Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stop this thing. Trump is an addict. Trump is what? Why not wait and see? Can we afford it..

Update.  At an early stage, before the inauguration, concerns were raised about personal enrichment through office: was that too much of the President's interest.  By way of update, Charles Blow has called for a "pause" for this presidency until questions of relationships with Russian interests raised -- do those serve the United States, or just the Trumps. See

Obviously No inauguration illusion was illusory.  Even a 30 day return did not work.  But the imagined recourse for the post-White House Trump is worth filing away. A 12-step program for addicts, specifically those addicted to money. See idea at Add a category for those who not only enjoy it, but enjoy hindering others with it.  Does that apply, Huffington?  Exploiters Anonymous, to the other three at

This may be our last rant, as enough unsubtlety is enough. Time for patience? Meanwhile,
addiction to money:  If we cannot stop the presses, cancel the dancing bears, we can keep to the forefront the addiction as explanatory of behavior. See

Hush, child. Maybe somebody will set up Joe Biden as interim President until Mr. T cashes out his businesses and settles down to work for us.

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