering (Aspirants cannot afford it), using computers (many Aspirants have no access), saddle Aspirants with added tasks, nurture qualities in any possible Aspirant that undercuts the malice needed for the real widget-amasser, and then sigh sadly that those so nurtured are not up to the task, or that their desire to better themselves is not ordained, worthy, or embarassing to others who had a clear shot at success and didnt' make it, so why should she be allowed to come from behind. FN 1
    • Winners also amass points by attracting Groupies.  The Winner may also seek to attract Winner-Groupies, those who are non-winners in their own right, but who wannabe and do the bidding of the Winner, hoping to get some benefit from basking in their glory, even against self-interest. Each Groupie who identifies with a Winner shall cause an additional half point to be added to that Winner's score.
    Some Aspirants do make it to the Ladder.  There, they are on their own, continually subject to the Derailing that affected their speed and effectiveness in reaching the ladder.  A few make it to the top 1/4 of the Ladder by the time the bong sounds, becoming a Winner (Bong me! the Aspirant now Winner must shout!), to compete against other Winners to become the next Derailers. And the appropriate action shall proceed.

    IV.  Appeals, recourse. Losers shall have no grounds for appeal based on the following:

    • TV, media and broadband and newspapers and other journalism products in the same geographic area tilting news angles in the same prejudicial way favoring the Winner and his or her Groupies; see FodderSight, Unified Media Ownership.  .   
    Loser. Relegated to Boonies, but some may prefer the setting to the gew-gawed Winner goat . Here, again, Quebec