Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Education of the President. Who is responsible, if not the President. Dawisha Book recommendaiton.

Staffing was not commenced in time for effective guidance for the president.  Who can and will step in?  We can recommend a book. Putin's Kleptocracy, by Karen Dawisha. Find videos, start at  For red meat, go to You get the gist. Then go back to the book itself.

Recommended reading.  Why is this book useful as a gift to President Trump?

I.  The White House staff confronts two main obstacles to success: The President knows what he likes and does not like, but does reads for himself, say some, see  Fortune; ; or does not read much, say others, see Washington Post.  Is it wasted time to send a book for the staff?

Information on his habits seems to have stopped by January, including as to participation in briefings. Fair enough -- no president satisfied everyone as to direct participations. It has led, however, so some misconceptions about current events, policy pitfalls, how getting laws passed and executive orders implemented.It also eases use of the fake news category, if a matter is not recalled or was not brought up in his presence.

II.  Today's topic:  Facts about Russia, who lives well, who does not, why, and why. It may be time to counter the gauzy admiration.

If Russia is close to some in the administration, now or earlier, look at some angles all of them might have missed. What does Russia have to offer except for money-making opportunities for the elite. As voters here, which comes first:  how a country elsewhere might model ways of governing, dealing with disparate populations so there is health, mobility, opportunity; or that those in power get more of it.

 Read Putin's Kleptocracy, by Karen Dawisha, Go to the final chapters if time is short, and then go back.

In particular look at the chapters entitled, The Founding of the Putin System;  His First 100 Days and their Consequences, May-August 2000; then the next chapter, Russia, Putin, and the Future of Kleptocratic Authoritarianism.

Putin's Kleptocracy should satisfy the most demanding of source providers. The paging ends at 350 pages, with the balance dedicated to sources, acknowledgments, for personal vetting.and inded, to page 445.

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