Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN. Trump as Government. A Regime cannot abridge free speech, can it? Please report. So Sade.

 Contain the bully pulpit.

Answer me this. How can the president dump on any citizen, corporation, abridging rights of free speech with particularity, targeting, like CNN as an example, attacking their coverage. If allowed, then by what standard and with what proofs offered simultaneously, not like a great fog of "dishonest" or "unfair."

 If CNN is wrong in something, let them acknowledge and correct as appropriate and fact transparency suggests or public outcry on its own requires.  President, or Regimer-in-Chief, limit your yada to suggesting what the Congress might do if you think CNN is dishonest or unfair.  Pot calling kettle.  Otherwise, let the public decide what and how to value what. Does he derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others? Humiliation? So Sade. See disturbing link.

Ask also: Has the Regimer-in-Chief the right also without accountability, to trigger possible devaluation of a corporation's stock value, sale value, on the market, based on his personal affront and access to bully pulpit?  Is that his option? If news is a commodity, being bought and sold across state lines, is this also interference with that.  Contain the bully pulpit.

Thank you.  Somebody explore and report back to us all.

Shemyakin. Chemiakin. Translations vary.  Sculpture grouping, Bolotnaya Park, Moscow:  Children are the victims of adult vices.