Sunday, October 28, 2018

Four words that shall not be spoken: White male supremacist nationalist.

Stage 1.  A time not to equivocate.  A mass murder in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  Who is the prime suspect?  According to the president, an individual, acting on his own. Nothing to see here. Back to the campaign trail.

Ask:  Why the immunity from publicity about background for this particular individual, as the case evolves. Why no usual broad generalizations about his "type,"  fear-mongering about his philosophy.

This is a (hush, child,!) White Male Supremacist Nationalist.  What? The words that must not be spoken. We build walls against those who threaten the white male supremacist nationalist power structure.  How to vilify one of our own, even if he does not necessarily support President Trump.  So brave, wise Trump slinks back to the campaign trail, embracing by omission the white male supremacist nationalist brand of conservatism. Extremists. No matter, they are white, male, supremacist and nationalist.

Stage 2. The main interest of the president is monopolizing the communications machines to serve his interests, not finding truth, analysis of who is served by the policies he serves.

Houston, we have a problem.  Without communications, analysis of the phenomenon of white male supremacist nationalists in atrocities, we lose to them. Is that the idea?  The result is seen in the emphases:  Build a wall to keep out all except white male supremacist nationalists, the American patriarchy.  That will not work.

Stage 3.  Time for America to fill in the gaps in its history: go back and live through the middle ages.

We never had the benefit of that, and how the caste structure was finally overthrown, the peasants allowed a foothold. Trump, skip the wall.  Do what you really want - build America as a fortress. Here, Liechtenstein. Watch out! The immigrants are coming.  The president cannot vilify groups he also identifies with, so will not name out white male supremacist nationalists, even with synagogue murders, shooting and other violence recurring.  Trump the immigrant magnet.  Trump the trigger of reactions more easily avoided with wisdom, not pejoratives.

Oh, these are just more white male supremacist nationalists?  Let them in.  Let them in.

Stage 4.  Say it, sir. 

When an atrocity is committed, or an individual is held or believed to have had a part, just as you do with immigrants, abused women, other religious groups, name the factors for all or for none at all.  White male supremacist nationalists.  One or two terms may be missing in an individual case, so say that as well.

Consider: A member of any other group who commits an atrocity, or threatens the President's control of information, or seeks autonomy without harming others, is vilified as a loser. White male supremacist nationalist.  Such a one acts with impunity as to the larger group identification because that identification is with the President's own flock.

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