Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Enough. Table the Trump diet.. On to sliding premium healthcare.

Welcome to the odd crossroads:  Where the size of the buffet overwhelms the ability to chose what to put on today's plate.  And more is coming in from the kitchens, Too much, Satiety. Can't manage another sound-bite. Push away from the table.

1.  Recalibrate.  Health lies in balance, stepping back  Other matters are worthy of attention. Return to them, for a while.  What concrete information, history, emerges to clarify, explain. Withdraw for a while.

2.  Next topic. And no Trump rant.  Inspired by Daniel the Hermit.

Poor healthcare, lack of sustenance at basic levels,, all getting in they way of people's full participation in America. Wait. Is that the purpose? Keep them that way so they can be more easily manipulated, ignored?
  • Healthcare solution. Make it affordable by making it affordability-based.  You pay what you can afford. 
  • Instead of premiums going up with age, premiums go up with income, assets. Up the premiums for elites earning, pick a figure, over $125,000 adjusted, whatever.  A sliding scale.  All income from all sources derived, wherever. 
There. New topic dealt with. Sliding premium healthcare. Affordable healthcare. You pay into the system what you can afford. If poverty level is (you name it), you pay even 3% of what you make above that. Works? Earn a million, pay, you get the idea.  Next?

3. So, time out.  Voices in current political and religious events are useful. They help us analyze, vet, dig for facts. Vetting current events fosters autonomy, and initiative, if not nausea at the ignoring of basic facts.  Too many voices, however,even on that topic, merely add to cacophony. 

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